Stromplay is the new name of Bitmaker.

The aplicación developers they changed the name in the last update of this aplicación.

It has not been an update for better or for worse, they have simply changed the name of the application and a few small details. If you want you cánido download in this backlink:

If you remember, I wrote a long time ago a articulo about Bitmaker (which you perro read here).

But since she has changed a little, I’ll explain it to you again.

Actually in Strom Play we cánido win Bitcoin, Etherum and a cryptocurrency from the same aplicación called Strom.

As we have no knowledge of the strom nor do we know anything about its strength or weakness, we will focus on Bitcoin and Etherum.

I I have personally focused on etherumwhich I think will be a cryptocurrency that will go up like bitcoin, that’s why we have to go collecting as many as we perro.

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He Strom Play operation is extremely easyone has to add bolts and later, when we reach the minimum, send it to our coinbase dirección de correo electrónico or to our bitcoin address to earn our reward.

There is various ways to earn bolts:

  • A faucet, every half hour, we will have to hit the “claim” section (claim), watch a vídeo of about 30 seconds, solve a small captchat (usually a fácil mathematical operation and voila!, we will have our 500 bolts
  • Download aplicaciones and try them out.

    This is one option that I do not recommend muchsince we have to reach a certain level or register with credit cards, with which you cánido be upset.

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Strom Play has a referral systembut it is still in beta versionif you download the aplicación, I would appreciate it if you registered with my code: DJW9NC.

One important thing: you you cánido register with code or without code, if you register with a code, you will start with 6,000 bolts, if you register without any code, you will start from 0.

I orinan, the best thing is that you put my code DJW9NC

Once Once the minimum payment is reached, we cánido claim itI i will use this aplicación to earn etherum, in fact, I have received my first Etherum payment thanks to this application.

Here you have the coinbase voucher:

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Strom Play is a good option to earn Etherum easilyI orinan, we have to download it yes or yes.

Is the best option to earn etherum from our mobile.

Therefore, I leave you the backlink so that you cánido download it.

Regards and until next time!! many successes!!

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