Start earning money writing on

Start earning money writing on

In this article I am going to tell you about Publisuites, which is a website that will pay you for writing sponsored articles.

I hope you like it.

What is Public Suites?

Publisuites is a “advertising marketplace”which works as an intermediary, since its objective is to put people (companies) who seek to promote their brand in contact with bloggers (owners of web pages or popular networks).

In such a way that what Publisuites does is find the blogger that a certain advertiser requires.

How does Public Suites work?

So that you cánido give me a better understanding, I will give you the following example:

Suppose you have a web page that talks about digital marketing topics, and that you already have a certain degree of traffic (people who entrar your page).

Now, suppose I have a page that also talks about digital marketing, but my page is starting.

Therefore, I entrar Publisuites, but, I register as an advertiser because I am going to look to pay a little money to get someone to write an article, which will be linked to my page.

In such a way that this content will help me so that my page begins to improve its traffic and its positioning.

Therefore, I would entrar Publisuites, and I could commission you to write that content on your page.

When you write that content you will be receiving a certain amount from me.

Why would they pay you to write?

As I said in my example, a page perro use external linking strategies to help improve its positioning in search engines (like Google plus).

In such a way that when a person searches for something on Google plus, it appears on the first page.

Likewise, you perro also boost the web traffic that is received.

In fact, Publisuites not only accepts web pages, but also accepts some popular networks.

In such a way that if you have a popular network that talks about a specific topic, and that has more than a thousand followers (on Instagram), you could also earn money.

In conclusion, they are going to pay you for helping an advertiser to improve their personal brand, derived from the exposure that you are going to give them.

It is something like the sponsored ads about products that some influencers make on their popular networks.

How to register in Publisuites?

So that you cánido register in Publisuites you have to go to its official page.

You perro search for it in the browser or you perro use the following backlink so you perro start the registration process.

Once you are on the page, if what you want is to earn money for writing, what you have to do is select the option that says “I am editor”.

Once you have selected the “I am a publisher” option, you will be asked for some of your information.

The information that you will be asked to register is the following:

  • Name and surname.
  • Dirección de correo electrónico.
  • Password (I recommend inventing a strong password).
  • Country.

Note: Remember that you have to read the terms and conditions of Publisuites.

Once you have given registration, you will have to go to your correo electrónico and look for the dirección de correo electrónico that Publisuites is going to send you, and you will have to select the backlink that they have sent you.

This is done to verify that the dirección de correo electrónico you have entered is really yours.

Once you have clicked on the backlink that they send you, a message will appear in your browser saying that you have verified your correo electrónico.

The message is the following:

Done, with that you have already been registered in Publisuites as an editor, that is, you cánido start charging for writing content.

How to start earning money with Publisuites?

Once you have registered, what you will have to do is select one of the options that Publisuites offers us.

The three options we have at this time are the following:

  • Web page.
  • Editor (It is not necessary that you have a web page, or that you have popular networks).

  • Twitter.

Web page

If you already have a web page, what you will have to do is select the option that says “Web”.

Once that is done, you will have to select again where it says “Add web”, and you will have to start filling in all the information that is asked for.

Some information that you will be asked for is the following:

  • dirección de Internet of your web page.

  • The description of your web page: You will have to detalla what your web page is about in a few words.

  • The country from which you draw the highest percentage of your audience.

  • The maximum number of backlinks that you will allow per article.

  • The type of backlinks you are going to allow: Follow, no follow, or sponsored.

    You cánido select more than one.

  • The themes that you do not accept on your page.

  • The price of the sponsored articulo: The amount you will receive for a 500-word article.

It should be noted that they will also ask you to verify that the page is yours.

It really is not very difficult to do it, however, I am going to leave you a backlink to the article where they explain how you cánido do it: Clic here to go to the backlink

What requirements does Publisuites request to accept a web page?

Because Publisuites will manually perform an analysis on each page that wants to work with them, you have to make sure that your page meets the following requirements.

I say this because they want to make sure that the quality of your page and its content is adequate, and if it is not, then they will reject your request.

The requirements are the following:

  • It must be indexed in Google plus.
  • Have 100% original content: It is essential that the web does not have content copied from other sites, since it perro be sanctioned by Google plus.
  • Have enough content: The website that you register must have a minimum of 10 articles, with approximately 400 words each.
  • Articulo frequently: You must publish at least 2-3 times a month so that your website is not outdated.
  • It must have a Blog or news section where posts cánido be published.
  • It must have a minimum of quality. They do not accept visually unreadable websites, either due to excessive spelling mistakes or because the template does not allow the content to be seen well.
  • It must not be a backlink farm.
  • websites are not accepted Because they don’t rank well on Google plus.
  • Download websites are not accepted either.


How long does it take to approve your application?

If your website meets the aforementioned requirements, then, according to Publisuites, it may take about 24 hours to approve or reject your website.

Of course, they may take longer, so just take it as a reference.

In addition, it should be noted that they do not operate on weekends, nor on holidays.

Therefore, you have to take that into account and not despair if they take longer.

After all, those days they are not going to carry out their activities.

How long will it take to have orders?

There is no specific answer as to how long you will have to wait to have an order, this is because it will depend on different aspects, such as:

  • The niche of your website.
  • The price you have put on your work.

  • The type of web.

This is understandable, after all advertisers are the ones who will choose to work with you.

Therefore, if your page suits what they are looking for, then they will contact you.

Therefore, it is possible that for someone it is very fast to start getting orders, but for other people it takes much longer.

Therefore, I have to advise you to work very well in the description that you put in Publisuites, likewise, I also recommend that you do not exaggerate with the price.

What I did is leave the price that they give you by default, which is based on the metrics of your website.


If you do not have a web page, or popular networks with a very high number of followers (more than 1000), then you perro select this option.

Of course, I have to say that you will have to compose a test text.

The test text has the objective of knowing if you really have the necessary skills to be able to carry out your activities adequately.

It is because of this that you will be able to select the topics in which you are a specialist (that you master them).

They even ask you your level of studies, and your profession.

Now, as in the previous case, you will have to wait for your application to be approved.

Payment methods

You will be able to collect your winnings in two ways, well it really depends on where you live.

The payment methods are:

Payment methodCountry
PayPal All the countries.
Bank transfers Only for Spain.

What is the minimum withdrawal in Publisuites?

The minimum withdrawal will depend on the payment method you select.

Next I am going to put the minimum withdrawal depending on the selected payment method.

Payment method Minimum withdrawal
PayPal $5 euro
Bank transfers $25 euros

Is it safe to earn money with Publisuites?

Yes, I consider that it is a well-established company, in fact, they even ask for the invoices.

In fact, you cánido find all your data.

The company is: Publisuites SL

It should be noted that I am interested in knowing your opinion and your experience.

If you have any bad experience with Publisuites, then I would like you to share it with us.

Opinion of Publisuites 2021

I have to say that until now I had not thought about starting to add sponsored content on my website, however, I think I am going to start doing it.

In fact, I think it’s a good option, since you perro earn quite well for writing.

Of course, this will depend a lot on your website, however, earning around 7 or 10 euros for a 500 word article, well, I think it’s pretty good.

Of course, you perro ask for more money per item, but it will depend a lot on your metrics.

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 Start earning money writing on
  Start earning money writing on
  Start earning money writing on

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