Steve Jobs’ 10 Consejos for Young People to

Steve Jobs’ 10 Consejos for Young People to

There is no need to explain who Steve Jobs was, or why his consejos for young people they are important to hear for those who want to succeed in life.

He is considered by many to be the father of the digital revolution, a master of innovation and a design perfectionist.

By 2010 he was reporting a net worth of over $8 billion.

Without a doubt, he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in all of history.

We are talking about Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, and here are his consejos for young people to discard in your life and put a positive spin on your career.


Do not have a limited life:

Steve Jobs posits that growing up, you tend to believe that the world should work exactly the way you’re taught to.

In other words, you should only worry about going through life without stumbling too much; focusing solely on having a habitual family life, having fun, saving a little money for your retirement and not having major concerns.

However, life is something much bigger than that.

Once you discover that everything around you is created by people who are neither superior to you nor more intelligent, that is when you will see yourself capable of changing everything; build something of your own that others cánido use, make a big influence in the world, and shape life your way.

And that is the most important thing that perro happen to you as a person.

So one of the consejos for young people from Jobs it is that you eliminate that erroneous perception that life exists in such a generic way and that it is only there for you to live it as it is offered to you.

Once you learn this, you will never be the same again.


Have a passion, one of the key youth consejos:

One of the most common advice we hear for young people is that we should have a passion for what we do, which is absolutely true.

Steve Jobs he used his passion to rank his company among the largest in the world, an extremely difficult goal.

We all need to know that reaching the top is hard and you have to spend too much time to achieve it.

So if you don’t love the tour and don’t have a life purpose, you won’t have fun and you’ll give up.

When there is no passion, any rational person would give up.

That is something that happens to most people.

If you look at those who ended up being successful in the eyes of society, it’s mostly because they really loved what they did and were able to persevere when the going got tough.

Now, those who cannot love what they do, quit.

These people are absolutely right, for who would subject himself to spending his life doing something he doesn’t like?

Achieving success involves hard work and worry, so if you don’t have passion, you’re going to fail.


Don’t sell junk:

Mark ParkerPresident and director ejecutivo of Nike, had a phone call from Steve Jobs where he received some peculiar advice.

They were working on a project where their brands would come together to launch a product called Nike+ (Nike Agregado) that resulted in some pretty innovative technology.

Jobs congratulated the director ejecutivo of Nike for his great job.

Parker took advantage of the moment to ask him for some final advice, to which he replied that what he was doing with his brand was excellent, then he paused and said that he had some advice for him:

“Nike makes one of the best products in the world, they are of the highest quality on the market, they are comfortable, nice and much more, but they also sell a lot of junk, so they should get rid of the junk and focus only on high-quality products.” quality”

Parker expected a pause and a little laugh to lighten the tone of the council, but Jobs was dead serious.

That’s when he managed to see reality.

If you are capable of making the highest quality creations, just focus on that and don’t put effort into releasing non-functional products or services to the public.

There you will find great business opportunities.


Don’t do it just for money:

Credit: Shutterstock

For Steve Jobs, money was a wonderful resource, because it allows and facilitates many things, such as investing in great ideas.

However, by the time Apple started, money was not the priority.

The most important thing was the company, the people, the products they were making and how these people were given the opportunity to make such unique creations.

Jobs knew the company would be successful, but only in the long run, because changing the world through innovation was key to Jobs.

So he takes this kind of advice for young people and develops a long-term visión to build businesses with a future.


Marketing is about values:

The world of marketing is very complicated.

There’s a lot of noise and competition, so if you have a oportunidad to make people remember you, it won’t be for long.

So you must be very clear about what you want to communicate to the public.

Fortunately for Steve Jobs, his brand came to be among the best in the world along with other successful companies Coca Cola, Disney, Sony, among others.

Not only in the United States, but in the world.

But even the most prominent companies need investment and care if they are to maintain their relevance and vitality.

Not even a company of the magnitude of Apple is saved from having little visibility among the audience, so they must be constantly working on it.

The way to get attention through marketing is not to talk about speed, price, number of bits or mega Hertz; let alone say why they are better than Windows (its direct competition).

Nike, an example to follow:

For Steve Jobs, the best example to espectáculo how effective marketing is done is the company we used in the third point: Nike.

Remember, Nike sells such basic amenities as shoes, but still we all think that this brand goes way beyond that.

In their advertisements, both in digital and traditional marketing, they never talk about the product directly.

They don’t tell you stories about them or why they are better than Adidas.

What does Nike do in its advertising? They honor great athletes and highly value the sport.

That is their identity and that is what they do.

The first question a company must ask itself to make itself known is: what is our place in the world? Apple is a company that makes computers to make people’s tasks easier, but they want to be a brand that goes much further.

You have to establish a main value, and theirs is to believe that people with passion perro change the world.

One of the most famous Steve Jobs phrases states that “The people who are crazy enough to think they perro change the world are the ones who really change it”.

Adhering to that main value, and becoming one of the best councils for young people, the famous Think Different slogan was born.


You should be proud of your products:

Steve Jobs’s goal was to make the best personal computers in the world and to create products that he was proud to sell.

Everything he put on the market was made so that people felt the need to recommend it to his family and friends.

Remember, if what you sell is really good, the money will come by itself.

Make sure everyone loves using your product.


Be the one who thinks and the one who does:

Steve Jobs said that the people who execute concrete actions are the main creators of ideas. Those who are behind the great creations that revolutionize the industry, and build innovative businesses, are usually both those who think and those who do.

Jobs gives us an example:

Leonardo da Vinci He did not have a person behind him thinking about what he would paint 5 years from now, nor studying the resources he would use to paint.

davinci He made his paintings, he thought about the ways to capture his art and the ways to do it.

He was the one who knew about pigments and human anatomy, combining his skills for art and science, that is, thinking and doing.

This is what creates exceptional results, no difference in the technology industry, or in other fields.

It is very easy for anyone to give themselves credit for thinking.

someone perro always say “I thought about that 3 years ago” but really, who He executed the iniciativa is the one who applied the hard work and also had to face intellectual problems.


Question everything:

During years in his business, Steve Jobs discovered one of the most important lessons or advice for young people: You should always ask yourself why you do thingsthe answers you get from those questions will tell you how to do them.

No one really knows why he does what he does.

No one stops to think carefully about their actions in business.

To take one example, when Apple was starting out in a garaje, they knew exactly how much the equipment they made cost.

When they expanded, the finance team had an estimated cost without knowing the exact amount.

Asked why, he simply told himself that “that was the way to do it.”

These types of cases must be questioned.

When they realized the real reason, they saw that the information systems weren’t spitting out accurate information, just that no one was admitting it that way.

That’s the perfect time to start ditching outdated concepts and start streamlining processes, so you cánido know what the cost price of a product is in seconds.

Bottom line, all kinds of things happen in business, so if you keep asking questions and questioning everything, you perro learn faster.

This is not the most advanced science in the world, so you cánido easily learn it.


Reiterate your visión:

People really need to insist on their visión and their ultimate goal.

Steve Jobs made it very clear that to achieve success you have to advance thousands of kilometers on a path of hard work, which is why when you take your first step it gives you the impression that the path is infinite.

This adventure becomes more enjoyable when there is someone who says “We are one step closer to arriving”because the goal exists, it is not just a mirage.

That is why using thousands of forms, be they small or large, the visión must be reiterated to keep the dream alive.

For this you perro use success phrases that inspire you to move forward.

10. Stay hungry, stay foolish:

Beyond being a famous Steve Jobs phrase, this is perhaps one of the most famous consejos for young people mentioned in the famous speech at the Stanford Universitywhose meaning is close to something like “stay insatiable, stay crazy”.

The word “hungry” means literally “hungry”but for Jobs it had a deeper meaning.

By building the first Apple computer with Steve Wozniakthey knew they had a primordial piece for the future.

The two of them have grown this invention into a huge company that to this day offers great solutions and amazing products that they might not even have imagined when they were starting out.

They did this by maintaining their desire to create. When someone is hungry, they are not satisfied and want to satisfy a need.

The iniciativa is to never settle, never settle, get out of your comfort zone and always go for more.

Recommended books:

On the other hand, the word «foolish« means behaving in a silly and childish way.

With this, Jobs wants to invite us to maintain the spirit of a child who does not stop doing silly things without fearing what others say.

Always keep telling the truth, being authentic, without having to spend time and effort wondering if we are going to upset someone.

The iniciativa of ​​behaving in this way is to have the audacity to try our luck, venture out, take any opportunity that comes our way and not do the same as others.

With “Stay hungry, stay foolish” Steve Jobs He gave us one of his best advice for young people: let’s not be conformists and go for more, being ourselves, doing what we want without caring what people say.

So be it.

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 Steve Jobs' 10 Consejos for Young People to
  Steve Jobs' 10 Consejos for Young People to
  Steve Jobs' 10 Consejos for Young People to

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