State Lotteries and Gambling

State Lotteries and Gambling

The State Lotteries and Gambling they are an excellent alternative to earn money.

Countries allocate part of the money raised in these raffles to public coffers, but the percentage allocated to prizes is much higher.

In Spain, The body that regulates these games is SELAE (Sociedad Estatal de Lotterías y Apuestas del Estado), an entity attached to the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations.

Play State Lotteries and Gambling en línea

Currently, There are several administrators and offices that allow you to play Lotteries and Internet State Betting.

Maxiapuestas, for example, is one of the oldest portals.

max bets it’s a official receiving office of Lotteries and Gambling and through its web platform, users they perro play all the lottery draws without additional commissions.

The cost of the tiques is the same as at the window.

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He portal also has a mobile application through which the jugadores perro you stamp your tiquesconsult your history of plays or check the results of the draws with a QR code.

He minimum cost of the game through this website is 1 euro.

With 1 euro you cánido make, for example, a bet of the primitive or two of the bonoloto.

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Currently, plays perro be paid by credit cardwith Bizum or with the cómputo of your virtual wallet.

State Lottery and Gambling Draws

  • primitive: It is one of the oldest draws.

    The jugadores must guess the numbers to be drawn from a bass drum, randomly.

  • Bonoloto: It is one of the cheapest draws.

    As in the primitive, the jugadores must guess the numbers to be drawn from a drumrandomly.

  • Football pools: It is a sports bet in which jugadores must predict the result of 15 soccer matches.
  • Quinigol: Is a sports bet in which jugadores have to predict the number of goals that will be scored in a series of soccer matches.
  • Euromillions: Is a European lottery in which several countries participate jointly.

    Currently, euromillions It is the draw that distributes the largest jackpots (up to 130 million).

  • lotusurfing: It is a sports bet based on the horse races.
  • National lottery: In this game, participants buy a share or a tenth with a printed number.

    Numbers are randomly drawn from a drum.

    The jugadores who have the number resulting from the extractions in their tenth will win the prize.

check results

The results of the State Lottery and Betting draws cánido be consulted in real time on the various platforms of official offices and administrations, as well as on the SELAE website itself.

In the same way, it You cánido check if the ticket has been awarded by scanning the QR code printed on the turnout.

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Some draws, such as the bonoloto or the national lottery, cánido also be followed in real time on television.

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 State Lotteries and Gambling
  State Lotteries and Gambling
  State Lotteries and Gambling

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