Successful people: 4 reasons to surround yourself with

Successful people: 4 reasons to surround yourself with

Being successful in any aspect of our lives also depends a lot on who we surround ourselves with; Did you know? Whether your answer is “yes” or “no”, I’m sure you’re not entirely sure why.

Therefore, our guest today, Juan Esteban Rodríguez from ModoEmprendedor, will give you 4 reasons why they are essential on your way to success.

Jim Rohn said that we are the average of the 5 people with whom we share the most time.

Therefore if we want to be better, We must surround ourselves with better people.

And if we want to be successful we must surround ourselves with successful people.

through this article I will take you in a concrete process in which I will touch 3 primordial points:

  • Because you must surround yourself of successful people.
  • As do it.
  • And which are they the features to look for in those people.

Without more lengths, let us begin…

Because You must surround yourself with successful people. to be able to succeed

The reason is very fácil, because if we “imitate” them we perro replicate your results. I know it may sound very idealistic, but it’s true.

When we are babies we learn mainly by imitation.

Even anthropologically it was essential to imitate.

If you did not follow the example of the elders, you went from being the hunter, to being the prey.

However, imitation is not something we stop doing as we grow, nor because we are in the 21st century.

When we surround ourselves with successful people we perro emulate their behaviors.

That is, we cánido learn from them simply by seeing them.

But since we have reasoning capacity, we cánido mold and tailor the following features to get closer to success:

1. your body language

Successful people know how to act. They have reached the point of being able to systematize their movements to be completely natural, but project confidence, intelligence and certainly success.

2. communication patterns

Has it happened to you that when you share a lot of time with people who have another accent, that accent “sticks” to you?… It’s kind of contagious.

And it is not only in the accents, it also happens with the lexicon.

If you are surrounded by people who say a lot of “bad words”, it is habitual for you to fall for the same thing.

But if you are with people with a wide and educated vocabulary, you will improve your language

To this we must add the way of saying things.

Successful people have the ability to influence others: by their cadence and intonation when communicating. And that is something that you cánido also emulate.

3. habits

This is a must have since our habits are to blame for our success or our failure.

Remember that habits are all that we do on “autopilot”.

For example, if you manage to get up early, eat healthy and read often, without having to over-think about it; you will be more productive, healthy and educated; almost without realizing it.

And this is something that successful people give us an example since they have healthy habits that improve their lives.

4. Philosophies of life

This point is not about you starting to live for the same reasons that others live. It is about “emulating” the importance to live under a definite motive.

Think about the mission of a company. That mission is the reason the company will make every decision and take every step.

It is also the philosophy of life of people, and once you realize the power it has, you will create yours and your life will make more sense.

Ultimately, by emulating the best of us benefit in specific aspects, as they are:

  • Trim our curve Learning.
  • move away of mediocrity.
  • change our mindset.
  • and to be more productive.

Once you know why you should surround yourself with successful people, there are 2 questions left to answer: How to do it? and who are the right successful people?

how to surround myself of successful people

It is important that have a specific plan so that you meet 2 objectives:

  • not waste good opportunities.
  • Don’t waste time with the wrong people (I will explain this in detail later).

So I recommend you Do the next:

Define your values ​​and goals

Your goals are the goals you want to achieve.

For example, have 300 clients in 6 months.

and your values They are the characteristics that will define your way of acting. For example, giving priority to the treatment of your employees so that the end customer receives the best care.

Once you define your objectives and goals, you will be able to identify the modus operandi of the successful people within your reach and know who you want to surround yourself with.

Work on your popular skills

If your popular skills are not the best, you should get out of your comfort zone and improve.

Practice encuentro our people in bars and tell them what you do.

This will help you to leave the fear of speaking about what you do

I also recommend that work on your elevator pitch. In case you don’t know what it is, the elevator pitch is the concrete definition of what you do.

For example, you dedicate yourself to creating a material afín to plastic, but made 100% from sugar cane.

Remember that the elevator pitch must be completely summarized but at the same time impressive, because the goal is to leave with a lot of curiosity to the person you tell.

Find the ideal spaces

Once you have your goals and values ​​clear, and your popular skills up to par, it’s time to look for those mentors and successful people who you want to surround yourself with.

The first place to look is LinkedIn, as it is the work-focused popular network par excellence.

There you cánido see what their experience is and learn more about them.

Besides, you have the option of contacting them. Other popular networks like Fb are also useful.

It is also advisable to look for the events that bring together the important people of the guild to which you belong.

Surely there are fairs or workshops where are the successful people you want to meet.

So sign up and find out how you perro talk to them.

In many cases, they facilitate spaces for questions and answers, and that is where you perro contact them and “hook” them with your elevator pitch.

offer them value

Think of this as a sales technique: if you want the other party’s money, you have to offer them something worth that money.

In this case, the “other person’s money” is all you cánido learn from it. What will be the product that you are going to offer?

Remember that we never stop learning and it is very possible that you have a skill that he does not.

So after telling him your elevator pitch, espectáculo him that you have something he wants or needs to learn.

Thus, the relationship will be 2-way and so it cánido be much more interesting for both parties.

By now you know why you should surround yourself with successful people and how to do it. Now we just need to know what the characteristics are of the ideal people to surround you.

Features of the people you owe surround you

As I told you before, it is useless to waste time with the wrong people.

So you must learn to identify certain characteristics, which will bring you real value.

Therefore, seeks people:

more talented than you

This is obvious. The goal is that you cánido learn from them and if you know more, you won’t have much to learn from them.

May they work tirelessly

Remember when I mentioned the importance of emulating certain knowledge? Well then, this is a must have feature.

It’s not just about working 24 hours, it is about learning to work like them. Successful people know how to work smart.


While is true that dreams without action are useless. Not dreaming is burying ourselves in life, leaving us adrift of what others escoge.

When you surround yourself with dreamy people, your mind will gradually travel to spaces you didn’t know; to places you thought were out of reach. And those places are the ones that will help you create new ideas. and they will give you more targets to chase.

with a positive mindset

Although for some this is an almost esoteric subject, there is no doubt about the importance of positivism in the results.

It’s fácil, if you think you cánido’t get what you want, your motivation will go down, and motivation is the fuel for everything you try to do.

They are problem solvers

Are you one of those who ocasione problems or one of those who solve them? If you are part of the first group, your options will be more limited.

Successful people understand that solving problems is that they perro advance. So surround yourself with people who see doors and not walls.

They are good at giving retroalimentación

The best thing you perro do to improve is to espectáculo someone with more experience what you have done so far.

I know it perro be difficult and intimidating but it is escencial that you perro receive retroalimentación on your ideas.

However, it is also escencial that the retroalimentación you receive is well-given, constructive and objective.

But unfortunately, Not all people have that ability. so you have to search well.


Surrounding ourselves with successful people is a shortcut to success. It is a way to enhance our abilities and therefore, to make this long and arduous path much more bearable and rewarding.

I hope after reading this you are motivated to look for people from which you cánido learn.

oh! One last thing… If you run into someone who sees you as a role model and wants to learn from, don’t hesitate to help them.

Remember that teaching also learns.

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 Successful people: 4 reasons to surround yourself with
  Successful people: 4 reasons to surround yourself with
  Successful people: 4 reasons to surround yourself with

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