SurveySoon | Complete surveys and receive

SurveySoon | Complete surveys and receive

SurveySoon is a fantastic page of paid surveys valid for Europe and several countries in Latin America.

A little further down, you perro see if your country is among those accepted by the platform.

The website belongs to the same owners of GreenPanthera, another of the survey platforms that we have talked about before and that is working like a charm.

The company in question is American and its name is A&K International Inc..

One of the many reasons we have to start using this platform is that just for the fácil fact of opening an account they give us 5 euros to start with.

Not to mention that it is available for many Latin countries, and as we all know, unfortunately this is not always the case.

This as far as I am concerned is an important issue.

Sometimes many of the pages that we offer have restrictions by country, especially those restrictions are usually focused on the Latin market.

I know that many of those you read come from one of them, so the matter tastes bad to me.

I generally like to bring pages so that everyone cánido earn money, although sometimes it is not possible.

At least SurveyPronto has a wide variety when it comes to accepted nationalities, so that’s another point in its favor.

Main features of SurveyPronto

Property: A & K International Inc, is a well-known American market research company.

Accepted countries: Spain, México, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, USA, Colombia, Portugal and a large part of the countries of the European Union.

Language: Spanish, English, French, German and Italian among others.

Minimum payment: It perro be requested upon arrival at the 30 dollars

Payment method: Paypal.

Referral system: We will have an unlimited level of referrals, where we will receive 10% of what is generated by each of our guests doing surveys or completing a task.

How to sign up for SurveyPronto

Registering in SurveyPronto is free and really fácil, and just for that we are going to receive 5 welcome euros, which are very good, in this way we will not start with a zero cómputo.

Simply depending on your country, press the corresponding button.

Immediately afterwards, we will be shown a page with a registration form, which we will have to fill in with all the information requested.

Registration form we will meet

We have the option of registering with our Fb account and save ourselves this step, but I always prefer to do it the other way.

We will only need a name, an correo electrónico and a password.

Then we will only have to go to our correo electrónico and activate the account by clicking on a backlink that will be sent to it.

Then we perro entrar our account and fill out our usuario profile to start completing the surveys and tasks available.

Options to earn money

As with other pages to earn money by doing surveys such as ySense, we will have more options to increase the cómputo than with paid surveys.

To go to these options we will go to the web menu and access EARN MONEYthere we perro see the number of surveys available at that precise moment.

Surveys and paid offers

Every day we will have more or less a dozen opportunities.

The surveys themselves usually have a duration that will range from 2 to 20 minutes more or less and their remuneration will also vary, although most usually range between $0.60 and $1.75.

Another option available is the wall of offers (Offerwall), as in other pages of this style, we cánido increase our cómputo, completing the different daily offers available.

SurveyPronto and its referral system

The platform has the possibility of being able to make money by inviting other users to join it.

To do so, within the web, in the main menu we will clic on INVITE YOUR FRIENDSthere we will be able to find our affiliate backlink that we will use in our blog or popular networks.

We will have access to a level of referrals, yes, unlimited.

The commissions that we will earn here are not bad at all, in fact we will receive 10% of what each of our guests gets within SurveyPronto.

In this same section we perro see the activity of our referrals, as well as the commission that each of them has earned us.

how to charge

When the minimum amount is reached, we perro request a withdrawal on the platform.

Payments perro be requested upon arrival at the 30 dollarsand the payment will be made through our Paypal account.

Withdraw your winnings

We just headed to WITHDRAWAL and we are going to entrar the amount that we want to charge, it cánido be any amount greater than 30 dollars.

* Before requesting any withdrawal, we must go to the “MY DETAILS” section and specify our Paypal dirección de correo electrónico address, it is an important matter if we do not want to have any problems.

Payments are usually made within 4 to 10 business days and in principle they do not carry any commission associated with them, something to be appreciated, by the way.

Final opinion about SurveyPronto

To finish, just say that we are dealing with a serious and reliable page, however it is from the same owners of GreenPanthera, a leading and recognized platform within the websites to earn money by filling out surveys.

It may seem that the minimum payment is somewhat high, $30 in this world is not easily achieved, but the truth is that those $5 gifts when registering and the good number of surveys, together with the variety in their offer walls , make that being a more or less active usuario, that minimum is quite within reach.

It is for these reasons that SurveyPronto becomes part of the extensive list of market research companies in our business portfolio, with the hope that it will become a profitable site in the long term.

If you are interested in trying this page, you perro register by clicking on one of the buttons that I leave below.

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 SurveySoon |  Complete surveys and receive
  SurveySoon |  Complete surveys and receive
  SurveySoon |  Complete surveys and receive

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