Earn money with surveys Earn money with surveys Earn money with en línea paid surveys in a fairly fácil way and it is an easy method to apply.

Keep reading! Earn money with paid surveys and other fácil tasks to earn a few dollars and it is a very fácil page where you perro put it into practice without previous experience from any age and part of the world, although it is not a miraculous method because if you will have to put some effort but it is very fácil to apply.

If you’ve been searching the internet for ways to make money en línea, Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites will come up.

One of them will be and many of us are curious if this GPT is a real business or just a scam that wastes our time and effort.

So we decided to find out all about

So you perro determine if this GPT site is right for you.

However, if you are looking for a get rich overnight scheme, this is not for you.

Next we will see the step by step of how to apply this fácil method to earn money with paid surveys and other fácil tasks easily.

The page that we are going to be using is: make money with paid surveys

What is

Released in 2012, SuperPay is a free GPT (get-paid-to) platform that rewards you for completing fácil tasks like answering surveys, watching vídeos, and more.

However, SuperPayMe is more than a survey site; it’s also a pay-per-clic site and a multi-level marketing scheme all rolled into one.

To date, the company has enrolled more than 815,000 members and awarded more than $4 million in rewards.

With SuperPay, you perro easily sign up and start earning plus money.

What is good, SuperPay is accessible to everyone around the world.

All you have to do is register and complete the tasks of your choice.

How does SuperPay work?

The website offers various opportunities including paid and free surveys.

You must be very interested and take surveys that you are comfortable with or qualify for.

This is the fácil step-by-step process that espectáculos how SuperPay works:

  1. Join the SuperPay platform for free and get a $0.20 sign-up plus.
  2. Take part in surveys and offer to earn money.
  3. Receive your payment in 24 hours

How to register in

  • Go to website and clic register free
  • Provide your name, correo electrónico, password and mailing address
  • I accept the terms and conditions
  • Create an account and start earning money

Superpay also offers a 0.20 cent sign-up plus.

How much are SuperPay points worth?

Superpay pays using points as rewards with 1 point equal to 0.01 US cents.

This means 100 points equal to 1 dollar.

How much money perro you earn with SuperPay?

how much money perro you earn on

With SuperPay, you cánido expect between 1 and 1.50 per hour by answering various surveys.

You perro also earn up to $50 per day by answering surveys for cash.

Each survey lasts at least 6 minutes.

The vídeos are usually about 10 minutes long and you would be paid $1.5 per vídeo viewed.

If you watch multiple vídeos, you could easily earn up to $9 per hour.

Let’s summarize your earning potential with in the table below:

Task average time it takes gaining potential
Complete surveys 6 minutes $0.4 – $2 per survey ($6 – $9 per hour)
Watching vídeos 10 minutes $1.5 per vídeo (9/hour)

There is no limit to the amount of money you cánido earn with SuperPay.

But don’t let this statement make you think that you perro get rich on this platform.

In fact, SuperPay is not the highest paying survey site out there, but it definitely perro help you earn some plus money which cánido cover some of the essential needs.

Superpay offers different types of surveys, including brand awareness surveys, service delivery surveys, product appeal surveys, and more.

In brand surveys, you are asked to give your valuable opinions on top brands like Amazon, Nike, Android, and Objetivo.

Although SuperPay accepts member registration from any country in the world, it emplees your geographic profile to determine survey availability.

What are the other ways to earn money with SuperPay?

Paid surveys and offer

SuperPay also allows you to earn money by providing offer walls where you perro find various paid tasks from partner companies.

The offers you cánido find through the SuperPay offer wall may require you to perform the following tasks in exchange for money:

  • Sign up for a free trial
  • Download the aplicación
  • Complete exclusive surveys
  • And much more. paid surveys


Watching vídeos is another great way to earn money on this platform.

You are already seeing vídeos while you rest on your sofaso why not make money with it too?

The difference is that you will need to watch multiple vídeos through the SuperPay platform.

Since each vídeo has a different duration, your payouts also differ.

However, an average vídeo on this platform is 10 minutes long and you will earn $1.5 per vídeo you watch.

Now, if you spend 1 hour watching vídeos, you will end up earning 9 dollars doing almost nothing.

Refer your friends

Obviously, SuperPay wants to attract more users to its platform.

And if you refer your friends, they will reward you for helping them grow their usuario base.

SuperPay refers to their referral program as “Generous Referral Program” and they are not making false claims here.

The program will pay you 25% of the amount your friends have earned after they have joined SuperPay with your referral code.

Please note that this does NOT affect your friend’s winnings, which means that he will receive exactly as much money as he has earned.

SuperPay Cheats

  • Thoroughly complete your profile
  • Always answer truthfully
  • equipo a schedule
  • Open qualification correos electrónicos quickly

How to redeem points with SuperPay?

SuperPay offers you multiple ways to withdraw your earnings, allowing you to choose the most convenient option for you.

Here is the list of all payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Tango card
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Bitcoin

When it comes to how long it takes to have the funds available in your account, the average time is about 4 hours.

However, when you first withdraw your money, you must allow up to 24 hours for payments to arrive.

Once you are a verified member, meaning you have transferred money to your account before, you perro use an Instant PayPal option.

The Instant PayPal option allows you to request 1 instant payment of up to $50 per day.

While SuperPay offers multiple payment methods, the best way to get your money is probably PayPal.

Other withdrawal methods include Amazon and Tango gift cards, Bitcoin and Skrill, and you must have at least $1 in order to enable any form of transaction.

The minimum amount you perro withdraw is $1.

Does SuperPay charge any fees?

SuperPay does not charge you any fees: registration and withdrawals are free.

However, you may need to pay payment processing fees:

  • PayPal: 2% fee
  • Skrill – 2% commission
  • Bitcoin: 10% fee

SuperPay Reviews: Is SuperPay legit?

SuperPay is one of the safest and most legitimate companies that allows you to easily earn money by completing fácil tasks and it is for people who want to earn money by sharing their opinion en línea.

It’s also for companies looking for people to do fácil tasks like answering surveys, watching vídeos, and further.

SuperPay is a site with very good opportunities, therefore it is worth it.

If you are a little patient at first and take the time to learn how to use it.

Especially, if you live in English-speaking countries, it gives you good opportunities, but you perro also find good ways to earn in many other countries.

It also has a low payment threshold of just $1 compared to most sites.

The low payment threshold of $1, the fast checkout process and the very responsive support are something I personally appreciate very much and are the reasons why it is a site that I still actively use very frequently.

The company’s legitimacy is best demonstrated by thousands of SuperPay users whose reviews have totaled a score of 4.5 on trustpilot and 4.7 on Capterra. Most reviewers liked it because of its multiple surveys, all kinds of high-paying offers, and super-fast payouts.

Others described their customer experience as top-notch.

Unfortunately, most of the negative reviewers think that the website does not give money after completing surveys and offers.

The fact that there was no response after 24 hours also put them off.

Pros and cons of SuperPay


  • Earn money by completing fácil tasks
  • Prompt and supportive customer service
  • Earn money from anywhere
  • Multiple payment options


  • There is no mobile aplicación available
  • Completing tasks perro take a long time

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