street beat | Aplicación to do Coche-Trading

street beat | Aplicación to do Coche-Trading

streetbeat It is an automatic trading application where we will be able to invest in stocks or cryptocurrencies, it has an automatic investment option where we will receive commissions without doing anything at all.

The company is associated with Alpaca Securities, LLC.

He is an SEC-registered stockbroker, where account values ​​are protected up to $500,000.

The application is completely free, available for Android and iOS devices.

It has a free plus for new users of up to $3,000, which is always an incentive to start trying it without risk.

Who doesn’t like free money?

Well, here in this article I am going to explain step by step how the platform works, as well as the steps to get the free plus, so don’t go away and read the articulo until the end.


Streetbeat is a free application for automatic trading, where we will get continuous commissions without doing anything.

Currently, it gives away a plus to new users that perro range from 3 to 3,000 dollars.Registration code: BZ8Y0G3A

How to get the free plus

First of all, both the action of downloading the application and creating the account is totally free.

Nor will we have to deposit any money to receive the welcome plus.

We just have to entrar the web through the button that I have left you above and download the application on your device.

It is available on both Google plus Play and the Apple Store.

Then we will have to proceed to install it while we are going to follow a few steps to create the account and receive the plus.

On the first screen we will see 2 buttons, one green Get started and the other white Referral Code.

We will clic on Referral Code (Very important) otherwise we will not receive the plus.

Then we will see the option to entrar a referral code, in our case it will be the following: BZ8Y0G3A

After this we will have to fill in some small forms with our data, in addition to verifying our phone number and our identity by uploading a photo of an identification or driving license.

When a few minutes pass and our identity is fully verified, we will receive the welcome plus.

This cánido be any amount from 3 to 3,000 dollars, it goes without saying that the most habitual thing will be to receive a small amount.

My plus received on Streetbeat

Perro the Streetbeat plus be withdrawn?

Yes, it is fully removable but there are some rules.

The plus we receive will go to an automatic Streetbeat trading method, usually called Flagship Cryptoan automatic investment in stable cryptocurrency that provides us with more than 4% APY.

We have to let this investment work for about two weeks and after that time we cánido withdraw it.

I advise not to do it and take advantage to accumulate benefits, but that is up to each one.

How Streetbeat works

Although the application is in English, the interfaz is quite fácil, so handling it doesn’t genere any headaches.

We are going to review all the features of this aplicación, as well as the financial products that we will be able to access within it.

Flagship Stocks

It is an automatic investment in company shares.

The only thing we are going to have to do is deposit money on the platform and then clic on this option.

We select the amount of cómputo that we are going to use in Flagship Stocks and that’s it.

We will be receiving rewards several times a week at a performance of 25% APY approximately.

Flagship Crypto

The world of cryptocurrencies also has a place in Streetbeat.

In this financial product we will be allowed to invest in stable currency.

The operation is the same as in the previous point.

We take the part of the cómputo that we want and put it in Flagship Crypto, we will automatically change the investment equivalent to the stable cryptocurrency Sperax USD, we will start receiving rewards almost daily in around 4% APYthe best thing is that a compound interest will be made.


We have the option to trade on our own and invest in the best companies in the world, such as Netflix, Google plus, Amazon, etcétera.

Perhaps the risk here is somewhat higher, since we depend on our own decisions, but many of these companies distribute dividends, so whatever happens we will receive profits on a regular basis.

Earn up to $5,000 in commissions

Streetbeat offers us the oportunidad to win up to $5,000 with our in-aplicación deposits.

It has a scale of rewards based on the amount deposited.

deposit bonuses

As you cánido see, every time we make a deposit (not just the first one), we will receive a plus that perro only be used to invest.

If we deposit 100 dollars we will receive 5, this will increase the higher our deposit is, the maximum plus being for deposits of more than a million dollars, where we will receive $5,000 in our cómputo.

There is no minimum deposit or withdrawal and these will be made by bank transfer, this cánido take up to 5 business days to appear.

referral system

The application offers an incentive to all users who are capable of attracting new investors to it, for which it has its own referral system.

We’re going to earn a percentage for every usuario who signs up to Streetbeat and makes a deposit, up to $3,000.

Opinion about Streetbeat

On the blog we already have a trading application and also with good bonuses, but none that offer us the option of automatic trading.

Although it is true that I always take this type of website with great caution, the truth is that the time that Streetbeat has been running and the good references that I have received from it, makes me include it in my investment portfolio, all this without put caution aside, as the elevated risk is still present.

I am going to use it taking advantage of the free plus and a small additional deposit to see its evolution and incidentally getting some performance that never hurts.

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 street beat |  Aplicación to do Coche-Trading
  street beat |  Aplicación to do Coche-Trading
  street beat |  Aplicación to do Coche-Trading

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