SuperCash » How does it work? earn rubles

SuperCash » How does it work? earn rubles

Super-Cash is a project that works like a mutual aid fund, where participants exchange gifts among themselves.

By having a gift, you already have many gifts.

To earn rubles with Super Cash in this project, linear chess marketing is used, which allows each member of the system to receive the maximum income with the minimum effort.

To start earning rubles with Super Cash you will need only one mandatory invitation, and your team will constantly expand (without requiring new invitations from you).

Your initial investment in the project will not exceed 50 rubles to entrar the system.

The project is fully automated, and all payments go directly between the participants.

Super Cash Basics

  • Platform management: Super-Cash has been running since 2018.
  • Withdrawals: Payments are direct between participants through Payeer, so it is not necessary to request withdrawals.
  • Deposits: The deposit or investment is only 50 rubles through Payeer.
  • Referrals: You perro have unlimited referrals.
  • Languages: Russian, but it cánido be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.
  • Accepted countries: Users from all over the world cánido earn rubles.

Registration and configuration in Super Cash

You must first translate the page with the Google plus Google chrome translator.

Registration is free and easy, and you perro do it by clicking here.

You just have to go to register fill in your correo electrónico, name and code.

After registration you must go to your correo electrónico, since they will send you a message that will have your data to log in to the platform.

You perro register in Super-Cash from the following backlink: Go to Super-Cash.

Entrar settings, where you must place your Payeer account, but without the “p” included.

You must place your Payeer account, since you will receive payments through that payment method.

Then you must go to financing and make your initial payment through Payeer.

This is so that you are able to start receiving unlimited payments.

How does SuperCash work?

A cash gift is the main term for the operation of any mutual aid fund.

It is a voluntary monetary donation that each participant makes at the beginning of the project work to the address of another participant (her supervisor).

After that, for earning rubles with Super Cash you get a place in the structure and the right to receive numerous cash gifts from other project participants at your home address.

You have 2 days to make your gift, after which inactive pages are removed from the project.

However, you cánido start inviting members to your team before the de hoy payment for a place in the structure.

Your initial investment will not exceed 50 rubles.

This is the value of the initial cash donation you are giving to fill a place in the project structure.

10 rubles are sent to the system address (for organizing the general flow of referrals, that is, advertising the project and attracting new participants, which will be distributed evenly among others), the remaining 40 rubles will be sent directly to the exchange from your curator (the usuario whose team you are on).

Restrictions for receiving gifts

  • First: You cannot receive gifts in your direction until you have made your own starter gift.

  • Second: If you do not renew your participation in the project after 2 months, you will not be able to receive any more gifts.

  • youthird party: The more personal invites you have, the more overflows you perro receive.

    If you want your team and income to double constantly (2-4-8), you need to personally invite 2 participants to your team (except qualifications).

    You perro see these references in the “team” tab in the “personal” section.

    To triple your income – invite three referrals, etcétera.

How to earn rubles in Super Cash?

By having a place in the system, you have the opportunity to receive monthly numerous gifts in your address from your team members! In order to earn rubles with Super Cash, a mandatory requirement for each one is qualification, that is, inviting a referral to raise your level 2 tutor.

You perro complete qualification without personally inviting the referral, but upon receiving it “from system” (thanks to the general flow of references organized in the project).

All subsequent referrals will remain on your team.

Invite (or get from the system) any number of referrals, each of which will bring you not only income (40 rubles at a time), but also 2 new referrals to the team (this process is called “overflow”).

They will also give gifts to your address and bring you new referrals as well.

As a result, your structure will constantly expand, and you will no longer be there.

No personal invitation required.

Just follow the growth of your team and the arrival of new gifts at your address.

Each referral from your team provides you with a monthly cash gift and therefore your income in the project will be constant.

Distribution of gifts or business model

The series of figures below espectáculos the distribution of referrals and payments in the structure, which will allow you to earn rubles with Super Cash of more than 100 thousand rubles every month! Without multilevel arrays, your equipment is one level, which will be constantly replenished with referrals.

Step 1: Qualification (overflow to the top)

After making the initial investment of 50 rubles, each participant must complete their qualification.

For this you must personally Invite or automatically receive from the system a reference that presents you with a gift, but this first gift will be given to your level 2 tutor, that is, to the person who owns the team to which you belong (overflow to the top).


With this your qualification is considered complete.

From this moment you start receiving income!

Step 2: Any number of invites

After this, each new participant will always entrar your structure, paying for participation in the system directly to you.

Important: it cánido be both personal invitations and referrals received from the system, as well as overflows (due to the qualifications of the participants under you).

For example, you have a team of two references (as shown).

You immediately get +80 rubles of income to your wallet.

That is, a gift from each member of your team! These revenues will soon multiply.

Step 3: Get Replacement (participants refer to top below)

Each of the participants who are already part of your team (in our example 2) also invites (or receives) referrals for your team, where those referrals will have to qualify the same as you, so the first referral from them will go to your team.

equipment! In total, at this stage, you will receive four new referrals (two of your own and two provided by your own) and thus you will get +160 rubles of income.

Important: the participants received by overflow (the two referrals received by qualification) not only bring you income, but also become full members of your team, and you are their curator.

That is to say, they will also bring you new references in the form of modulations… and so on to infinity! This means a constant growth of your structure at least 2 times, and therefore an increase in income.

And all this without personal invitations (passive earnings).

Step 4: Constant doubling of a team and income.

As mentioned above, the duplication process is repeated further.

Four newly invited members will bring another 8 new referrals to your team, and thus another 320 rubles of income.

By this time, your team will already have 2 + 4 + 8 = 14 participants, and your total income will be 80 + 160 + 320 = 560 rubles.

Step 5: More and more profit

8 new members of your team received earlier will bring you 16 new referrals, which means +640 rubles for your personal wallet.

Now there are 30 participants in your team, and the total income is 1,200 rubles.

What will happen next? That’s right, the process will continue.

For every overflow cycle (when all participants complete their qualifications) you will receive 2x more new referrals to your team than last time and therefore 2x more revenue.

Step 6: Monthly income

But that is not all! After 2 months, each member of your team will bring you another cash gift.

If your team already had, for example, 100 people, and you have already earned about 4,000 rubles, then each of them will give you another 40 rubles (which means 4,000 more rubles).

It is extremely important: transfers immediately come to your account and do not accumulate in the central account of the system.

This means that there is no risk of fraud by the system.

You cánido always see who is the recipient of your transfer, you will see a complete list of incoming transfers and detailed statistics about your reference team.

Step 7: Increasing profits

Do not forget that each member of your team (personally invited, received from the system or received by overflow) will have many referrals in their own teams, much more than 2 people.

In the example above, you received only 2 overflows for each “branch”, because you had 2 personal invites.

Active members will be able to earn much, much more.

Simply personally invite (on your referral backlink) one more participant (number N) and receive N referrals as an overflow from each member of your team.

For example, if you have 3 personal invitations, then from each of your team members (these 3 and all overflows received as a result) you perro receive another 3 new referrals (+120 rubles), and from them three more… and so on. successively Three times more cash payments to your address!

Earnings Example

Below I espectáculo you an example of how to earn rubles with Super Cash.

Suppose there were initially 2 invited (or received from the system) referrals in your team.

Then your team will double after each overflow cycle (when all your team members complete their qualifications).

After 10 overflow cycles, your team will be 2 + 4 + 8 + … + 1024 = 2046 people, each of whom will bring you 40 rubles, i.y también.

total income in the amount of more than 100 thousand rubles.

You will receive this income MONTHLY!


Your referral backlink perro be found in the information section.

You cánido find your referrals in the team section.

In the information section you perro find some statistical data of your account.

Payments in Super Cash

At the moment the PAYEER payment system is used.

The system is fully automated, and all payments are made instantly.

After successful payment, you will take a place in the structure, and 40 rubles will immediately go to your curator’s wallet.

After that, you will receive cash gifts already.

Some facts about Super Cash

Reference, inviter and curator

Referral: A usuario who came to the project on your invite backlink.

You perro see such users on your profile in the “All invitations” section.

For them, you are the inviter, you also have your inviter, that is, the usuario whose backlink has registered in the project.

IMPORTANT: If the usuario did not come from the referral backlink, or from the participant backlink that was removed, she is still joining someone’s team.

This process is called “free referral distribution” or “the general stream of referrals”.

Through this process, you perro receive referrals into your structure without personally inviting them.

A curator is a usuario who receives the initial cash gift from her.

Why the inviter and the curator cánido be different participants? This is the principle of qualification and spillover: The first referral invited (or received) to the team always pays a gift and goes up two levels (to the curator of the second level).

All the following references always pay a gift to their inviter, for them the inviter and the curator are a single person.

Automatic distribution of referrals

The automatic referral distribution system is designed to help those users who cannot or do not wish to invite referrals personally.

You perro count on getting a reference into your structure without expending any effort.


Super-Cash is a completely legal platform.

This is not a financial pyramid or sub-% deposits! It is important to understand that everyone participates in the project on a completely voluntary basis, having become acquainted with the mechanism of its work.

No secret technologies, promises of incomprehensible earnings, etcétera.

The system is completely transparent and understandable, it is based on the effective organization of the flow of cash gifts between its participants.

All money transfers are made to the personal accounts of the participants, so the risks of fraud by the system are excluded.

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 SuperCash » How does it work?  earn rubles
  SuperCash » How does it work?  earn rubles
  SuperCash » How does it work?  earn rubles

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