Surveyoo surveys is reliable, you will not have any problem in the collection Is a survey platform very famous in France, who has decided to land in our country.

If you search en línea for reviews, you will find a lot of information, most of it positive.

Surveoo is totally reliableThat is why he has decided to cross the Pyrenees and we are the first Spanish-speaking country where it is currently available.

Is a good opportunity to start working on this survey page.

Being the first, the surveys for Spanish-speaking countries will focus on our country.

If you questions that is surveoo I will explain it to you: Surveyo is the brand of the company S Gobert Eurlwhich is the company behind the survey platform.

He has more than 6 years of experience in the field of research surveys and market studies.

In France, Surveoo counts as nothing more and nothing less than half a million registered users, eight million surveys completed by its users and more than 10 million euros paid in commissions.

All this makes us see that it is a reliable and safe site in which to take advantage of your time and earn money on internet.

survey record

He Registering on the platform is extremely fácil.

If you have registered in other afín pages you will see that you will not have any problem in doing so and of course, It won’t take you more than three minutes.

You perro do it through the lower banner or in this backlink.

Yes, the only ones requirements what they put on you is that you are over 18 years of age and resident in Spain (or France), if you meet both requirements, congratulations, you are already on the page.

After a few seconds you will receive a confirmation correo electrónico at the dirección de correo electrónico address with which you registered. you will have to do clic on the backlink to validate your correo electrónico and in this way you perro activate your account in Surveyoo.

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How does survey work?

The first thing to say is that surveyoo is totally reliable, meaning that what we do will provide us with some benefit.

He Surveoo operation is very fácil And it doesn’t differ much from others.

survey pagesThe first thing you should do is complete a pollster profile or pollster.

For this you will have to fill in your profile with some fácil data.

They may need to verify your phone number, to do this they will send you an mensaje de texto to the phone number you have registeredwith a PIN number (this message is totally free for you).

The main source of make money than we have in Surveyoo are the paid surveys.

In this section you perro find the surveys available.

The advice that they give you through Surveyoo and that I myself emphasize is that don’t do the surveys like crazyThink carefully about the answers and do the survey accordingly.

Yeah They detect that you do the surveys too quickly and that your answers do not agree, they perro reach you delete account.

If, on the contrary, the surveys are done correctly, you will have more and more paid surveys and the reward for each of them will be more important.

New polls will be added daily.

I highly recommend that you turn on notifications so you don’t miss any oportunidad to earn money.

earn more in surveyoo

Now that it is clear to you that surveyoo is reliable, you will learn to earn more money.

In addition to sending you their own surveys, through the application we recommend other survey platforms from the same group.

By clicking on “survey institute” we will find other platforms from the same group, in this case they recommend us hintsters and SigmaTwo.

Through these pages we perro register on those two platforms and we cánido earn more money doing paid surveys.

If you like to give your opinion and influence in a certain way the products or services that companies are going to launch soon, register and give your opinion.

It’s free!

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Another way to make more money on survey Are the bonuses.

You cánido claim different bonuses that will help your cómputo grow more.

These bonuses are small incentives with which Surveoo gives the most constant users.

I explain them in detail:

  • €0.05 plus for completing two surveys
  • a €0.05 plus when activating web alerts
  • another €0.05 plus when you clic on the daily dirección de correo electrónico you will receive
  • €0.1 when you return the next day and complete a survey

As you perro see, the amounts are not gigantic, but little by little, you will complete to reach the minimum collection.

referral system

If you access the section “sponsorship“you will find a invite backlink So you cánido recommend Surveoo to all your friends, acquaintances and in general all the people you know who like to give their opinion and also earn money on the internet.

you cánido rrecommend the platform to as many people as you want.

In addition, from that same section, you perro keep track of all the users who have joined Surveoo through your invite backlink.

You cánido use this backlink through popular networks, YouTube, or even if you have a blog (as is my case).

You’ll get 10% of the profits of all the users you invite forever.

Realize that there is no limit on invitations, the more you invite, the more money you perro get passively.

Minimum collection and withdrawal

He minimum charge is stipulated at €20you cánido remove them Through transfer bank (they will ask you to put a Spanish account), PayPal or Amazon Spain gift card.

To remove it, you must go to the dashboard and on the right side look for “withdrawal of my earnings”.

In about 48 hours it will be sent to your PayPal address (if you choose that wallet) or the gift voucher will be sent to the dirección de correo electrónico address with which you registered.

He withdrawal to your account current, in addition to those 48 hours It will depend on your bankthere you have to have a little more patience.

More surveys to earn money

survey opinions

No doubt this page is another good opportunity to earn money by answering surveys.

Although at the beginning the payment for each of the surveys is very low, as we answer more and more surveys, the payment for each of them goes up.

Do not give up and continue to answer objectively to each of the surveys.

In addition, with its referral system, we cánido invite all the friends we want, and get 10% of their earnings for life.

If you didn’t know and were wondering what it is, I hope the article made it clear to you.

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