swagbucks | earn money doing chores

swagbucks | earn money doing chores

Swagbucks is a veteran task page that we are adding to I get out of the crisis. This page carries en línea since 2007, although it is not really well known in the Hispanic world.

This page belongs to a company called Prodege LLCregistered in California, United States.

Registration and first steps in Swagbucks Spain

Registration at Swabucks it is extremely easy, and it will not take us more than 15 seconds.

Only we will have to fill in our correo electrónico and put a password.

You cánido create an account and start earn Amazon vouchers and money for PayPal in an easy and fast way.

Clic on the following button and you perro create your free Swabucks account completely free of charge.

Once you do this small step, you should go to your dirección de correo electrónico to confirm and activate your account.

With this done, we perro start adding points (the so-called SB).

How to earn money with Swgabucks aplicación

whathow we make money with Swagbucks?.

This is a multitasking page with which we perro earn money in different ways.

You have to be clear that they are very fácil tasks and those of us who are used to earn money en línea, it will not be difficult for us to manage this page.

You perro see them on the right side of the page and they are the following:

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  • Buy: Swagbucks has its own cashbackyou will win points for shopping at certain stores that the page tells us, they will pay us in SB for each certain expense that we have in the adhered stores

  • Reply: Are the typical surveysare they external panels known as Penaut Labs.

    They are surveys that will reward us with more or less SB, but even if we do not qualify, they will give us 1 SB for the inconvenience.

    Within this point, there are also the daily polls, small daily questions that will allow us to earn more SB.

    We perro also earn SB with Crowdfloder mini-tasks.

  • Discover: (offers and opportunities) These are the typical offer panels that will give us points for registrations, downloads or subscriptions.

    There are very habitual panels like Peanut Labs, TrialaPay, Offer Tor, Revenue Universe, etcétera…

  • Look for: Doing easy searches through the Swagbucks search engine will allow us to earn plus points daily.

    The earnings are not exact, it will depend on the income that the page obtains through the searches of all users.

  • Play: Just for play flash games daily you cánido earn up to 10 SB every day.

    We must make sure that we do not have any complemento or extension that blocks ads, since if so, the points will not be counted.

  • Swago: This peculiar game will score you page engagement.

    Each square will have an associated action or task that you must complete to fill it.

    You will have to choose some shape for the boarddepending on the shape you have managed to draw, you will receive a higher or lower prize.

  • raffles: Sweepstakes with different prizes and prices.

    You must buy the shares with your SB and just be lucky.

  • daily goal: Yeah you get before 24 hours 30 SByou will be rewarded with another 3 plus SBs, it is worth doing the more the merrier.
  • daily list: You will win Daily SB if you manage to do all the tasks:

  • referral system: Swagbucks has a good referral systemso good, that it is worth explaining it in a separate point.

Swagbucks referral system

As I have told you before, Swagbucks has a great referral system What am I going to explain to you? Commissions perro be earned in three different ways:

  • You’ll get $3 when you referral reaches 300 SB
  • You will win $2 plus if your referral spends $25 in the Shop&Earn section (cash back)
  • you will have a 10% forever of all the earnings that your referrals have (commission percentage only applicable to the buy, search, discover, play, answer and see sections)

No referral limityes, we will only have a single level of referrals direct.

Therefore, you cánido invite all the friends you know and from all countries, both in Spain, Europe and LATAM.

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Swagbucks rewards

sb points you cánido exchange them for money or giftsdepending on our tastes:

  • PayPal.

    TO from 555 points you could have €5 in PaypalPersonally, I do not recommend it, since you will have to add more SBs to get the same money.

  • Amazon cards.

    TO starting from 1000 sb you cánido get cards €10 amazon.

  • Zalando gift card of €5 for 500 SBsthe greater the number of points, the more value of the card.
  • steam card worth of €5 for 500 SBsthe greater the number of points, the greater the value of the card.
  • G2A gift card of €3 for 300 SBsthe more points, the greater the value of the card.
  • Fb Gift Card of $50 per 5000 SBs.
  • Mango gift card.

    The card minimum would be €20 with a value of 2000 SB.

These Swagbucks rewards or rewards in Swagbucks perro change over time.

The ones that are always there are Amazon gift cards and Paypal checks.

Sometimes there may be an offer changing the total computation of points that are needed, so you will have to be attentive to the publications.

As for the rest, they perro be changed or eliminated as time goes by or according to the needs of the market.

Final Conclusions Swagbucks

A great page with which we cánido easily win gifts to indulge ourselves.

It is a very easy page to work on in which, by dedicating a few minutes a day, we perro add points to be able to exchange them, later for PayPal money or Amazon checks (or whatever gift you want).

Until then,I invite you to register! it’s totally free.

From this backlink you perro do it easily and simply.

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 swagbucks |  earn money doing chores
  swagbucks |  earn money doing chores
  swagbucks |  earn money doing chores

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