Surveyah | Money completing surveys for

Surveyah | Money completing surveys for

Today we add another page of paid surveys to our portfolio, surveyeeah.

It is a platform that allows us to carry out market studies and receive financial remuneration in return, and all of this, of course, totally free.

We are not talking about a recently created site, far from it, however the page has been active since 2014 and today it has more than 2 million users spread over more than 100 countries.

And it is that with the exception of Cuba, Surveyeah is available to users from Spain and Latin America.

So if you are one of those who are interested in earning free money and the surveys do not back you down, I recommend you continue with me and find out how this website works.

Undoubtedly, one of the outstanding aspects of this page is that its use is available to anyone, regardless of the country you are from, in this sense there is no restriction, except for the one already mentioned in Cuba.

Another feature that is always attractive is that it has a good number of different payment methods, Paypal, Amazon or Skrill among them, so it is difficult for our favorite payment gateway not to be available.

Complete the free registration

There are few pages where registration cánido be done in less time, since it is fácil, as well as free, of course.

You already know that this is something primordial in all the pages that we recommend.

As I have mentioned, anyone from any country cánido register on the web, the only requirement for this is to be over 18 years of age and of course have the desire to earn income.


Function: Surveys ▪ Countries accepted: Everyone ▪ Referral system: Yeah ▪ Payment methods: Paypal, Amazon, Skrill and many more ▪ Minimum payment: Variable

To complete the registration we only have to fill in the form when entering the web, in which we will be asked for a correo electrónicoa passworda name and surnames, gender, birthdate and the Postal Code.

Once this is done, we will only have to go to our correo electrónico and validate the account by clicking on the confirmation backlink that will be sent to us.

If you see that a certain time has passed and you perro’t find the correo electrónico, go to the contenido publicitario folder, sometimes these confirmation correos electrónicos arrive in that folder and we don’t even realize it.

Many times, either because of laziness or because we don’t find time, we leave these profiles unfilled, this leads to the fact that we hardly receive surveys, therefore it is foolish to register on these sites and not do so.

How Surveyeah works

Well, when we are inside the account, it is quite interesting that we start to fill out our profile, since in this way the number of surveys we receive will increase and therefore we will earn more money, which is what it is about.

Complete your profile

This is nothing more than answering a series of questions about our tastes, hobbies or possessions, among others.

It is very useful so that the platform cánido filter the surveys that best suit the profile of each usuario.

You cánido leave it blank, but I’m telling you, you’ll probably lose a lot of opportunities.

It is important that you do not lie too much, because if you later give answers that do not match your profile, you may have a problem, but we perro get a little problem, such as saying that we travel more than we do or that we buy more en línea. small things but that will make us earn more points.

How to complete the surveys

Well, if you have completed the profile, you will only have to wait for the surveys to arrive in the e-e correo electrónico.

Do not expect a flood, it is habitual to receive an average of approximately 3 per month.

If you do not want to wait, you cánido see on the page itself which surveys are available, we will do this by clicking on surveysIf there is one, we will see it there.

Sample Survey on Surveyeah

We just clic on the blue button and try to answer as honestly as we cánido or know how.

If you complete it successfully you will receive the points, these are not instantaneous, you will have to wait for the study to close to receive them.

Each survey has a different duration and also a different remuneration in points, this is almost always linked.

The longer it is, the more points and therefore more money, it’s fácil.

Surveyeah Referral System

At Surveyeah we have the possibility of earning more money in addition to paid surveys, this is possible through the referral system offered by the platform.

entering the section invite a friend We will be able to access the material to promote the web, both on popular networks, such as weblogs or forums.

The operation is fácil, we have a single level of affiliates, with each of them we will earn 3 points (0.30) when you complete your first survey.

It’s not much, but if you’re good at it, you perro get quite a bit out of this.

how to charge

In the section Awards We will be able to vea the catalog available on the web, each one separated by the number of points necessary.

Catalog of prizes available

It should be noted that these minimums will vary depending on the country, the image is for users from Spain, but if you belong to another nationality, the prizes and minimums will surely be different.

We simply choose the prize we want, as long as we have reached the minimum, clic on it and follow the instructions that appear on the screen step by step.

We will have to wait a few days for the payment to be made successfully, I cannot guarantee how much exactly, this is something that I will be able to confirm when I receive a payment for the first time.

Opinion about Surveyeah

Everyone knows that one of the safest ways to earn money en línea is paid surveys.

Surveyeah has many essential features to escoge to start using it.

I have listed all of them in the articulo, but if you have forgotten, I will refresh your memory.

It is suitable for all countries, except Cuba, pays by Paypal and Skrill or has an extensive catalog of prizes, among many others.

If you want to earn real money, it is not enough to work on a single page, you have to include several in your portfolio to complete a good volume and get a good return at the end of the month.

This is why Surveyeah is ideal for completing the list of reliable pages.

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 Surveyah |  Money completing surveys for
  Surveyah |  Money completing surveys for
  Surveyah |  Money completing surveys for

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