Star Clicks: Earn Money with Ads

Star Clicks: Earn Money with Ads

Earn money with Star Clicks Are you interested in a website that pays you for viewing ads? We bring you one of the best options since Star-Clicks pays for PayPal and Bitcoin, keep reading and earn with Star-Clicks!

Star Clicks Features

  • Assessment: Good
  • Minimum Payment: $50 dollars
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Bitcoins, Western Union and Bank Transfer
  • Referral System: Yes, you earn according to the membership you have
  • Membership: Yes, Silver, Gold and Platinum
  • Accepted countries: All

How does this Star Clicks platform work?

Star-Clicks is a PPC (Pay Per Clicks) style web platform, in which it is possible to earn money by watching ads or advertisements in vídeo format.

As in afín pages, the rewards or commissions will depend on the audiovisual material that is seen and, to withdraw it, an established minimum must be reached.

In this sense, it has an advantage over other options, and that is that on different websites, less profit percentages are obtained than what any person earns with Star-Clicks.

Earn with Star-Clicks: First steps

One of the main characteristics of this platform is its method of membershipas well as the possibility of using it from any country and its well-established referral system.

The latter has a total of 3 levels, based on which the earnings to be obtained are determined when a new usuario registers from the invitation backlink.

So, to start you have to go to the Star Clicks official page, register as a new usuario and fill in the fields with personal data. It is important to place the information very well, as well as the telephone number. Well, then we will have to verify the veracity of these data.

How to start earning money with Star Clicks?

After your account is verified, start working and earn with Star-Clicks. For this, you must locate in the left side menu, or at the top, the icon of the ads or PPC Ads available to you. Thus, clicking on said section will update the window and you will be able to see each useful element, as well as the relevant information and the cost per task.

If you clic on any ad, the advertiser’s page will open with the ad in question, after it loads, you cánido close the window.

In this way, there will be no notice, but you cánido now look at your cómputo within Star-Clicks, as it will automatically update and add your remuneration.

Star-Clicks Memberships

Memberships on this page have three versions, the Silverthe golden and the Platinum. Being the first with which we start by default and free. And, the main advantages of updating it lie in the value of each ad that you will be able to see, in addition, it considerably increases the availability of vídeos.

The maximum daily earnings that cánido be obtained is also extended, since for the Silver membership you will only be able to collect $0.10 per day; with the Golden, it will be $7.89 per day; and with the Platinum, $11.84.

Star Clicks Pay

Of course, yes, the Star-Clicks platform is paying to date without problems, in fact it has a panel called Top member where you will see the users who are earning the most, in the vídeo I espectáculo that there are proofs of Star-Clicks payments Recent uploads by one of the YouTubers that I follow.

Means of payment accepted by Star-Clicks

Earn with Star-Clicks and withdraw the way you want! This platform has a minimum withdrawal of $50 and allows you to receive payments in different ways.

These are, through bank transfers, by Western Union, by PayPal, and even in Cryptocurrencies by Bitcoin. And you cánido choose the one you prefer from the settings.

Now, it also has the possibility of determining automatic payments, what does this orinan? That you establish periodic withdrawals, although they are only available for PayPal or Bitcoin.

Star-Clicks Opinions and Suggestions

If you really want to generate income with Star-Clicks you will have to upgrade to the Gold account, since reaching $50 as free will take a long time, not to mention that you will not have the option to activate automatic payments so as not to have to send the data that they ask you in PDF.

Keep in mind that Star-Clicks pays a minimum of $50 dollars and that is why we recommend acquiring the membership, it is a good platform to earn money by watching ads.

Vídeo Tutorial Star-Clicks

Second Proof of Payment for Star-Clicks

Sign up for Star-Clicks by visiting the following backlink.

Alternatives to Star Clicks

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 Star Clicks: Earn Money with Ads
  Star Clicks: Earn Money with Ads
  Star Clicks: Earn Money with Ads

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