SurveyLama: Review (and Opinion) about their

SurveyLama: Review (and Opinion) about their

Today we have decided to add another paid survey platform to our list of descriptions of these types of platforms to earn money.

Is about SurveyLama, a survey panel about which not much is known on the Internet, since there is no further information.

However, this is not entirely bad, since the less well-known a platform to earn money is, the fewer people are using it; which means that you have more opportunities to take advantage of it through your site.

Without wanting to make this introduction any longer, let’s start at once with our new review of a paid survey platform that may interest you and with which there is a possibility of making some money.

Entrar SurveyLama now

What is SurveyLama?

The developers of SurveyLama detalla it as a platform specialized in the collection of information through digital data.

It works in many different countries, it aims to use the data collected to improve products and services, making them more optimal for their consumers.

Basically, that’s all the information we’ve been able to gather about SurveyLama.

That’s why, we believe that there is little informationWe do not know the name of the company behind it, the developers or at least the date of its foundation.

However, we know more about it so that you escoge to use it or not, such is the case of payments and how to register.

Registration and Login

He registration is not difficult to do, Furthermore, unlike other afín options that we have described here, SurveyLama is available in many countries, especially in Latin America; Of course it is also available in Spain.

Let’s see how weights do this fácil registration:

  1. The first thing you should do is entrar the official SurveyLama site.
  2. Clic on “Register”.
  1. Put your data, like Names, last name, e-e correo electrónico, password, nickname and more to finish with the inscription.
  2. Confirm your account with the correo electrónico that the platform has sent you, you just have to clic on: “Confirm my correo electrónico address”.
  3. You will automatically be logged into your account, the SurveyLama platform will welcome you.

    They will give you LamaPoints of rewards and you have to answer some questions to complete the profile and they will give you more points.

Finally, you will have your account ready to start solving the surveys at once, supposedly the platform will give you three daily surveys, but we will talk about that later.

The registration seemed very fácil to us, if you have already registered in Valued Opinions, you will realize that it asks for almost the same information to create a new account.

How does it work?

Its way of working is very fácil, the surveys that SurveyLama offers daily are surveys that collect data that many companies pay for.

Every time you answer a survey you get LP, which are Lama Points and if you have already registered, it means that you already have some.

These points you perro exchange for real moneyin your Paypal account or through Amazon GiftCards.

Apparently you are going to have 3 daily surveys available, they are very easy to answer, but it is important that when you register you complete the profile correctly by answering questions.

It won’t take you 5 seconds to answer each question and each survey perro have a different number of questions, as well as different topics.

For now, we don’t know what’s going on with the site, as some users have said they only had the first three surveys, then no more.

For our part, they didn’t even give us the first three surveys, but maybe this is because we skipped a lot of questions at the start.

If you don’t want to wait for polls, it’s worth taking a look at OpinionWorld.

How much cánido you earn on average at SurveyLama?

As we mentioned above, there is not much information about this platform, so we cannot say much about how much you cánido earn on average.

But, we have done our research and we were able to find out that, in order to reach the minimum withdrawal, which is 2000 LP, you have to use the website for one or more months.

Each LP is equal to one cent of a dollar, that is, the minimum is 20 dollars.

For each survey they give you several cents; The key is that you do all the surveys up to date, the problem is that sometimes they don’t send surveys, which we have learned through negative usuario opinions.

In conclusion, we cánido say that it cánido take you up to month and a half to make $20 with this platform.

It may seem like little money, but you cánido do daily surveys quickly, and if you mezcle it with iPoll, you cánido earn more money.

How to maximize your earnings?

If you complete your profile well, then you will have the opportunity to have more paid surveys to do.

Really, platforms like SurveyLama don’t give the same number of surveys to everyone.

it depends a lot the type of profile you have As a usuario, therefore, we ask you to complete the Welcome to the platform at the first login by answering each of the questions.

By having a complete profile, you will have more chances to do surveys.

Of course, as we already told you, the platform seems to have problems at the moment and is not providing surveys on a daily basis.

When creating an account and not having surveys, you should not waste time, try testing with Survey Junkie, there you will probably have more surveys.

Our take on SurveyLama

It honestly seems to us an easy to use platform, its registration is fácil and it took us a few minutes to carry it out.

But, we are not convinced by the little information that there is about it, in addition, it seems to us that it does have problems giving surveys daily at the moment, which we do not like.

Also, we cannot lie, the minimum withdrawal is extremely high, while there are other platforms that are more reliable that have a minimum withdrawal of $5.

Additionally, it is important to clarify whether it pays or not, according to the opinions we have obtained.the platform does pay, but you would have to have surveys and answer them for more than a month to confirm the payment.

On the other hand, some users indicate that the payments are very fast and arrive almost instantly.

We cánido say that SurveyLama is worth trying, as it only takes a few minutes a day to do the surveys and a little patience to know if it pays or not.

Remember that we are always bringing you the best aplicaciones for you to earn money, such is the case of MobileXpression, in which you earn money without doing anything.

So don’t forget to visit us from time to time, if you want us to review another platform, just tell us, see you later.

We hope you liked our article SurveyLama: Review (and Opinion) about their
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 SurveyLama: Review (and Opinion) about their
  SurveyLama: Review (and Opinion) about their
  SurveyLama: Review (and Opinion) about their

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