Summary of the month: June 2016

Summary of the month: June 2016

Hello fundraisers, a bit late we are here for our monthly summary as usual since we created this new blog. With this, our objective is none other than to keep you informed of all our earnings, as well as our journey on each website.

The heat is starting to get hot in these parts and you want it not to have an impact on work, less desire to get in front of the computer and more to be on the cool beach.

Even so, we continue with our work and excited about the pages we are working on, some of them new and if they work well I will announce them on the blog.

Now we come to the summary of the month of June, a month somewhat weaker than the previous ones but that still has left us some good news.

icon-check-square IQ Option, two new Payments of this magnificent binary options platform.
icon-check-square botemaniawe receive the first payment from the best en línea games page.
icon-check-square Heedyouptc with several years paying sends us a new paguillo.
icon-check-square Various payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

icon-minus-square Fort Ad Pays, we have confirmed that this page has become a fraud.icon-minus-square HahsOcean, just two days after receiving our first payment, the web disappears.icon-minus-square Mycashtube and Adsbiz, these two pages have become scams at the same time as they are from the same administrator.

The amount earned this month has been $164.46, somewhat lower than in previous months, although the outlook for the future is much more rosy. We are about to receive good payments from several pages that we have been using for a long time.

Perhaps the goal of ending the year with an average earnings of 300 dollars a month has slipped away a bit, at the end of June that average is at 243.86, we would need a substantial increase in the last half of 2016, things are complicated but we do not give up our purpose, whoever follows it gets it.

Nothing more friends, so far this brief summary of what happened in the last month, I summon you to the next one that will be at the beginning of July, until then I wish you that the summer brings you good profits.

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 Summary of the month: June 2016
  Summary of the month: June 2016
  Summary of the month: June 2016

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