swagbucks | Earn MONEY with surveys and

swagbucks | Earn MONEY with surveys and

swagbucks is a free portal that offers several ways to earn money. In the first instance, it should be noted that Swagbucks references are excellent, since it belongs to the company Prodege LLC. The same one that Ysense bought in 2019, one of the oldest and most reliable pages that exist. In Swagbucks, just like in Ysense, you perro earn money by answering surveys, completing offers, doing searches… But unlike its sister page, in this one we cánido receive cashback for making our purchases en línea. Below I will explain point by point how to use Swagbucks. Placing special emphasis on the free sections that it puts at our disposal for earn money en línea.

Sign up for Swagbucks

Create an account at Swagbucks is completely free and they will never charge us anything. You, if you want, perro do so by accessing the backlink below, which will take you directly to the registration form. To access the portal with our own account, we will be asked to provide an dirección de correo electrónico address and a password. Fill in the three fields and clic on “Register now”.

The Swagbucks registration code are codes that the portal launches sporadically on its popular networks. I recommend checking if they have posted a code recently before proceeding with the registration.

Go to registration form

The next step will be validate our registration. To do this, Swagbucks will send us an correo electrónico. And within the content of that dirección de correo electrónico we will see an attached backlink. We follow it and, as soon as the new window opens, the account will be confirmed and we will be able to access the portal. Let’s see how it works!

How Swagbucks works

As soon as you log in to Swagbucks and access the account, several elements of the web stand out. The ones in the center are basically offers and promotions that the platform publishes to give them more visibility, so for now we are going to ignore them. To see how the portal works, we will mainly focus on the side menu and the top menu bar. Which is where we find all the sections in which we cánido earn money, withdraw, etcétera.

At Swagbucks we get SB points for every task we do. These SB points cánido be exchanged for different prizes. Among them, the prize of money by Paypal.

Swagbucks Top Bar

The Swagbucks top menu is made up of a series of shortcuts to some of the most relevant sections. Either to get SB or to review our data, history, prizes…

web browser » One of the ways to obtain SB is simply by searching in the portal’s web browser. From here we perro save time doing all the searches directly.

daily goal » It is a daily plus in which reward our activity. As we gain SB, we will reach some objectives and they will reward us with plus SB when passing each level. In this tab we perro see our daily evolution.

Refer and earn » At Swagbucks they have an interesting recommendation system. For each person who joins the portal through our invitation, we will receive commissions of 10% of what they generate. So if she earns 10 SB, for instance, they would give us 1 plus SB.

Inbox “ Means used by the platform to notify news, promotions and others. It is not used to earn free moneysince in most cases, they consist of offers with cashback for buying en línea.

Profile “ In the profile section we cánido review our activity, request an exchange of SB for prizes (as we will see later), see the status of our prizes, etcétera., editar personal information, etcétera.

Del costado Menu

As regards the side menu, it has a total of 7 categories. And within each category, their respective sections. Some of them they serve to earn SB and others are merely informative. However, to expedite the explanation and not get too wrapped up, I will summarize all of them and then I will focus on those that interest us the most. What are those in which we cánido get SB for free.

Earn your SBs » Here we have the main ways to get SB in Swagbucks. Surveys, web searches, games, cashback, etcétera.

Gift card “ From this backlink we perro access the prizes section directly. For me, the most interesting prize is that of Paypal, which cánido be exchanged from €5 for 555 SB.

Promotions » In this section we see two more sections. The first, “Swagtakes”it’s some kind of game not free in which we bought the shares with SB and competed against a limited number of participants. The winner takes the accumulated prize. Regarding the second section, the “Swap code” They are plus SB promotional codes that the platform eventually launches on popular networks. By entering the code here, the corresponding SB will be added to the cómputo.

Pendings list “ The pending tasks allow us to add SB. If we complete all the tasks in the same day, we will receive a plus in SB.

Personalize “ In case we want to editar the feed with our interests or check our profile.

Socialize » Backlinks to all popular networks and the Swagbucks blog.

Quick backlinks » Shortcuts with information of interest.

How to make money on Swagbucks

Now that we are a little more situated, it is time to see how cánido we earn money. same as in ysense, at Swagbucks there are several ways to get SB. Among them paid surveys. However, here we will also earn money for carrying out web searches (in the same way that we do on the website of Beruby), with the offer walls, playing and testing applications, etcétera.

Swagbucks Paid Surveys

As far as surveys are concerned, we’ve already talked about them many times on the blog and how they work in Swagbucks is the same as in other panels. serve as an example We are testers either Ipsos i-Say, among others. On the one hand, it should be mentioned that there are two kinds of surveys: «Gold Surveys» and the «Estándar Surveys». The “Gold” are those surveys that the panel has selected based on our profile. And the «Estándar» They are those surveys that come from the offer walls.

Sometimes Swagbucks activate temporary bonuses that give additional SB for answering surveys.

In addition to surveys there is also a “Daily Poll”. We will find it inside the section “Reply”. It is simply a matter of answering one question each day. And in exchange, we will get a 1 SB.

To start receiving invitations to surveys we will have to complete profile questions. To do this, we will go to the section of «Gold Surveys», and on the right hand all the questions will appear in the form of a carousel. Best of all, for every 10 profile questions we answer, we will add 2 plus SB to the cómputo.

offer walls

Swagbucks has some of the most habitual offer walls. Among them, Offertoro, Wannads, Renevue Universe, etcétera. My recommendation to get SB in this portal, and as a consequence to earn money, is to give cane to paid surveys. However, it doesn’t hurt take a look from time to time to the different offers that the walls launch. In some of them SB will pay us for registering on a website, for completing promotions…

Along with paid surveys and bonuses, one of the ways easier and more practical to get free SB. All of us tend to use search engines like Google plus when We want to find information on a certain topic. Well in Swagbucks we will be paid to carry out those searches through the portal.

We even have the possibility to configure the Swagbucks search engine to be the default in our browser.

To carry out a search we will only have to entrar the text to search for and clic on the magnifying glass. Not in all searches there is a prize, but when there is, you will identify it because you will get an image afín to this one.

To get the SB, in this case 18, we will have to write the code provided by the system and clic on “Claim my SB”. instantly, already we will have the SBs available in our cómputo.

Games and mobile aplicaciones

In this section of Swagbucks we perro continue adding SB by testing and downloading aplicaciones. Are not games to earn money proper, but They are of the same style as the applications that we cánido download on the offer walls. As I have said many times, my advice is that don’t download these aplicaciones. In my opinion, almost all of them are rubbish.

Swagbucks Cashback

The cashback consists of getting a refund of money in exchange for making an en línea purchase. Swagbucks promotes and collaborates with some of the best known brands. Such as Fiverr, Disney, Amazon Prime… If we plan to buy an item from one of these brands or subscribe to a uso contínuo platform, we cánido take advantage of Swagbucks offers and get additional SB. Since we perro later exchange these SBs for money and collect it through Paypal, we will save a percentage of spending on that purchase.

Swagbucks pay by Paypal

At Swagbucks we cánido exchange the SB that we are winning for different prizes. There are two types: money by Paypal or Gift Card for Amazon. For my part, I already work several sites where they “force” me to withdraw the winnings in Money Checks for Amazon. So in this portal I prefer to request payments by Paypal.

Paypal prizes cánido be requested from €5 in exchange for 555 SB. There is also the possibility of exchanging the SB for dollars, but in this case, the minimum required is $25 in exchange for 2,500SB.

And as far as Amazon Card prizes are concerned, they perro be requested from €10 in exchange for 1,000 SB.

How to request an award

To exchange SB for a prize we must carry out three fácil steps:

» First we will go to “Redeem your SBs”. Either from the side menu or from the profile section of the top bar.

» Once inside the catalog of prizes, we clic on the one we want and follow the instructions. In the case of requesting a prize by Paypal, once inside, we will clic on “Claim a Gift Card”.

» Next they will ask us to verify the Paypal account. That is, we will have to provide name, surname and dirección de correo electrónico exactly the same as they appear in our Paypal account. If we have two last names, we have to write both in the tab «Last Name», otherwise it will not be verified.

» As soon as we have verified the Paypal account, We will never have to do this process again. To continue with the collection, we will complete the form that appears with our real data. And immediately afterwards, we will clic on “Editar done”.

» Finally, we select how we want to confirm the award redemption. If by correo electrónico or through a security question. In the first case we will have to follow the backlink “Check my order”, that will reach us by e-e correo electrónico within the content of the correo electrónico. And in the second, you have to correctly answer a personal question that the system throws at you. In my opinion confirmation by dirección de correo electrónico is much more practical.

Swagbucks cánido take up to 14 days to pay us. Although, in general, you pay within 2-3 days after the prize is redeemed.

Swagbucks Main Features

We already know how Swagbucks works so it’s time to take a deeper look at the platform. In my opinion, the highlights are the following:

The first thing to say is that Swagbucks It’s free. It has the endorsement of Ysense, which personally is a portal that I have been using for many years and it is totally reliable.

✅ At Swagbucks we cánido get two additional SB bonuses every day. In the first they will give us SB by completing a list of 7 tasks. We cánido check our daily progress in the “Pendings list”. As for the second plus, we will see it reflected at the top as «Daily Goal». As we earn SB, we are reaching and exceeding a series of goals. For each goal reached, they will plus us with more SB. So the more active we are, the more easily we will get additional SB.

Swagbucks eventually posts promo codes on popular media. With them we perro get SB doing nothing. We will only have to copy the code in the section of “Code Swag” and they will add the SB to the cómputo. If we intend to work the portal for free, both codes such as bonuses are a good option to continue adding plus SB.

A Google chrome or Mozilla firefox browser extension is available. It is called Swagbutton and if we have it active, we will launch a notice every time we access a website or store where Swagbucks offers cashback. You perro download and install the extension in your browser by accessing from «Quick Backlinks > Swagbutton».

Swagbucks Reviews

Swagbucks is, in short, a platform excellent to earn money. Part of the profits I get on the internet come from paid survey pages. I work for more than twenty and almost always I usually receive a payment from here, another from there… The question is in add up in several different ways. In this aspect, Swagbucks has been great for me. Since adding it to my portfolio of survey pages, it has allowed me increase the profits that I obtain in this way substantially. If instead of working only one or two panels, I work six, seven or more, the chances of more surveys coming to me increases. And from an overall profit standpoint, across all pages, it’s very beneficial.

If you work with other portals like Ysense, you will see that Swagbucks does not have any difficulties. In the end, this consists of persevere and work patiently. In addition, getting the €5 prize is possible just by answering the profile questions, doing some searching, and completing a couple of surveys or three. If we add to that all the SB we get with the bonuses, it’s a piece of cake.

Finally, we have come this far. Now you know how to earn money on this platform, so I encourage you to try Swagbucks and get the most out of it. And as always, if there is any doubt, you perro ask what you need by leaving a comment below. Until next time!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 swagbucks |  Earn MONEY with surveys and
  swagbucks |  Earn MONEY with surveys and
  swagbucks |  Earn MONEY with surveys and

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