Store: cashback and brochures

Store: cashback and brochures

I have cashback The application par excellence to know all the offers in your city.

Far from it is a Mercadona cashback card or from another supermarket, as many people believe.

The tendeo application was created in 2011 by the twins Eva and Maria Martín and their university classmate Jonathan Lemberger.

Cashback Tendeo It’s a new way to reach customers.

In just 9 years of life and four rounds of investment, the company has become a leading platform in the retail campospans Spain and some Latin American countries (México, Chile, Brazil and Colombia).

Today, Tiendeo is much more than a platform of coupons and catalogs to save in our purchases.

also in a good way to optimize these and get the Final client (ie we) get big savings in your day to day.

For companies, Tiendeo allows them to optimize and improve their marketing campaigns, impacting the end customer and encouraging them to complete their purchase in the physical store.


Last March 2023, Tiendeo stopped using its cashback system.

Currently the application only works as a supermarket comparator.

You will have all the brochures of the most important supermarkets in a single application.

Both in the application and in the website you will have all the information about the offers that you cánido find in your city.

All are ordered by sectors and with all the offer brochures fully updated.

The information that Tendeo gives us to save on our purchases it’s impressive.

If you cannot see how to find out if there is a queue at the supermarket, go to Tiendeo, if you want to know what time Lidl closes, go to Tiendeo, if with the crisis you don’t know what time Mercadona opens, go to Tiendeo.

So much for offers as for day-to-day minutiaethis portal will help us in our day-to-day shopping and to save a lot of money.

Registration in cashback store on June 5, 2023

Registration in Tiendeo it is extremely fácil And the best of all, totally free.

If you want to do it from their website must entrar the page.

Once there, just go to the top right sectionwhere it says “my store”.

there you cánido register with the popular network fb or with google plus.

Then, you must go to the part of geolocation so that the system detects in which part of the country you are and thus be able to offer you the best offers adapted to you.

As you cánido see, registration couldn’t be easier.

Once these two fácil steps have been completed, we will have our account I tend and we perro take advantage of the best offers made by the supermarkets in our city.

It couldn’t be easier and simpler.

Once you have registered, if we want we cánido contact our application providereither the aplicación store or Google plus play and we perro download aplicación Tiendeo free.

Once this action is done, and although it perro be done from the page, we cánido start to earn money on internet through our purchase tiques.

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Download free store aplicación

The Tiendeo application is available for both ios and android.

If you want download ityou perro do it easily from their website.

To make it much easier for you, here is the download backlink from your website.

Once the application is downloaded, we must do the same as on the website, we register and give permissions to the application to know our location.

In this way, they will be able to offer the best deals in our area.

As I said before, tendeo is not a mercadona cashback aplicación.

Don’t worry, this application is not more interested in knowing your location than the offer you the best supermarkets with the most succulent offers.

It would be of no use if you were in Seville and they offer you supermarket offers in La Coruña, right?

Other ways to earn cashback

cashback store

Knowing the best offers in a certain area is very good, but what will really interest us in this application is its cash back system.

Although Tiendeo has been operating since 2011, it is a little over a year ago when this function was implemented.

This makes the platform even more attractive if it fits.

The cashback on this platform works the same as other afín platforms that we have explained other times, applications such as Gelt or previously RobinDataHood they are already well known.

Gelt is still paying regularly, but unfortunately RobinDataHood has stopped.

The You perro see the cashback section both in the application and on the website, in the application you perro see it in the lower right part.

On the website in the top bar.

Once in this section, we will see all the products with which we will earn money for your purchase.

They are not fancy products, in all cases They are products that we will have to buy in our day to day in the different supermarkets of our town.

On some occasions the products will come marked with the logotipo of the supermarket Where is it easier to find that product? This perro happen in a lidl store or a carrefour store.

They do this section, not so that we perro go buy at that supermarket or hypermarket specifically.

They do it to guide us to know more quickly where we perro buy the product offered.

I usually use it a lot, especially to look at the carrefour tendeo brochure.

In the example that I give you above, it perro be clearly seen that certain water bottles perro be found in Carrefour and El Corte Inglés.

It is not for you to buy it in those hypermarkets, but for guide you where to find them more easily.

They will do everything for expedite our purchase and make us save as much as possible.

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How to upload tiques

Although it seems obvious to many of us, if you are new to the cashback system, you will not know how to upload supermarket tiques to the store or aplicación and thus generate money with your purchases.

As you know, this is not just a aplicación compare supermarket pricesit’s something more.

A little above I have explained how download the free store aplicación.

To earn money with it we will simply have to go to the “cashback” section.

Over there we will see the products that they will generate some kind of benefit.

To do this, simply we will have to photograph the ticket purchase where it says “”upload ticket“, we take the photo and mark the product that we have purchased and that we want to receive the corresponding cashback.

Once approved, the money will go up to our account, we perro see it in the “my cómputo” section.

With our first ticket, in addition to the corresponding cashback, they will reward us with €0.50, whether or not they have products on offer.

How to collect in store

The payment in Tiendeo It is extremely easy and has many payment processors and gift cards where we perro collect our benefits.

He minimum charge is only €5we cánido collect it by Paypal, see each other or Bizumy also by gift card.

With our first charge for Verse they will give us €2.

As I have told you, there are many payment processors and gift cards.

We perro choose between Amazon, Decathlon, Claris, l’Occintae, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Calzedonia and Misako, in each of them the minimum payment varies, it ranges between 5 and 30 euros.

Also, if you feel generous, you perro collaborate from €15 with research for a vaccine against Covid19 by participating in the campaign #YoMeCorono.

Choosing one or the other payment method will depend on you and your generosity.

In-store referral system

The cashback system on this page also has a good referral system.

We will perro invite all our friends and family to register and download Tiendeo completely free of charge.

In this way they perro also enjoy the offers of supermarkets, hypermarkets and stores of all kinds in their area.

As I told you, we cánido invite all the friends we want.

When one of our guests uploads her first ticket, we will receive €1yes, it will be limited to the first 10 friends.

Even so, it is very important that we invite all the friends we want, in this way the community will continue to growpublishing better and more cashback offers for all of us and maybe in the future, increasing the limit of referrals for which we cánido receive rewards.

I have opinions

To this day my opinions are very good, the truth is that I did not know the cashback facet of this page and I found it very interesting. Buying in supermarkets and hypermarkets is something that must be done yes or yes.

With Tiendeo, in addition to having all the brochures in one place, we perro get some money back through the cashback system.

In addition, the advantage of this system is that you perro use the purchase ticket for several applicationsprovided that the products have money back.

In addition, its referral system cánido make us earn plus money that never hurts, therefore, if you are from Spain or one of the countries where Tiendeo operates, I encourage you to download it.

you will see that you cánido generate money for your account see or paypal almost without realizing it.

Besides, invite your friends and family to download itso that the community grows and they perro continue to offer great deals.

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 Store: cashback and brochures
  Store: cashback and brochures
  Store: cashback and brochures

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