Survey Time | Surveys to WIN BTC for free

Survey Time | Surveys to WIN BTC for free

SurveyTime is a habitual paid survey panel that pay in dollars and in BTC. No waiting of any kind or minimum payment. As we will see in this tutorial, the most striking and interesting thing about SurveyTime is that when we finish answering a survey, they send us the money at that very moment. You don’t have to reach a minimum amount or anything like that. If we want to charge in dollars, we will only have to provide the correo electrónico that we have associated with Paypal. And if we want SurveyTime pay us in satoshis, it will be enough to provide the correo electrónico that we have associated with our wallet in Coinbase. Easy as that!

What is SurveyTime?

SurveyTime is an international survey panel that allows you to earn money for giving our opinion. It belongs to OP Visión LTD, a marketing agency specializing in market research. was officially launched in the middle of 2018 and since then more and more people are They earn money giving opinions on consumer issues, current affairs, etcétera..

At SurveyTime we perro withdraw earnings by Paypal, Amazon and in BTC.

Next we will see how SurveyTime works. Since we create the account and login until we answer the first survey and receive payment. However, first I would like to mention a somewhat especial issue. As I mentioned in the introduction, in SurveyTime there is the option of receiving the earnings in BTC. But be careful, because the only wallet that accepts is Coinbase. The same thing happens on the platform Idle Empire. If we want to get paid for surveys in satoshis, we will have to provide our Coinbase dirección de correo electrónico. Not the address of a bitcoin wallet. For this reason, to receive SurveyTime payments in BTC, we will need to have a Coinbase account.

Coinbase Guide in Spanish

Sign up for SurveyTime

To have access to SurveyTime’s paid surveys we will have to create a usuario account first. If you want, you perro access the portal directly from the button below. The panel offers us the possibility of registering through three ways: providing an correo electrónico or linking our SurveyTime account with Fb or Twitter. We select the option that best suits us, accept the TOS and clic on “start now”.

Registration in SurveyTime

Next, the system will send us about thirty questions to complete our panelist profile. The answers that we give will be those that, later, will determine the type of surveys that will reach us. As happens in all panels, the theme of the surveys that we receive depends on our interests. In this way, for example, if we indicate that we are not in charge of making the purchase in our home, we will never receive surveys related to supermarkets, food, etcétera. For this reason, the more complete and diverse our profile is, the more likely we are to receive more survey invitations.

In the questionnaire they ask us how do we want to receive payments by Survey Time. If we are not sure, we perro answer “I’m not sure” and indicate it at the end of each survey.

To finish with the registration, we will have to verify our account by providing a mobile phone number. The process is very fácil since you only have to entrar the mobile number and paste the code that we receive.

How SurveyTime works

As soon as we answer the 31 profile questions, a screen will appear with a sign that says “Start now”. That means that we already have our account created, the profile completely defined and that we are willing to qualify in surveys.

If there is a survey available, after clicking on the poster, we will get a notification indicating the approximate duration and the economic reward that they will give us. To proceed, simply We answer the questions that we are asked. We will know that we have finished the survey when a window appears with five emoticons expressing five different feelings. To finish, we will only have to indicate what our opinion is in relation to the survey that we have just answered and immediately afterwards they will ask us How do we want to receive the money earned?. A little later I explain the withdrawal process with all the details.

Login to SurveyTime

I have seen that some of you have problems logging in in Surveytime, so I take this opportunity to make a small paragraph and clarify this point. If you look, at the top of the screen we have the option to exit or disconnect from our account. In general, if we do not press that button, every time we access the website, the system automatically redirects us to our account. But what do we do if the system does not redirect us. The fact is that when we want to log in, they ask us for the correo electrónico with which we registered and a password. And of course, at the time of registration we are not asked for any password.

To solve it, it is only necessary that, in the access screen, we press on “Reset Password”. At that moment SurveyTime will send us an correo electrónico with a backlink in its content. Once we follow that backlink, the system will take us to our account and that’s it. we will have access to paid surveys again.

Receive surveys on Survey Time

SurveyTime makes available to users various ways to receive survey invitations. Based on the preferences that each one of us has, we will be more interested in activate one class of notifications or another. In this way, SurveyTime will notify us every time there is a survey that matches our profile.

These are the three options we have to receive survey invitations:

Notifications vía correo electrónico » The classic option is to receive an correo electrónico with a backlink that takes us directly to the survey.

desktop notifications » Another possibility is to activate Push or desktop notifications. In this case, every time a survey comes out according to our interestswe will skip a notification.

Access vía web » And the last option is to access our account and check if there is any survey available. If there is, the system will take us directly to it.

At SurveyTime there are two types of surveys: those that are paid for $1 and shorter ones whose reward is $0.50.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice. In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest. Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research. For more information do clic here.

SurveyTime pays

We have already seen that SurveyTime pay at the end of each paid survey. Before we have stayed at that point, in which we had finished responding and were about to request payment. After indicating with an emoticon how we value our experience in the survey, the following screen will appear:

It is very important that we know a couple of things before we continue to process the payment. More than anything for that we do not get unnecessary anger later… From my own experience using SurveyTime, I have been able to verify that, although the surveys are remunerated at $1 and $0.50, if we request payments through Coinbase apply withdrawal fees. Not so if we request payments by Paypal. In fact, these are the net amounts that we receive depending on the payment method we use:

✅ Paypal payments are without fees. If we answer a $1 survey and charge for this processor, $1 will come to Paypal. And the same goes for $0.50 surveys.

✅ However, in payments by Coinbase if commissions of 15% apply. So the surveys that Paypal pays us at $1, in bitcoin they pay us $0.85 to change.

In my opinion, although the fees penalize, I think that the option of withdrawing in BTC is more interesting If we think in the long term.

How to receive the money

Now that we know what the conditions of each payment method are, it is time to request and receive our first withdrawal in SurveyTime. To process the withdrawal we will only have to select the payment method that best suits us and follow the steps indicated by the system. Regarding payments in BTC through Coinbase, they will ask us for the correo electrónico address we have associated with the wallet. And to collect through Paypal, we will write down the dirección de correo electrónico address that we have associated with this processor.

Once we have written down the corresponding correo electrónico address, we will clic on “Continue”. AND after a few seconds the money will arrive. Either on Coinbase or Paypal.

Referral program

In addition to answering paid surveys, at SuveyTime we perro also earn plus money by inviting our friends. This panel’s referral program works a little differently than how almost everyone else works. In this case, for SurveyTime to provide us with an affiliation backlink, before we will have to ask. To do this, we will create an account in the Ambassadors Program following these three steps:

1- Within our SurveyTime account we go down to the bottom menu and clic on «Affiliates» either «Partners».

2- In the new window we will get a registration form. In it we will write down an dirección de correo electrónico, our full name and, optionally, our nickname in Skype.

3- Next we will have to detalla how we are going to promote SurveyTime. If through popular networks, through a blog, with a YouTube channel, etcétera.

After assessing our request, SurveyTime will respond vía correo electrónico indicating whether it accepts it or not. The answer does not usually take more than 48 hours.

Survey Time Aplicación

Another question that you have sent me is related to the Surveytime application. And it is a question that has caught my attention because SurveyTime does not have an official aplicación. It is true that some panels, such as i-Say or Lifepoints, have their own applications. Developed and managed by themselves. So, in addition to the web, we perro answer surveys through the aplicación and earn money with mobile. But that doesn’t happen at SurveyTime.

SurveyTime Main Features

Having seen how Survey Time works, I am going to make a summary with the characteristics that, in my opinion, are most relevant. Also, I will add my opinions regarding the panel. As always, based in my own experience. There they go:

✅ Without a doubt, what I like most about SurveyTime is that it’s free and reliable. Checking if you pay is very easy since we only need to answer a survey and they will send us the money as soon as we finish it. I wish all paid survey panels will pay as fast as SurveyTime does!

✅ That SurveyTime offers the Possibility of collecting earnings in dollars and BTC it’s a punch This allows us, if we want, to alternate payments and receive some through Paypal and others through Coinbase. In that case, the ideal is to charge Paypal when the price of BTC rises. And withdraw in satoshis by Coinbase when the price of BTC is down.

✅ SurveyTime allows us to earn money or bitcoin instantly. Despite the fees, my intention is to use the panel and withdraw in satoshis by Coinbase. The best thing about the case, in my opinion, is that the payments are processed by converting dollars to BTC. Taking into account the price of BTC at that time. I think the BTC price will go up quite a bit in the future. So my iniciativa is to earn satoshis now, save and sell when the price rises. So that all the satoshis that you get throughout this time will increase in value as BTC rises in price.

Sites like SurveyTime or Idle Empire are great for me to continue with this strategy.

Opinions on Survey Time

SurveyTime is totally trustworthy and serves users all over the world. There are panels that only allow the registration of users residing in Spain. However, people residing in Venezuela, Argentina, México, Colombia and the rest of the Latin American countries perro register in SurveyTime. In addition, it is not always so easy or fast to get paid in survey panels, since the vast majority equipo a minimum withdrawal amount. In SurveyTime that does not happen, since pay at the end of each survey. Regardless if we do in dollars by Paypal or in BTC by Coinbase.

With SurveyTime, there are already more than 40 pages that I use to earn free bitcoins.

Anyway, I hope that with this tutorial you find it easier to work the SurveyTime portal. If you liked it and want to start make money answering surveys, you perro go directly to the web by pressing the button below. And if there is any doubt about the operation of the site, you perro leave a comment or contact me through popular networks. Ask what you need, I’ll give you a cable in everything I perro. Until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Survey Time |  Surveys to WIN BTC for free
  Survey Time |  Surveys to WIN BTC for free
  Survey Time |  Surveys to WIN BTC for free

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