Superpayme | Earn money by Paypal | Is

Superpayme | Earn money by Paypal | Is

In our quest to earn money en línea, we love paid survey pages.

Next we espectáculo you SuperPay, a site where you will earn money for doing paid surveys.

Entrar now and get a reward for registering, don’t worry, it’s free!

In this article we will see if it is profitable, if it pays or is a scam, and what is the best way to obtain benefits.

What is SuperPay?

SuperPay is a mini-job platform that came to life in 2012.

This veteran collects requests from different sponsors, eager for interaction, and uploads them to her platform in the form of tasks.

That is, you earn money by completing paid surveys and viewing ads, among other tasks.

For each task you complete, the platform credits money or points redeemable for money to your account.

Then, you perro withdraw that money from in different ways.

The payment methods used by this page, which we will address later, are varied and competitive.

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Register at

The page is entirely in English.

It does not offer the option to change to Spanish.

But don’t be scared! With a basic knowledge of that language, you perro do the tasks without any problem.

Therefore, registering is very fácil.

To start, clic on the “Join Free Today” box, located at the bottom right of the first section of the website.

Immediately, the platform directs you to a form where you must entrar all your data.

As in other platforms, when subscribing to it is not necessary to indicate the usuario or payment method to be used.

However, remember that in order to charge you must indicate your usuario in the payment gateway of your choice.

Once you complete all the data in the form, you will be directed to the main menu of

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In addition to congratulating you for joining the initiative, your account will be charged $0.20 as a welcome plus.

In the central box, SuperPay presents you with the most habitual tasks.

You perro also go directly to see the complete list of tasks.

How do you earn money?

The operation of is fácil and very intuitive.

For this reason, we believe that not knowing English is not an impediment.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the mechanics are fácil: Do tasks and receive rewards in money or redeemable points.

Let’s see what are the different tasks that allow you to earn money in Superpay.

Doing Paid Surveys

One of the ways to earn money on this page is to carry out paid surveys or “Paid Surveys”.

You will find access to them in the main menu.

Next, we will detail the most profitable modalities within the platform.

Top Paid Surveys

Just a clic away, you have access to the best offers for completing surveys.

By clicking on the option, you will end up in a list with the best surveys and offers at the time of your entry.

Some of them will not open because they are intended for specific audiences or countries.

Daily Paid Surveys

As says, in just three steps you will earn money with this option:

1.- Clic on an offer from the list.

2.- Carry out the task following the instructions to the letter.

3.- Do not close the window immediately after completing the task.

Wait for the credit to appear in your account.

Next to each offer, the money that will be credited after its completion is indicated.

Revenue Surveys

Before you start making money with this option, you must supply some of your data again.

This data is taken into account to segment the audiences and deliver the surveys according to the needs expressed by the advertisers.

After completing the data, you must include the same dirección de correo electrónico you used to sign up for

Open your dirección de correo electrónico, look for the validation code they send you and entrar it on the page to activate the account.

Then, to further segment the public, they will ask you another series of questions.

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Offer Walls, tasks and paid offers

Another way to generate income on this page is the offer wall.

There you will find a host of fácil tasks for you to earn a little more money.

As with most PTC pages, you should read the instructions carefully.

The success of your effort depends on it and you avoid wasting time.


Another way to make money on this platform is through the affiliate or referral system. is willing to pay up to 25% of the commissions generated by our affiliates.

If you have a website or a blog, you cánido articulo a banner with your affiliate backlink.

It is an easy way to earn referrals from your readers and visitors.

Entrar the “Referrals” section, located in the main menu of the page, and you will find various banner options to get your referrals.


Another way to earn money on is the quarterly allocation to the most active users within the platform.

In total, $1,000 is distributed among the 20 most active users.

To be among the first, you need to do the most daily tasks.

You could win part of the $1000.

Collections in Superpay

To collect in SuperPay you must have at least $1 in your favor.

Doing so is very fácil, you go to the “Rewards” menu and entrar the “Withdraw Cash” option.

Regarding payment gateways, SuperPay works with PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin and Payza, among other methods.

Tricks and recommendations

The best trick, as with most pages of this type, is to be consistent at work.

Entrar daily and do as many tasks as possible.

That is your best strategy.

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When you entrar the survey module, pay attention to the box that appears on the right hand side of the screen.

This reflects the activity that other users are doing and the money they are generating.

It is an excellent way to identify the tasks that are offering the most income at that moment.

Referrals are the fast track to making money on SuperPay.

Remember, we are talking about up to 25% of what your referrals do.


As we always recommend, the ideal is to add referrals who are hungry to make money and entrar the platform daily to do their homework.

Opinion about has more than 800,000 registered users.

It has paid out more than 2.4 million dollars among its users.

It seems like a serious and reliable platform that lives up to its promise.

All that remains is to shout, as was said in a movie: Espectáculo me the money!

If you have any questions, write it in the comments and I will answer you as fast as I perro.

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 Superpayme |  Earn money by Paypal |  Is
  Superpayme |  Earn money by Paypal |  Is
  Superpayme |  Earn money by Paypal |  Is

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