Starbets | How to earn cryptocurrencies without

Starbets | How to earn cryptocurrencies without

When you think of casinos, whether traditional or cryptocurrency, the word scam comes to mind or you think of the total loss of your money and it really is. All of these sites are designed with an algorithm for their own benefit, but starbets It has a characteristic that we perro use to our advantage and earn money in a completely passive way, eliminating the risk almost entirely.

If you are one of the regulars on the blog, perhaps you have read the article we did about how BetFury works, a site with a afín characteristic, where we are going to receive dividends in the form of cryptocurrencies without putting our capital at risk.

Open a free account at Starbets

We will now go through how it works and go over all the features of the site, but first we will need to open an account at Starbets.

We will not need much to open an account on this platform. When accessing it we will have to go and clic on Join Now and then entrar our dirección de correo electrónico and password. Then go to our dirección de correo electrónico and paste the code that they have sent us.

From there, we will have our account created and we will be ready to start using Starbets to get returns with our cryptocurrencies.

How does it work

We are going to review one by one all the sections that we find when entering our Starbets account. About the daily dividends and how to receive them we will talk a little later.


This is the games section, which, like any good casino, offers a wide variety of them.

We have 4 sections; In-House (here we will also be earning Startokens, essential to receive dividends), Slots, table and Live.

game examples

There is a huge variety of different games at our disposal, the important thing is to choose the one that suits us best and especially one that gives us returns in Startoken to receive free cryptocurrencies.

cash back

Another outstanding feature is that the more we play, the more rewards we will receive in the form of cashback at Starbets.

The platform offers the possibility of receiving rewards in the form of cashback. This is distributed according to the player level you have.

When we play we will progress in level and receive cashback rewards in our account. We cánido grow until we reach the highest level, in which we will receive a 30% refund for our games.


Another incentive for Starbets users are the free events and tournaments that the platform constantly puts out.

These are all kinds of competitions and tournaments that offer quite succulent remuneration to the best participants or to those who manage to reach the minimum required in a certain test. The good thing is that they are constantly being updated.


The platform offers a series of missions to users that they will have to try to complete successfully within a certain period of time.

You will have to go through different levels until you reach the goal where you will receive a reward in the form of cryptocurrency.

How to receive daily dividends

Finally we come to this section, which is the purpose for which I have made this article, because if Starbets did not have it, I would not recommend it at all, as with all casinos.

The fact that you recommend using this platform is solely and exclusively for receiving these rewards, since we cánido do it with hardly any risk of losing money, because we have come here to earn it.

Starbets distributes dividends every day from the cryptocurrencies accepted within the platform, which are:

– Bitcoin– Ethereum– BNB– TRON– USDT– Litecoin

There is only one requirement to start receiving daily commissions in these cryptocurrencies and that is to have Startokens, the Starbets currency.

How to get Startokens

Very easy, playing. As we place bets in the In-House games section, we will receive fractions of Startoken in real time.

The fractions received for each bet will depend on the amount and the currency in question with which we are playing.

To play we will need to make a deposit of one of the cryptocurrencies, the minimum is quite low for each of them, but if we are smart and know how to play a little every day and with a conservative strategy, we cánido reach the minimum amount of 10 Startokens and start to receive daily dividends and we will no longer have to risk more if we do not want to.

How profits are distributed

The platform distributes the profits among the users in the following way.

Starbets distributes daily the 2% of profits of the platform in the form of dividends among users and the other 98% is saved for the next day. In this way, you always ensure that you have liquidity to pay this reward.

To collect the reward we will go to the Dividends section and press the button «COLLECT» and we will receive the percentage that corresponds to us in each cryptocurrency. Remember that the more Startokens you have, the more cryptocurrencies we will receive.

Clic on COLLECT and collect your cryptos

You also have the opportunity to collect the prize in a specific cryptocurrency, but this has an associated 2% commission of what you collect.

➡ Remember that to start receiving daily dividends you will have to have at least the amount of 10 Star in your cómputo. The more Start you have, the more cryptocurrencies you will receive.

referral system

Finally, we cánido increase our earnings within Starbets using its referral system.

The operation is the sea of ​​fácil. We are going to receive the 0.1% of each bet of our affiliates and 5% of the amount of tokens they manage to mine.

The earnings in this section perro be collected in the same way as dividends. Either in all cryptocurrencies or in a specific one paying a 2% commission.

Opinions about Starbets

I recommend these platforms to make habitual use of them, because sooner or later we are destined to lose all our money.

The only thing that interests me is to receive passive income for my cryptocurrencies, nothing more.

The fact that it has this option, and that we perro take advantage of it without putting our money in jeopardy, is an excellent opportunity to grow our cryptocurrencies at a higher rate than elsewhere.

In any case, I recommend caution, it is easy to get carried away by emotion and want to receive very large amounts passively, if you have a lot of capital and perro afford it, do it, otherwise, take it easy and generate these profits calm but safe.

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 Starbets |  How to earn cryptocurrencies without
  Starbets |  How to earn cryptocurrencies without
  Starbets |  How to earn cryptocurrencies without

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