Streetbees: Earn money with your móvil

Streetbees: Earn money with your móvil

streetbees It is an application that was born in 2014, but that Spanish-speakers have known for a short time.

It is another survey aplicación with which you have the possibility of earning money with your móvil inteligente and it is very reliable, since it has been paying for many years.

Behind it is a company from the United Kingdom, called StreetBees Limited.

Until now it is considered one of the best aplicaciones to earn money in Venezuela and has more than a million downloads in the 87 countries in which it is available.

Streetbees Features

reliability High.
minimum withdrawal Without limits, it is one of the advantages that we like the most.
Belonging to: Street Bees Limited.
Payment methods For now, PayPal.
Language English and Spanish.
referrals You perro get 100% of what the referrals generate when you perform the first task.
Release year 2014.

What is Streetbees?

It’s not your typical survey application, in Streetbees you share moments of your life, since the surveys are about hobbies, technology that you like and even the snacks that you consume daily.

It’s really a nice aplicación –like the People aplicación–, as soon as you start answering questions you’ll realize that it’s a different survey aplicación from all the others.

You don’t have to worry about the amount of information you share while answering the questions in the aplicación, since you escoge how much you want to share.

If you think a question is too private, you cánido simply skip it and not share private information that you think is too sensitive to share en línea.

Sign up to Streetbees

Registration is imperative for you to start earning money with this aplicación, it consists of only four steps and it will not take you more than 10 minutes to do so:

  1. The first thing, download the application, you cánido do it from the Play Store or from the AppStore.
  • Entrar your phone number, through it you will receive an mensaje de texto containing the verification number of your account.
  • Entrar an entry password in the application, you must remember it.
  • Use the invitation code and you’re done.

You have already done the registration successfully, now you perro now use Streetbeesin the next section we explain how it works.

How does Streetbees work?

Its operation is very easy to understand, it even seemed very afín to Honeygain.

To give you a better iniciativa, we explain how to use this survey application.

  • In “active stories» You access the surveys.
  • The section “Activity» is to find out which surveys have been approved for payment.
  • In “My profile» you will be able to add your PayPal dirección de correo electrónico and you will know your referral code.
  • In “Further» you have these options:

How to use Streetbees?

Basically, you have to perform fácil tasks, such as answering a series of questions, to begin with, you must go to the section «active stories» and select «live stories».

The first task is usually very fácil, it involves a series of questions, such as the websites you usually visit.

In addition, you will be able to get interactive tasks that are out of the ordinary, such as going to a store to take photos of the products they sell, the rewards range from 1 to 5 euros.

It is important that you know that each task has a quota limit, that is, if a task has 200 slots, it means that only 200 users will be able to carry it out.

Therefore, it is important that you always try to be among the first and accept the tasks that you find quickly, so that you cánido get a place.

Also keep in mind that the aplicación works with GPS, so tasks are often geo-located, so you must have the GPS function active on your mobile.

To know the tasks you have done, you must go to the section «Activity», there you cánido see all the tasks you have taken.

We believe that this application perro be combined with GoinApp to obtain better results.

Streetbees Aplicación

From the aplicación you cánido carry out the surveys with which you cánido earn at least 1 euro, more or less the questions are that fácil:

Does streetbees pay or is Scam?

from the start and so far this aplicación is payingit is not a scam.

Even the payments are relatively fast, as you only have to wait 72 hours for the money to be credited to your PayPal account after withdrawing.

Remember that other platforms afín to this one take up to a month to make payments.

How to get paid on Streetbees?

The first thing you should do after completing at least one survey is to register your PayPal correo electrónico in the section «My profile“, as shown below.

Then you need to go to the section «Activity» and see the surveys that are already approved for payment, please wait 72 hours for the money to arrive in your account.

Our opinion on Streetbees

We think it’s a different application to many of the ones we have already described here, such as Spare5 or LifeSlide.

This is because it has atypical tasks, which we often enjoy while doing them, and unlike other afín applications, the payment for each task is well paid.

The negative is that there are not many tasks, on the other hand, currently it does not allow new registrations, so we hope that you are lucky and by the time you read this you perro register.

Remember to share our content, if you have any questions or want us to detalla another platform to generate income, let us know in the comments.

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 Streetbees: Earn money with your móvil
  Streetbees: Earn money with your móvil
  Streetbees: Earn money with your móvil

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