Survey Junkie: Get paid to take surveys

Survey Junkie: Get paid to take surveys

Living on the internet is a somewhat complex task, the key is often having several options to generate income, such is the case of opinion and win surveys.

We always recommend our readers to diversify the pages to earn free dollars. If you are a frequent reader of our blog and have taken our recommendation seriously, you may want to know about Survey Junkiea platform with ten million registered users. Almost nothing, come on!

Survey Junkie is another one of those alternatives that you should take into account to earn a few dollars from the comfort of your home. In this article we tell you everything about this en línea survey platform.

Sign up for Survey Junkie

To register you only have to follow the steps that we detail in this section, it is a fácil procedure, yes, the platform is only available in some countries.

  1. First, go to the Survey Junkie website.
  2. Clic on the option «Join Now».
  • You will have at your disposal several options to register, through your Fb or Google plus account or using your dirección de correo electrónico. Select one of these three options, then accept the terms and finally clic on «SIGN UP».
  • A message about Survey Junkie will appear – usually a happy usuario review. Below the message there is a button, called «start now», clic on it.
  • Entrar your zip code.
  • Confirm your country.
  • Entrar your date of birth.
  • Select your gender.
  • Put first names, last name and a password to entrar your account.
  • Clic on «Log In & Start Earning».

You already registered, now you just have to start responding US polls and other arts of the world; If you want to know how to get started, we’ll explain how it works below.

What is Survey Junkie?

It is an en línea survey panel with which you cánido earn money by completing surveys in a few minutes. Yes, just by giving your opinion on products or services of some brands you cánido get money. For their part, the brands carry out a marketing study with the answers that you and other users give to their different surveys. You perro see that it is a platform afín to Swagbucks, however, the latter has more options to make money, in addition to surveys.

The owners of Survey Junkie define it as a “community» in which there are more than ten million users. This community is dedicated to making the voice of consumers heard, since through its surveys windows are opened between consumers and the brands of the products they consume.

How does Survey Junkie work?

After registering, the website will ask you to complete your profile, you must do it, try to entrar as much data as you cánido. Keep in mind that the more complete you make your profile, the more surveys will be available to you. The polls will be on the panel «Surveys», there will appear those that you perro answer according to your profile, for example, if you are a young person who likes sports, surveys of sports products will probably appear.

You perro answer the surveys at the time you want and from the device you want. For each survey that you answer satisfactorily you will get points (more or less as in Lifepoints), which you cánido redeem for money. In the image below you cánido see that for every 1000 points you perro redeem a Giftcard, you perro also redeem them for a Spotify subscription, there are really many options to redeem.

Does Survey Junkie have an Aplicación?

One of the advantages of Survey Junkie is that it has its own aplicación, you perro install it on Android devices or iPhones. As with the web platform, through this application you will be able to take surveys and earn pointswhich you cánido later exchange for Giftcards or for money in your Paypal account.

Is Survey Junkie for Spain?

Currently it is not available for Spain, it is only available for Germany, USES, Canada, United Kingdom, among others. However, there are other paid surveys in Spain with which you perro make money as well. Hopefully, soon, the Survey Junkie platform will be available in most of the countries in Europe.

Is Survey Junkie a scam or legit?

is reliable, for a reason it is one of the best survey panels for the United States. It has been paying and making users happy for several years, in addition, on Trustpilot it has good opinions from users who have used it and continue to use it to this day. Of course, it does not make much money, but it does pay better than many other en línea pollsters.

Review of Survey Junkie

For us it is an alternative to earn money in the United States or afín countries, one of those options to take into account if you live in one of the countries where it is available. Is easy to use, pay and it is not saturated with users, so you probably always have surveys available to do; but, unfortunately, neither in Spain nor in Latin America is it available. We say goodbye hoping that you perro use Survey Junkies or any other of the platforms that we have already described here.

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 Survey Junkie: Get paid to take surveys
  Survey Junkie: Get paid to take surveys
  Survey Junkie: Get paid to take surveys

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