Survey | Earn MONEY with SURVEYS

Survey | Earn MONEY with SURVEYS

survey is a panel of paid surveys that came to light at the beginning of 2016.

The truth is that since then it has given a lot to talk about, since You are giving away €1 for creating an account and completing the profile at 100%.

He Minimum payment in Encuestón is only 7 euros.

So if we subtract the €1 gift, we perro charge for the first time by adding €6 more.

As we will see throughout this survey guide, we will need to answer 3 or 4 surveys to achieve our purpose.

Do you want to know all the particularities of this panel? Then we go to the mess.

What is Survey

Encuestón is a pollster or panel of paid surveys who pays us to respond to a series of polls.

Regarding more technical data, it should be noted that the portal is managed by the company Digital Insights.

With its headquarters located in Barcelona, ​​it is the company that is in charge of paying users by Paypal.

At the moment, the Survey panel It only works for users residing in Spain.

If you are looking for reliable paid survey panels that cánido register panelists from all over the world, you cánido take a look at this updated list with best paid survey panels.

Register in Encuestón

Continuing with Encuestón, the first thing we will do is create our own free account.

It is very important that we register and complete all steps correctly.

This way it’s like they will assign us the €1 welcome gift.

To proceed with the registration, if you want, you perro follow the backlink below, which will take you to the front page of the panel.

Next, we will clic on the text of “I’m in” or in “Sign up”.

Either of the two options is valid since both take us to the panel registration form.

Take me to the survey portal

The only information they ask us for is a contact correo electrónico address.

Then, we will solve the recaptcha and clic on the blue rectangle.

The dirección de correo electrónico we provide It will be the same one for which the invitations to surveys will be sent to us later..

For this reason, it is advisable to provide an dirección de correo electrónico that we use on a more or less regular basis.

So we will not miss any opportunity.

A few seconds after registering, we will receive the first correo electrónico from Encuestón.

When we open this dirección de correo electrónico, we will see a backlink within its content.

If you don’t receive it, it may have been filtered into your Contenido publicitario folder.

Then clic on the backlink and our account will be validated.

Now we cánido access the panel and see all the sections that make it up.

How Survey works

We are a little closer to that Survey add €1 to the cómputo.

The next and last step will be to answer all the questions on the profile.

For this we will go to the section of “Profile”.

These questions usually deal with personal and general aspects.

They serve to determine What kind of consumer are we and what are our interests?.

Some examples could be how old we are, where we work, whether or not we are smokers, etcétera.

Depending on the answers we give, we will receive invitations to some studies or others.

They will always have some relation to our interests.

That is, if we are not smokers, it makes no sense to send us surveys related to smoking.

Now, yes.

As soon as we answer all the profile questions, we will achieve two things:

enable our account to receive survey invitations.

✅ us €1 will be credited to the cómputo as a reward.

Answering all the profile questions will take approximately 20 minutes.

Receive surveys in Encuestón

Whether we receive more or fewer surveys in Encuestón is a aspecto that cannot be determined.

In fact, when the panel has a survey that corresponds to our interests, it will send us the corresponding invitation by correo electrónico.

everything will depend the type of panelist that research companies are looking for.

The format with which the invitations will arrive is afín to this screenshot.

To access the survey we will only have to clic on the image and it will take us automatically.

Afterwards, we will only have to respond naturally and send it at the end.

Sometimes in the middle of a survey they ask us a trick question.

In general, it is usually a question that is not related to the subject of the survey.

Which makes it relatively easy to identify if we pay attention.

Otherwise, the survey will be rejected and we will not be paid for it.

When does a survey end?

If everything has gone well and we have successfully answered the survey, we will get a notification like this one.

One thing must be taken into account.

After completing the survey, Encuestón will not pay us the reward immediately.

Our responses will go through a verification process.

When it is confirmed that we have answered honestly, the earnings will be added to the cómputo.

survey it takes 3-7 days to confirm the polls.

It is within that period that the money will be added to the Boat.

Survey pays and is reliable

As we answer surveys, we will get closer to the €7 needed to withdraw from Encuestón.

If we compare these conditions with those of other panels such as GreenPanthera either tolunawhich have a minimum payout of $30 and €35 ​​respectively, the €7 of Survey that’s a pretty reasonable number.

Now, if we compare it with Survey Rewardz or Idle Empirewhere there is no minimum payment, because Encuestón loses out.

In the end, starting from the €1 free that they give us at the beginning, we will have to add another 5€.

This amount, in surveys, could be equivalent to about three or four.

What results extremely easy to get.

Encueston will reward us with €0.50 for each friend who joins the panel with our backlink.

How to request a payment in Encuestón

When we accumulate €7 in the cómputo, it will be time to request our first payment in Encueston.

To request the withdrawal we will have to carry out a small procedure.

Very easy.

We will go to the tab «See Boat» and we will entrar the dirección de correo electrónico address that we have associated with Paypal.

Finally, they will send us a confirmation correo electrónico from Encueston informing us that the request has been processed correctly.

Within a maximum period of three business days We will receive the money in our Paypal account.

It is confirmed that Encuestón pays by Paypal within the stipulated period of three days.

Survey Opinions

Encuestón is a survey panel that meets all the requirements What should any panel have? serious and reliable.

I don’t know if it happens to you too, but when I sign up for a survey panel, I always have the plus motivation of getting a first payment.

Especially if I compare it with veteran panels from which I have already retired several times.

In this sense, the gift of €1 is very helpful, so it is worth taking advantage of it.

I usually point out in almost all the posts that working with these free systems we are not going to make a living.

But what is clear is that we perro get plus money for spending a few minutes sitting in front of the PC.

After all, this is about adding and adding.

And if in addition to the sites that we already used we added EncuestónWell, better than better.

Everything helps.

Do you have any doubts? If so, you cánido ask everything you need in the comments below.

And if Do you want to participate in the Encuestón surveys?I would appreciate it if you would register by clicking on the following button.

In this way you will get €1 and I will get €0.50 for inviting you.

what was said Thank you and see you next time!!

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 Survey |  Earn MONEY with SURVEYS
  Survey |  Earn MONEY with SURVEYS
  Survey |  Earn MONEY with SURVEYS

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