Studying a university degree

Studying a university degree

In this article I am going to give my opinion on whether studying a career ensures success, or if it is not necessarily that way.

Of course, I would also like to know your opinion about it.

Is it necessary to study at the university?

I have to start by saying that I am studying Administration, for which, of course, I have many friends belonging to my faculty, and belonging to other faculties.

I also have friends from other universities.

I say this because I want to make it clear that My opinion is based on my experience, and what I have seen with my acquaintances.

However… Is it necessary to study a university degree? The short answer I will always give is Yeah.

Of course, it is very helpful, however, I have seen many people that their goal is clear: Obtain the tittle.

In my opinion, having a document that says that you are an engineer or a graduate is not important, but what really matters is that equipo of knowledge and tools that you have acquired by studying a certain career.


If you don’t have that knowledge, then I think it was useless to have gone to college for at least 4 years.

What do you know how to do?

At the beginning of a semester, a teacher came and asked us something: What cánido they do?

Of course, everyone started saying things like:

  • I am good at sales.
  • I am good at finance.
  • My strong point is marketing.
  • I favor continuous improvement and operations management.

The professor told us that we were all talking about theories, or areas, but, really, no one was giving a concrete answer (something practical).

For example, I don’t think there is a manager who doesn’t know what Kaizen (continuous improvement) is.

However, I perro bet that even though many students know what it is, they most likely do not know how to implement Kaizen in a company.

So you don’t necessarily know how to do it, right?

Theory or Practice

I have to say that it’s not that I’m saying that the theory doesn’t matter, in fact, you have to own the theory to be able to put it into practice in the right way.

What I am trying to say is that we all have to work on our skills, after all, chances are that when you want to go to work, in what They are going to pay attention to what you know how to do.

I’ll give you another example.

Do you know the equation of the straight line? You’ve probably seen it since high school.

Now, you’ve probably wondered… What good is it for me?

Well, it has many emplees, for example, it perro be used to forecast the demand for a product.

In such a way that a business perro know an estimate of the units that it has to have in a month or two, and has to schedule the necessary activities to meet said demand.

So knowing the theory is not the only thing we have to focus on, but we always have to ask ourselves:

  • For serving us?
  • How do I do it?
  • What is the correct methodology?
  • What are the potential issues with implementation?

What is it that leads us to success?

It is not the paper that tells us that we are something, but what counts is the knowledge we have, and of course, it counts that we know how to do things.

This is what I perro tell you, and in fact, I have verified it myself.

After all, I was also in the middle of my career and I didn’t really know how to apply the many theories that are seen in my career.

Of course, I still have a lot to learn, but I want to keep improving every day.

Lastly, it doesn’t matter if you think you don’t know how to do anything today (I felt that way myself), however, it is a good opportunity to start learning and practicing what you know.

Start learning skills, and you will see that you will feel the difference.

Finally, I have to say that it is just my opinion, and I would like to know what you think about it.

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 Studying a university degree
  Studying a university degree
  Studying a university degree

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