Spotify Premium Free: ways and tricks to

Spotify Premium Free: ways and tricks to

Spotify is a platform for uso contínuo focused mainly on music. But it also offers us other services such as digital vídeos and podcasts on demand. It has a free version of Spotify and a premium version. You would like to have Spotify premium free 2023? Well, you’re in luck, in today’s article you’re going to learn how to get spotify premium free.

This service is available for andriod, ios devices, computers and even for cars. The Spotify service will allow us access this content at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Your account free spotify premium 2022 It will allow us to do many more things than with the fácil free Spotify. You perro send music lists to your friends and loved ones. Because perhaps one of the best things that free spotify premium has is being able to make those lists to send to your friends and loved ones and to send them messages like “to cheer you up”“Do you remember this song” or a fácil “I was listening to this song and I remembered you”.

Spotify operation in 2023

As I have told you before, Spotify perro be an application for ios or android and we perro also have it on our computer. if we want to have Spotify premium free android first we will have to know how it works, so let’s go to it. Spotify is a service where you are going to be able to enjoy all the music you want, both sin conexión and en línea. His music catalog is I would say the widest of alleven much more than Amazon Prime Music.

To enjoy this service You have to follow a series of steps, in this way we perro have a free Spotify premium account, although first you have to carry out a series of steps. Let’s go to them:

  • We must entrar the Spotify website and register. You cánido login with Fb or with you dirección de correo electrónico.
  • we will choose the type of subscription you want. you perro choose one free or premium subscription. In both cases you perro enjoy your favorite songs and listen to them whenever you want. However, the premium users will enjoy higher audio quality, listen to music without advertising and download your favorite songs to listen to them sin conexión. Also, if you are a premium usuario you perro access exclusive songs and the layer to connect to more devices.
  • Finally you will need to download the Spotify aplicación. This aplicación is totally free, and we will have android, ios, smartTV and computer versions. If you don’t know how to find it, you cánido download here.

Spotify account types

We already know how to sign up for Spotify. Now we only have to know what our needs are. For each usuario, Spotify has a different type of account, we cánido choose between one or the other. Here I explain them

  • free spotify. It will be the default plan at the time of registration. You will be able access all songsonly en línea and listening to advertising from time to time.
  • single plan. This Spotify plan is not free, although it is for a single usuario onlyit will allow us to enjoy all the content of Spotify, always a la carte and without ads. You will not have random lists or advertising, in addition you cánido download music to listen to it later sin conexión.
  • Spotify Duo. Plan for two people, it perro be your friend, your partner or your cousin. Its price is €12.99, it has all the services of the individual plan and the power to have a shared playlist is addedso you better both have the same taste in music.
  • Family Spotify. May be shared for 6, designed for families or groups of friends. A shared list cánido be created and is possible to apply a “parental control” to block certain songs.
  • Spotify Students. All the advantages of individual planbut to a lower price.

Spotify premium free android

In a blog that deals with How to make money en línea It would be unthinkable not to talk about pages that allow us to have Spotyfy premium for free. There are many pages with which we cánido Get free Spotify gift cardsBut you should keep a few things in mind:

  • Spotify gift cards They will only be valid for 12 months.unlike Amazon cards, which will be valid for 10 years.
  • these Spotify cards They cannot be used with other types of promotions or discounts. or if you have a Spotify premium account.
  • these cards perro only be redeemed on Spotify accounts registered within the same country when the card was purchased.

Knowing this, where perro I get cards free spotify? There really aren’t many pages where we perro win Spotify cards. Here I am going to explain the most interesting.

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Point Prizes

Multi-purpose page in which we will have many prizes to choose from. We perro win a prize by doing surveys, with tasks and with a daily checking. We cánido get a $100 Spotify card with 15,000 points. You perro read the articulo I wrote on this page here.

King of prizes

very page afín to abovewe will earn Koins by doing surveys, offers and clicks in ads. We will be able to win Spotify cards, since it is one of the prizes that they offer us. With 16150 koins we will win a €30 Spotify card. You perro read the articulo I wrote here.

Prize Rebel

Page very afín to the previouswe will add points for surveys, daily checking and some codes that they put on their Fb. Spotify is a prize that they recently posted and it is more affordable than on other pages. If you want to read the articulo I wrote about this page you perro do it here.

How to redeem spotify code?

once you’ve got your free spotify card, redeeming it is very fácil. You only have to go to spotify redeem in your page then you must entrar the pin that appears on the back of the card or the code that will appear on the receipt. then just hit “redeem”.

So, in this fácil way you will be able to redeem your Spotify gift card to be able to enjoy all the music you want totally free. What are you waiting for?

Tricks to get free Spotify premium

If you perro’t afford to have Spotify premium, but nevertheless, you don’t like listening to ads from time to time, there are a number of “tricks” for get your account Spotify premium free. If you don’t want or perro’t wait to get the points needed to get Spotify for free, you perro try to get Spotify premium free hacked through any of these methods.

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Create different accounts month by month

Spotify Premium is free for the first month for users who are logged in for the first time in the platform, later you will have to pay it. But for now you cánido enjoy that month for free. You cánido create one account after another, with different correos electrónicos.

Doing it is very fácil, just Before your account expires, you cancel it. Even if you’re lucky, there are times when launch promotions in which you have 3 months of free Spotify premium. This method is somewhat risky, because from the second month they will charge us the feeso we will have to be vigilant and unsubscribe before they pass us the bill.

Modify your Móvil ID

It’s a method for hack spotify premium 2022 very afín to above. If before you needed a new dirección de correo electrónico in which to return to your first free, now you will have to change the ID of your android phone.

The teléfonos inteligentes with which we register on Spotify are registered in the aplicación. you shall download an application that changes the number plate of your mobile and ready! every time you restart your device, you will be able to create a new account and have a Free Spotify Premium account.

Spotify premium free android apk

This is one of the methods to have spotify premium hacked that many people don’t know. You perro download a Spotify twin aplicación vía an apk. You cánido find it on many websites, but You must be carefulsince not all applications are authentic and it may be that you end up downloading a virus on your móvil inteligente. So, be careful and download your Spotify vía apk from a trusted source.

Spotify Code Generator (SCAM)

If you type in google plus “spotify code generator“they will appear to you multitude of pages who promise us that they will generate codes for us Spotify Premium totally free. Do not pay any attention, 100% of these pages are false, the only thing we will achieve is waste time. On some occasions, we give our data to God knows who and in most of those cases the only ones who will earn something are the owners of those pages selling that data or with the traffic that we generate. free premium spotify accounts.

It is the same as when someone promises you (in exchange for money, of course) that they perro how to hack spotify premium 2023. Obviously, it is not going to do it and if it does, the quality is going to be lousy and if you have spotify premium pirate you will have to be reinstalling from time to time. Don’t get into that game, nobody is going to give you hard four pesetas. don’t hire pirate spotify 2022nor its pirated spotify version 2023 and no Spotify code generators.

Free Spotify Premium Review

Nobody dislikes free things, especially if it is to have a good time listening to good music. In this articulo I wanted to explain how to get spotify premium free and also how to get codes and free spotify premium account. The fastest method to achieve this is to enjoy your free month on Spotify. Previously, you could enjoy spotify premium for free for 3 months, but they shortened it to one month.

Once that month has passed, and if you want to continue enjoying it, there are many pages where we cánido get those codes to have free spotify.

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We perro also make a mix of the two methods, enjoy our free month with different accounts and when we have obtained the codes through different pages, redeem them. I leave you the methods and you choose the way to achieve, but free spotify premium accountsYes, we cánido have Spotify for free for a long time. Regards and until next time!!

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 Spotify Premium Free: ways and tricks to
  Spotify Premium Free: ways and tricks to
  Spotify Premium Free: ways and tricks to

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