StarBux: we earn bitcoin every hour

StarBux: we earn bitcoin every hour

starbux It is a new page that we are going to add.

If you view the page, you will see that it is identical to another page that we already use for earn bitcoin.

I’m talking about GraBTCI told you about this page some time ago, you cánido read the articulo I wrote here.

But don’t go yet starbux It has some peculiarities that are only its own and that will make our bitcoin microwallet go up and up every month.

In starbux, the currency that we will earn is the Bit, one bit will be equivalent to one sathosi, which as you know is one millionth of a bitcoin.

With this new platform we will have the possibility of earn bitcoin fast with the different forms that the platform develops.

You cánido use it from Any part of the worldincluding our friends from Venezuela.

if you want to get get bitcoin fastI recommend you keep reading, you will find many ways to make money with cryptocurrencies in many different ways, you cánido mining bitcoinsee advertisements and more ways with which you will get earn bitcoin In a fácil way.


Starbux, like other pages, has stopped working.

This is something almost habitual in ptc (or btc) pages.

Here is a list of pages where you cánido earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

✅ Bitpanda

✅ TrutsDice

✅ Change Wallet

✅ Trafficly-io

✅ Get.bitco

Registration in Starbux

registration in starbux It is extremely easy, you will only have to put a nickname, an dirección de correo electrónico and a password and that’s it! We will have our registration.

Now we will only have to wait for a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico to verify that the correo electrónico we have entered is true.

The registration cánido be done from the upper banner or from this backlink.

In either of the two ways it will take us to the registration page where we will have to put what I have told you above.

Be careful with the password and put all the characters that are asked for, such as the number, the capital letter and also the strange character, such as an asterisk or a hash mark.

Once you receive the confirmation dirección de correo electrónico, you will have your account starbux ready to start earn bitcoin automatically.

How to earn bitcoin with Starbux?

In starbux we will cánido earn bitcoin in exactly the same ways as in her twin sister GraBTCIn case you don’t remember, I’m going to remind you.

I will start by remembering that the “currency” with which we will be paid to carry out the different actions and see ads in Starbux is the “bit“, one bit is equivalent to one satoshi.

For each remunerated action within the platform we will earn bits that we perro later exchange for satoshis completely free of charge.

Keep reading, what comes next interests you, are the ways to earn bitcon quickly that this platform will offer us.

I’m sure this also interests youget-bitco.

Faucet to earn bitcoin 15 minutes


On this page you perro claim satoshis every 60 minutes.

Depending on the number that is achieved in each spin, your reward will be higher or lower.

To spin the wheel, you will need to go to the “earn bits“and there to”faucet“, when you do skorll and go down the page, you will see in the central part a “roll and win“.

That is where you must clic and solve the capchat that they propose to us.

As I said, you cánido repeat this operation every hour.

The bits that we get (more or less) will be automatically added to our account.

You cánido get more satoshis by visiting broken backlinks.

To get them, you must clic on “visit” and solve the capchat that appears on the next page.

It’s an easy way to win “bits“You will find new shortened backlinks every 24 hours, the ones you haven’t made will disappear.

Ptc Ads

This is the most typical way to earn bits, you will get them by viewing ads.

You must clic on “visit” and once clicked, wait for the progress bar to complete.

Then we will have to solve a small capchat and claim the reward.

The ads do not have adfocus, but you must see them during the first seconds for the bar to start running.

Then you cánido continue doing other things.

Once the bar reaches its destination (you will see when you return to the page that it does it very quickly), you must solve the capchat and claim your reward.

As in the previous section, the announcements are renewed every 24 hours, to be able to return to earn bitcoin.


are the typical paid jobs.

We must do the work indicating the steps that indicate us.

Once done, we must upload a screenshot showing that we have done the job correctly.

Although the works are in English, we perro always use the Google plus Google chrome translator, although if you want, you perro not use it and practice your English.

Archives (achievements)

These achievements are a good way to reward the most active users.

We will be able to unlock achievements by encuentro objectives and in this way, we will be able to earn additional bits, which never hurt.

If you cánido participate every day, you will see that you perro unlock these achievements to get a greater number of bits and thereby earn a greater number of satoshis.

únidad central de procesamiento mining

In starbux we cánido also earn bitcoin mining.

We will get 1 bit for every 40,000 hashes we genera.

Mining will depend a lot on the capacity and speed of your computer’s processor.

Not all users are going to earn the same from mining, since some of us have worse computers than others.

Even so, mining bitcoin will always be a good way to earn bitcoin.

Investment Game

Through this game you cánido go forecasting the value of bitcoin in the next five minutes.

If you hit, you cánido multiply your bet by 1.3, but if you don’t, you will lose what you bet.

You cánido play at being a broker and earn bits and invest them back.

It is a fun game in which you perro “rehearse” to predict the rises and falls of bitcoin.

reedem coupon

From time to time they appear on popular networks, numerical coupons will be published that you cánido exchange for bits in this section.

Each coupon redeemed equals 100 bits.


They are the typical walls of offers that will appear on many pages.

We will have to register and leave our personal information (phone number, dirección de correo electrónico and name, normally).

In this way, the different companies will be able to send us advertising.

They are the well-known Wannadas, OfferToro, KiwiWall, etcétera… Through these offer panels you will be able to carry out surveys, registrations, clicks and many tasks to earn bitcoin easily.

Sweepstakes at Starbux

We will find a referral contest, which will really be three, and will reward (by draw) the most frequent to the page.

We will find it in the “contest” section.

There you will see the different active contests on the page.

In these contests you perro get more bits and with this you perro earn more bitcoin.

Referral answer

Is he referral contest.

Here the 10 users who get the most referrals will be rewarded.

For the contest it will be taken into account that a referral is active.

To do this, you must have claimed 20 times in the faucet.

In order to participate in the contest you must have at least 25 active referrals.

Offerwalls contest

This is the bidding contest.

In this contest, those users who complete the most offers in the different external offer walls will be rewarded.

If you want to participate in this contest you will have to take into account a series of premises:

I’m sure this also interests youRollerBit – spin every hour to earn bitcoin

  • by each offer completed, you will receive a point
  • The 10 users who earn the most points each month will receive a prize
  • If you want to qualify you must have at least 25 points

It is the last of the contests that starbux has.

Here, the users who display the most shortened backlinks each month will be rewarded.

For each displayed backlink we will receive a point, the 10 users who get the most points will receive a prize.

In order to qualify for this contest you must have a minimum of 20 points.

Referral system in Starbux

As in most of the pages that we use to earn money on the internet, starbux It has a good referral system.

In this case, the system is unlimited, so you will be able to invite all the friends and family you want to participate in the page.

In the referral system you will generate a series of commissions, here I detail them:

  • we will receive the 10% of all faucet claims of our referrals
  • We will also receive 3% of the profits that the referrals have on their offer wall
  • Finally we will receive 1% of your earnings in shortlinks for life

To receive commissions from your referrals you must log in to the page at least once every 24 hours.

If you do not do so, you will not receive commissions until you log in again.

Find our referral backlink, as well as find the earnings that they have provided us, you must go to the section “referrals“.

There you cánido find all the necessary material to promote the page in forums or on your own blog.

In addition, you will be able to see the benefits that your referrals have been reporting to you and you cánido also buy rented referrals and thus get more satoshis thanks to these referrals.

Starbux Membership

Memberships on these types of pages are profitable when you have a large number of referrals.

Before buying any, try to have a good network of active referrals, otherwise it will not be profitable for you.

On this page there are four types of memberships, basic, silver, gold and diamond.

The last three of payment, each usuario who registers starts with the basic membership, being able to increase to the one that best suits us or we need.

Here below I put an image with the different memberships that we will have and their different prices.

In this way we will be able to choose the one that best suits us at all times, since the memberships are rented for months and we will not have a commitment to stay in each one of them.

According to these prices, each one of us must escoge if we register in any of the memberships or, on the contrary, continue working with the free membership.

You should study how the page is doing and how active your referrals are.

Payments and minimum collection

Everything related to the collection, you have it in the section “more“.

There you cánido put your bitcoin address in order to collect the benefits you get on this page.

You perro put up to three bitcoin addresses in case any of you have several wallets or microwallets to store the bitcoins.

I personally have only put my address Coinbase, so all the profits will go directly there.

To charge you must go to the right side of the page, to the section “withdrawal“.

By clicking there, the first thing that will appear is the payment method we want to use, we perro use FaucetPay, KSWallet or our bitcoin address.

The minimum payment will be different depending on the payment method we use.

  • FaucetPay.

    Minimum payment 5,000 satoshis

  • KSWallet.

    Minimum payment 5,000 satoshis

  • bitcoin address.

    Minimum payment 70,000 satoshis

Each of us perro choose the payment method that interests us the most, I for my part, and for now I will choose my Coinbase address, but each one is free to choose the method that interests us the most.

Whichever payment method you choose, the amount will take about 3/4 days to reach your hands, as it says on the page.

Final Starbux Opinions

In this articulo I have explained a good elabora for earn bitcoinif we use it properly, we perro earn bitcoin fast.

Starbux is a fácil and easy to use page, if you use GraBTC, its twin sister, you will have no problem using this one too.

The two pages are practically the same, so when using one you should use the other.

And nothing more to add, here is the registration backlink in case you want to register and start earning bitcoin quickly with these pages.

Regards and until next time.

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 StarBux: we earn bitcoin every hour
  StarBux: we earn bitcoin every hour
  StarBux: we earn bitcoin every hour

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