Survey: receive surveys and earn for it

Survey: receive surveys and earn for it

Good afternoon kid!! Today I come to talk to you about survey, a page to conduct market research.

Or what comes to be the same, paid surveys.

It is a Spanish page, and you perro only access it if you are a Spanish usuario.

I have been working with her for a while, to date I have received three surveys, quite well paid.

The polls in this they will pay us from 1 to 100 €.

Soon we hope to talk about our first payment.

But we are going to talk to you about this survey page in detail.

survey how it works

The operation of survey it is extremely fácil.

We will only have to register on the page (unavoidable condition).

Your registration is extremely easy, you just have to put your dirección de correo electrónico and fill in the capchat, with only that information and clicking on “sign up

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When you do these steps, go to the correo electrónico you put, look for an correo electrónico from “survey” and validate your account.

They will give you a password, which you perro (and should) change in the survey “My profile”.

Once your account is validated, you must fill in your profile.

I recommend you to fill out the profile to 100%the more complete it is, the more chances you will have to receive more surveys.

Fill out the profile in survey

To receive as many surveys as possible in this type of paid cash surveys We must fill out the profile well.

As I always say in this type of survey, there is no defined profile to receive more or less surveys.

But if you fill out the profile in a certain way, you will have the opportunity to receive a greater number of surveys.

To fill out a profile correctly, I recommend you read this articulo I wrote about how to fill in the profile on Ysense.

Although it is not the same page, you cánido do it in the same way.

The page will notify us by correo electrónico every time we have a new survey available.

Therefore, we will know immediately, they are usually active for several days, but I recommend you fill them in as soon as you perro, since there may be a maximum number of participants.

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Minimum payment and payment time

Getting paid to give your opinion is something that we all like.

Survey pages afín to Encuestón as Opinion Center They pay you by Paypal, although their minimum payment is lower.

The minimum payment is 7 euroto make it easier for us to reach this amount, for filling out our profile, they will reward us with 2 euros.

Also for each referral we have will add 0.50 euros.

If you want to register as my referrals and earn those 2 euros, you perro do it easily here.

Or in the bottom banner

The time it may take to pay us varies, but is usually not more than 15 days.

On this page you have to have some patience.

Payments for paid opinions

As for payments, they will be made through PayPal, so we will have to have our account verified, they also offer us the possibility of donate 10% of our profits to an NGO.

The minimum payment is stipulated at €7, reaching the minimum is not very difficult, especially if we take into account that we will start with €2 just for registration.

As for us, as sponsors, we will receive €0.50 for each friend who registers.

There is no limit of friends, you perro invite fools as you like.

Of course, you must bear in mind that this page is only valid for Spanish users.

But if you read me from Latin America, you cánido read this articulo where I explain how make money in venezuela.

Final conclusions Survey

Finally, tell you that Encuestón is a typical page for surveys and market studies.

We will be able to earn money directly to our Paypal account just for giving our opinion.

The only but that I put is that it is only for Spanish users.

If you read me from another country, you cánido have a VPN and try your luck, but that is up to you.

If you want to register here I’ll give you the backlink so you cánido start with €2.

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 Survey: receive surveys and earn for it
  Survey: receive surveys and earn for it
  Survey: receive surveys and earn for it

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