Stepler Aplicación | gifts for walking

Stepler Aplicación | gifts for walking

We have already shown several applications to earn money walking on the blog.

Today we add to this list Stepler Aplicaciónanother free application that serves us for the same purpose.

Many people think that installing aplicaciones like Stepler doesn’t work, but the reality is that if you have enough memory space on your móvil you perro get good performance by installing and using all of them at the same time, since they work independently and the cómputo is It will accumulate separately, so we are going to multiply what is earned by a routine activity.

And on top of all this, the best thing about all this is that we are doing something that we already do every day, it is free and positive for physical and mental health, so don’t tell me it’s not great.


Stepler Aplicación registered in Sweden that offers us the oportunidad to win prizes for something as fácil as walking.

The application is free and valid for any usuario residing in Spain, México, the US, Germany, Poland, Sweden, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Norway.*The backlink to download Stepler only works from a mobile phone.

Download and install the aplicación

If you want to download and install Stepler, the first thing you have to do is entrar this article from a mobile phone and clic on this backlink, since from another device it will give you an fallo.

You perro do it directly from Google plus Play but you will not take the 10 points GiftWhether you want it or not is a help to reach the first payment in the application and by the way you give me a hand.

When you download Stepler and install it you will have to connect your Fb or Google plus account to log in, select your country and choose between Google plus Fit or Fitbit to count your steps.

I recommend connecting all the accounts of this type of applications with Google plus Fit so that there are no lags and you get the same activity results.

Finally you will have to give permission to the application to monitor your physical activity, when you do this you will start to earn money every time you put one foot in front of the other.

How Stepler Aplicación works

What this application will do is monitor all your steps, obtaining the data through Google plus Fit or Fitbit.

These steps will accumulate throughout the day.

The only thing you will have to do besides moving obviously, is to entrar at least once a day, it is best to do it at night as late as you perro before 00:00 and redeem the steps taken, which will automatically be converted into points , which will serve you later to collect the prizes within the aplicación.

There are a minimum and a maximum of steps that we perro exchange for points each day, each interval or threshold will help us to add more points.

Below I leave you a table so you cánido see how many points we are going to get in each threshold of daily steps.

5,000 +5
10,000 +5
15,000 +5
20,000 +10
30,000 +10
40,000 +10
30,000 +10
100,000 +100

As you cánido see, every time we reach a certain number of steps per day, a certain amount of points will be added to us, as long as you remember to redeem them.

This point is very important, because if you forget one day, you will have lost the activity of that day.

Step Reward Buttons

But Stepler Aplicación gives us the option to earn more points with other features that make getting the prizes even easier.

daily activity reward

Just by entering the Stepler application once a day, clicking on the button that says “Daily Reward”, you will see a short vídeo and you will be rewarded with 10 plus points.

Think about it, 10 points for watching a vídeo is equivalent to 10,000 active steps.

I think it’s worth it.

activity vídeos

Another very easy option to add more points is obtained by watching 30-second vídeos that are unlocked every 2,500 steps.

popular plus

Although we will only be able to do this option once, it will give us a benefit of no less than 40 points.

What you have to do is connect our Fb or Google plus account (the one you haven’t connected in the registration), follow Stepler on Instagram, TikTok and like his official Fb page, it’s that fácil.

Stepler Referral Program

Stepler has a very, very fácil referral system, with which we will be able to add plus points for bringing other users to try the application.

Every time a usuario downloads and installs Stepler, both you and him get 10 points directly to your account.

Rewards available and how to redeem them

Unlike WeWard, for example, here we cannot exchange the points for money, but we will have to do it for a series of prizes such as gift vouchers, discounts, etcétera

The prizes will vary depending on the country you are from, you will not find the same in Spain as in the United States for example.

In Spain some of the prizes that we will be able to redeem are these, although they may vary depending on the season:

◾ €10 cómputo for Spotify Premium: 2,000 points needed.◾ Amazon check €20: 3,000 points needed.◾ €50 gift card for Mango: 5,000 points needed.◾ El Corte Inglés gift card worth €50: 6,000 points required.◾ €50 gift card for Zalando: 6,000 points required.

These are only the most important prizes within Stepler, but we cánido find many more that may interest us, you just have to take a look.

We also have to take into account that they change and there are times when we cannot find any of them and we have to wait for them to be renewed.

Some redeemable prizes

To collect these prizes, in addition to having the necessary points, we must go to the Store section and select the prize we wish to redeem.

I cannot assure you the time it takes for the prize to arrive until we have redeemed one, but the application is paying without any problem.

Opinions about Stepler

For those of us who like to exercise, these applications come in handy.

They work in the background, so we won’t have to worry about opening them at any time except to redeem daily steps.

You are earning money for a daily activity that you are going to do and that does not require any additional effort, therefore it is one of the simplest options to earn money that you cánido find.

It is true that I have found in Stepler malfunctions that other applications do not give you.

There are some days when it doesn’t count your steps for no reason and that is somewhat frustrating, but as I said, it is a very valid option as a complement to other physical activity applications and you cánido also add cómputo with other activities.

We hope you liked our article Stepler Aplicación | gifts for walking
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 Stepler Aplicación |  gifts for walking
  Stepler Aplicación |  gifts for walking
  Stepler Aplicación |  gifts for walking

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