StakeCube | cryptocurrency staking

StakeCube | cryptocurrency staking

StakeCube It is a platform launched in 2018 that will allow us to earn cryptocurrencies for free in various ways, such as by claiming in faucets, playing games, mining, staking or through masternodes, among others.

Currently the web has more than 40,000 users and more than 50 supported cryptocurrencies and it functions as a wallet, exchange, NodeCube, shared MN, staking system, cloud or web mining.

As if all this were not enough, it also has its own currency, with a not inconsiderable value on the other hand, which we will also obtain for free in various ways.

Currently there are many wallets that give us interest for having our cryptocurrencies stored in them, but few that do so with such a good profit margin as StakeCube.

And it is that this platform is granting a 7.572% pa / 0.02% daily in a scalable way for all supported cryptocurrencies, something higher than what other afín sites usually offer us.

▪ Launch: Year 2018
▪ Countries accepted: All
▪ Exchange: Yeah
▪ Cryptocurrencies: More than 50
Referral system: Yeah

The platform is quite complete, since it has a wide variety of different methods to earn cryptocurrencies, many of them are totally free.

What is staking

If you are an expert in the world of cryptocurrencies, you will know the meaning very well, on the other hand, if you are a novice or simply have not heard of this quiet system, now I will clear your doubts.

Cryptocurrency staking consists of storing our cryptocurrencies in a wallet that accepts this system, these cryptocurrencies will leave us interest that will be paid directly in the corresponding currency.

The interests derived from staking will be received in the period of time defined by the currency itself or, failing that, by the wallet that we are using.

In most cases, interest will be paid once a day, with some exceptions.

Other wallets where you cánido generate profits with staking

➤ Coinbase ; You perro currently stake Tezos and Dai ➤ Nexo ; Earn daily interest for holding your coins ➤ Binance ; Several different currencies and options ➤ Exodus ; Multi-coin staking and compounding with the DAI stablecoin

The interests tend to vary, it cánido be said that they are as volatile as the price of the currencies themselves, but even so, it is always much more than what any bank will give you for your money.

How to register on StakeCube

Free and for everyone.

It seems like the slogan of a bad advertisement, but it is about registration on the StakeCube platform.

To register we access the web from the button that I have left you in the characteristics of the site, once inside we clic on the orange button that says sign up.

They will only ask us for a nombre de usuario, an correo electrónico, a password and confirm by solving a captcha.

Immediately afterwards they will send us a code to our dirección de correo electrónico that we will have to copy and paste on the web, then you perro entrar without problems.

How StakeCube works

StakeCube has so many functions that I have no choice but to be patient and go through all of them one by one, so let’s get down to business.


It is the first option in the menu.

When entering for the first time we will find that it is blank, we will only have to add one by one the portfolios that interest us from all those that the platform supports.

To add a cryptocurrency to the wallet, we will only have to clic on the agregado symbol and choose, we cánido have as many as we want.

When you create a wallet, in addition to using it to store our coins, we will see what services StakeCube offers for it.

With some we perro stake, win them by playing games, mine them, claim them for free or trade them.

By clicking on each wallet created, we cánido access all its functions, such as the address to deposit, the option to withdraw money, or the interest generated.


Undoubtedly an interesting option of any worthwhile cryptocurrency platform.

Here we will be able to exchange our cryptocurrencies quickly.

Just look for the cryptocurrency and clic on it to take us to the trade option.

Then we just have to put the amount we want to sell or buy and wait for the operation to be completed.

Each operation has an associated 0.1% commissionIt is not much, but it is still convenient to make operations for decent amounts so as not to lose a lot of money along the way.


This is the StakeCube masternode system, it is a system that requires investment.

We buy accommodation at a monthly price in exchange for receiving daily rewards in SCC, the token of the website itself.

They are currently giving away 2 free weeks, that is, we will receive 2 weeks of rewards without making a single investment in masternodes.

There is also the option to share them.


Another cool feature is cloud mining.

We buy power with the SCC coin and receive profit in Bitcoin.

Web mining will be launched shortly, where we perro mine cryptocurrency without having to invest, as occurs in sites like CryptoTab.

To know the potential of our investment, we have a profit calculator, something that helps us a lot to understand how far we cánido go with what we have.


Within this option we perro vote which cryptocurrency we want to add to those already supported by the platform, each vote has a cost in SCC token.

To this we must add that here we are also going to find a faucet to win all the supported cryptocurrencies for free.

Each coin cánido be claimed once every 24 hours.

game place

We perro earn money while we play.

We will only have to entrar this menu option and select any of the available games.

Earn SCC tokens by playing

The only downside is that each game has a cost, on the other hand we will earn SCC with our activity and if we are good, we cánido take the accumulated jackpot and win a lot of money.

Final opinion about StakeCube

It seems to me that we are facing a very attractive platform, where it offers us the possibility of earning cryptocurrencies in different ways, among which staking stands out.

It was launched in 2018, so it seems more or less reliable, the truth is that it has been difficult for me to find negative testimonials about it on the net, something quite complicated when it comes to a website of this style.

For me it is ideal for storing small amounts of cryptocurrencies and getting daily interest with them, I am not in favor of having money standing still, so StakeCube seems to me a pretty good option to move it around, in addition, we cánido try the many different features that it has to make it grow a little more every day.

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 StakeCube |  cryptocurrency staking
  StakeCube |  cryptocurrency staking
  StakeCube |  cryptocurrency staking

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