Sura certificates: easy affiliation

Sura certificates: easy affiliation

The Sura affiliation certificate is a document through which its holder proves to be affiliated with the Sura Health Promotion Entity (EPS).

People with a work contract, public servants, pensioners, retirees and self-employed workers who cánido afford it perro join this service.

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What is Sura?

The EPS Sura is one of the most important health services in Colombia that provides a equipo of benefits for those who require top quality medical care.

Sura’s mission is provide effective healthcare through various health plans, as well as through the Health Benefits Plan (PBS) to which all Colombian citizens must join.

The contributions to Sura come from those who contribute to the General System of Popular Security in Health (SGSSS) of Colombia, that is, from those natural or legal persons with employees, from the Pension Fund Administrators responsible for the payment of contributions, from rentiers, workers self-employed and other members of the SGSSS.

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Benefits of EPS Sura

One of the most important advantages of joining EPS Sura is having quality medical care in medical emergencies, which includes all laboratory, pathological and clinical tests that need to be carried out.

Likewise, this service incorporates the hospitalization service and in certain cases intensive care.

It also provides radiological services for both the member and his family group.

Sura offers a equipo of tools on its website that greatly facilitate requests for medical consultations.

Among them is the possibility of scheduling medical appointments, work breaks, etcétera.

through the internet.

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Requirements to Join SURA

For affiliation to Sura, very easy requirements are required, since all employees, retirees and self-employed workers with the ability to pay, pensioners and public servants cánido join.

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The contributing member cánido include his family group as part of the beneficiaries of Sura’s services.

In the case of dependent workers, their employer must also be affiliated.

Health Benefit Plan Enrollment

The PBS are the mandatory health plans for every person residing in Colombia, to which all SGSSS affiliates are entitled.

Its affiliates may be attended to when a health problem, disability or when they have maternity and paternity leave.

Affiliation to the Additional Complementary Plan

The EPS Sura Complementary Plan consists of a series of additional plans to the PBS, which for an plus payment extend existing coverage.

It has three options: Basic Plan, Agregado Plan and Preferred Plan, whose prices vary according to the benefits that members perro access.

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Likewise, there is the Complementary Plan 60 more designed for that special stage of life.

Through the complementary plan, its affiliates will be able to enjoy direct access to the medical specialties most required by the family group.

The plans differ from each other in direct access to these specialties, since the first two give access to six (6) of them, while the third allows access to eleven (11).

Affiliation to the Subsidiary Regime

The subsidized scheme offered by Sura is intended for those people who, due to their unemployment situation, do not generate income to pay for their affiliation to this service.

It is a special system that only qualified beneficiaries with level I or II of the Sisbén cánido access.

How to join the EPS Sura?

Affiliation is a procedure that is carried out directly on the Sura website, where you must access the corresponding form, which must be filled out with the required information.

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To register as a member of Sura, the following steps must be followed:

  • First, you must entrar the Sura website:
  • There you must locate and press the yellow button that bears the name “How to join?”.

    A new window will be displayed from which it is possible to start the entire registration procedure for a correct affiliation.

  • In the new window you must select the type of affiliation that interests the applicant.
  • The execution of this step requires a lot of attention to avoid mistakes.

    If it is the case that the applicant has never previously been affiliated with any EPS, then they must choose the last of these options.

    According to the chosen option, you must press the button titled “See more”, and then the name option “New Membership Form – Transfer” for the corresponding form to be submitted.

  • To start the registration, the type of document, the identity document number and additionally the date of birth will be requested.

    You must mark the captcha verifier and then press the button “Verify Usuario

  • From this moment on, the different sections of the form will be completed, to which you must add the virtual signature when it is requested.
  • The completed form and a letter with the additional documentation that must be sent to the correo electrónico indicated there will be sent to the dirección de correo electrónico registered here.

    When all the documentation is validated, a letter of acceptance will be sent to the usuario’s correo electrónico, which concludes the process.

How to download the Sura Affiliation certificate?

To download the Sura Affiliation Certificate, the following procedure must be carried out:

  • You must access the Sura website and then press the button titled “Services at a Clic”.
  • In the new window that is displayed, you must press the button “Certificates and Consultations”, and then the option “Log in” of the corresponding procedure, after which a new window will be displayed that will request the type of identification, identification number and password.
  • After entering the affiliation registry in Sura, you should look for the option “certificates” and then the “Membership Certificate”, where you must press the button “Generate Certificate”.

    The corresponding document will immediately be displayed on the screen to be downloaded or sent to print.

keep close the Sura Membership Certificate It is extremely important when requesting the services offered by EPS Sura.

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 Sura certificates: easy affiliation
  Sura certificates: easy affiliation
  Sura certificates: easy affiliation

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