StockCrowd IN | powerful platform

StockCrowd IN | powerful platform

How about fundraisers? Today I bring you the review of StockCrowd INa participatory investment platform focused mainly on the real estate ámbito, where we will have the opportunity to find projects from the most reliable developers on the scene, such as Forcadell or Alterra Homes, among others.

As with other real estate investment platforms such as Housers, at StockCrowd IN we earn money from the commissions received on investments in the purchase or rental of homes and premises.

Main features of StockCrowd IN

The company in question is StockCrowd PFP SL, it is authorized by the CNMV with number 24 since April 2018.

At the moment there are almost 60,000 registered users, who have helped finance almost 40 million euros in total in all the projects launched by the promoters associated with the platform.


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* I am not a financial advisor, all I do is espectáculo a business opportunity that I am using myself, but the risk when investing your money is exclusively yours, do it responsibly.

Registration in StockCrowd IN

We are facing an investment platform, therefore to generate profits we are going to have to put money out of our pocket, until then of course, right?

For what we are not going to need to spend anything is to complete the registration on this website, since it is totally free.

You perro register and invest when it suits you or when you really want, they will not force you to do anything for the fácil fact of opening an account.

The only requirement to open an account is to be of legal age and have a DNI or equivalent from your country of residence, since the platform accepts users of different nationalities.

The DNI or NIE is important because we will later be asked to upload a copy of it to verify identity.


StockCrowd IN has been in operation since 2018, it is registered and authorized by the CNMV.

We perro invest in projects from 100 euros.

Just by opening an account and entering the following code: MG32NG we will receive 50 euros for free after making our first investment.

When you clic on the backlink that I leave you, it will send you to the main page of StockCrowd IN, you have to look for the button SIGN UP and clic on it.

Then fill out the form, all your data must be real, since it is a serious and completely legal company, also, if you do not give it, then it will be impossible for you to collect.

There are many people who, for whatever reasons, do not put their real data when registering on a platform, this is a very serious mistake, since we cánido end up having serious problems when managing subsequent payments.

How to invest in the platform

To invest in StockCrowd IN we must look at “Opportunities” Within the main menu of the platform, there we will have access to all the projects available at that moment.

Examples of investment projects

In each project we have all the detailed information about it.

The type of investment, what was financed and the objective, the investors who have invested money, the days remaining for the financing to be completed, the annual profitability of the project, the interest rate and the duration of the project’s delivery.

To make our investment we will clic on the button Invest just below this button the minimum amount that perro be invested in that project is marked, which ranges from 50 euros to 500, of course, within those minimums we cánido invest the amount that we think is appropriate.

Before investing, remember to entrar a payment method, we will do this in our investor area by going to “My Profile”.

Then we just have to send the money to the bank address that the platform will give us and that’s it.

Depending on the method chosen, it will take more or less for our investment to be reflected, with a card it is instantaneous and with a bank transfer it usually takes 1 to 3 working days.

Is it safe to invest in StockCrowd IN?

Yes, totally.

We are talking about a company registered and authorized by the CNMV, this means that it is a company that has to adhere to current legislation and is super controlled.

Does this orinan that our money is not at risk?

No, far from it.

If you are a recurring investor, you will already know that any investment, whether en línea or sin conexión, is subject to risk.

We could classify investments on this platform as low risk, but you should know that you are not completely exempt when it comes to losing part or all of the investment, which is why we must diversify our assets as much as we cánido within the platform or expand to others.

The good thing about this platform is that it works with the best promoters nationwide, they are solvent companies that guarantee almost 100% full payment for our projects.

You should also take into account that in all Crowdlending investments our money will be blocked until said project has finished and the investment and its interest are returned to us, that is, if for example you invest €500 in a project, it will take what is stipulated in until you receive the full commission.

In StockCrowd In it is usually from 12 to 16 months approximately.

Final opinion about StockCrowd IN

If you like to invest en línea and especially the world of Crowdlending, StockCrowd IN cannot be missing from your portfolio.

We are talking about one of the safest platforms that we cánido find, since it stands out above all for its transparency.

On top of that, the return on our investment usually has somewhat shorter terms than on other platforms, and whether you want it or not, it’s a point in your favor.

Being able to recover the money and have liquidity to collect or continue investing in other projects is something to highlight without a doubt.

It is a platform that has a great team of professionals who are always at your disposal, what’s more, we will all have our own account manager, to whom we will be able to ask any questions that may arise as we go along.

We hope you liked our article StockCrowd IN | powerful platform
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 StockCrowd IN |  powerful platform
  StockCrowd IN |  powerful platform
  StockCrowd IN |  powerful platform

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