Sustainable housing in Colombia: a

Sustainable housing in Colombia: a

Sustainable housing in Colombia is a reality that denotes the popular and environmental commitment of construction companies and other actors in the real estate industry.

In addition, it is a way in which families and society as a whole improve their quality of life, without neglecting the needs of future generations.

This is how today investors and families seek housing projects in Cali Sur, as well as in the other regions of the country where they find the benefits of sustainable housing.

If you are one of them or simply want to find out more about this real estate option, we invite you to read until the end.

What are we talking about when we say sustainable housing in Colombia?

Many might think that sustainable housing in Colombia is limited to the housing projects in Santa Marta facing the sea and to other areas of the Caribbean.

However, the reality is that in the center of the country, this type of building that is friendly to the environment and to all forms of life is also possible.

This is the case of the winning project of the Colombian Society of Architects contest.

This is located in the middle of the Andean mountain landscape of which it is a part, since it integrates harmoniously with the geography of the Tunjuelo, Sumapaz and Blanco river basins characterized by humid and cold microclimates.

This winner of the competition that encourages and rewards the development of rural, sustainable and productive housing in Colombia was proclaimed the winner with his sustainable rural housing project.

He stood out for its friendly and intelligent design, from its construction to its functionality.

The winning project stands out because its design allows it to function as an active container for weather conditions and an ecological stove.

Also, for the configuration of spaces that promote alternative economies for families and communities through agricultural production.

The above is an example of the many projects that already bet on sustainability from different fronts (materials, processes, resources, emplees, etcétera.).

Thus, progress is being made with the initiative in the ámbito to meet the demands of the new consumer and the commitment to stop climate change.

Sustainable housing in Colombia is a necessity

Sustainable housing is synonymous with well-being, both physical and emotional.

We come from a pandemic in which the need to generate changes in consumption and prioritize aspects such as biosafety, the environment and comprehensive health were exposed.

Likewise, they have turned their eyes to really complying with what sustainability implies.

This involves economic, popular and environmental sustainability in order to evolve and ensure that urban development does not leave future generations without resources and opportunities.

The commitment to meet this need for sustainability is also intensified with our participation in the Paris Agreement, in which, like 192 countries, we committed to working for a sustainable future by reducing carbon emissions and stopping climate change. .

The real estate and construction industry plays an important role in this commitment.

The ámbito is responsible for 39% of the world’s carbon emissions, as revealed by a study published by the newspaper El Economista.

Faced with responsibility, the union advances with an efficient and sustainable construction model.

Also with a high dose of innovation.

The guild is joined by others linked such as the financial campo, with meetings such as the banking convention.

In this, financial actors meet to discuss inclusion and climate change issues, from the placement of their services and products together with other sustainable initiatives.

What characterizes sustainable housing in Colombia?

Now, you may be wondering how to recognize a self-sustaining home or house in Colombia.

Well, these are the main characteristics of sustainable homes:

Materials ecological

Ecological materials are those of a renewable, reusable type and that are friendly to the environment throughout their life cycle.

From their collection to their disposal, they do not imply a greater environmental impact.

Some of them like cork, bamboo, recycled glass and cellulose fibers from recycled paper.


Green areas are spaces that characterize sustainable homes.

These not only provide a natural environment and improve people’s quality of life, they are also spaces to reuse and cultivate.

Renewable energy

Renewable energies are one of the resources that is actively committed to achieve sustainable housing in Colombia.

Among the most used and posible throughout the country are del sol and wind energy.

Regarding this, it must be remembered that Colombia is a country with a privileged geographical location that makes us a power of renewable energies such as del sol and wind.

Throughout the year we enjoy good exposure to del sol radiation and winds that are inexhaustible resources of clean energy.

Through del sol and wind systems it is possible to provide homes with the energy they need.

For example, for lighting, heating and electrical appliances.

In addition, saving systems are implemented with rainwater collection for flushing toilets, washing machines and more.

bioclimatic criteria

In the design of sustainable housing in Colombia, climate factors and the geographical location of real estate projects are considered.

This makes it possible to take advantage of resources and integrate a prototype of houses adjusted to the needs and possibilities of their environment.

For example, in a rainy area, a rainwater collection system could not be missing.

Likewise, in a house with ample exposure to the sun there should be a del sol energy system.

Sustainable housing certifications

Sustainable homes are also recognized with the certification granted by EDGE and CASA.

The entities verify that the projects comply with sustainability in their design, materials and the efficiency of energy resources.

There is also the certification of the Colombian Environmental Seal, granted by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.

This accredits effective compliance with the environmental criteria of the product and the implementation and operation of an environmental management system.

Sustainable housing projects being developed in Colombia

There are currently more than 130 sustainable housing projects in Colombia according to Camacol and a sustained growth of these is projected.

Even the government, through the Ministry of Housing, launched the subsidy program for the purchase of sustainable No VIS properties, called Ecobertura.

Real estate and investment in sustainable housing in Colombia

Real estate and construction companies have understood the demand of consumers and the responsibility to disminuye the carbon footprint.

Also, they understand that now the priorities are health, quality of life and nature when buying a house.

Likewise, consumers find a practical way to compare prices and characteristics in the supply of sustainable housing in Colombia.

For example, through real estate platforms such as Casa Propia Colombia, Sr Inmobiliario or Colraíces.

This is also the case of La Haus, the real estate company that integrates Artificial Intelligence into its platform to make advanced filters, comparisons and valuable information when buying and investing.

Thus, with the help of technology, finding a sustainable home in Colombia is within your reach.

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 Sustainable housing in Colombia: a
  Sustainable housing in Colombia: a
  Sustainable housing in Colombia: a

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