Spinner to earn cryptocurrencies

Spinner to earn cryptocurrencies

UPDATE The two aplicaciones did the first two payments just fenezca.

But as of today 05/27/2018 I have been waiting for the last payment to be sent, used to being sent in a few minutes, I declare both applications as SCAM.

Therefore, if you want to earn Bitcoin, I recommend that you read this articulo

Good morning friends, today I am not going to bring you one, not two but three, three applications to earn cryptocurrencies.

These three aplicaciones are spinner to earn cryptocurrencies.

The spinner, as you know, is roulette, with a bit of luck we will earn the millionth part of the cryptocurrency offered by the application in question.

The three aplicaciones I’m talking about are Free Etherum Spinner, Free Litecoin Spinner and Free Bitcoin Spinner.

As you cánido see, they haven’t thought much about the names, since the three they belong to the same companycall Cast Away Studios.

The three applications are completely free, and although in one day we are not going to earn millions of satoshis, szabo or litoshis, over time, we cánido have a good amount of cryptocurrencies that will help us fatten our account coinbase.

To end this short introduction, I have to tell you that Etherum Spinner and Free Litecoin Spinner are downloadable from all countrieshowever, Free Bitcoin Spinner cánido only be used from the United Statestherefore, both for its installation and for use, you should use a vpn.

A VPN is an application that will make your internet location be where you choose, in this case the United States.

I always recommend TurboVPN.

Although it is true, I always tell you not to cheat, and do not use this type of program right and left, because they will end up “catching” you and banning the different accounts on the pages to earn money that you use.

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In this case of spinners to earn cryptocurrencies, I still recommend it.

But how each one is free to do what they see fit, I tell you and then each one.

For now (and until Free Bitcoin Spinner is operational in Spain), I will be content with the other two spinner to earn cryptocurrencies.

After this little ética talk, we go directly to the explanation.

Ready? Pay attention, this is a real 3×1!!

Download and first steps

To earn cryptocurrencies with these spinners, we will have to have a Coinbase account.

Coinbase is one of the most used cryptocurrency wallets.

To register, once the application is downloaded, we will simply have to entrar the Coinbase address (dirección de correo electrónico).

And with that it will be ready, we give “Proceed to earn” and ready!!

How to use the Spinner to earn cryptocurrencies

The three aplicaciones work the same wayso that I am not going to explain one by one, but all three at the same time, since their operation is identical.

Both Free Etherum Spinner and Free Litecoin Spinner, its download is completely free, at the moment I am sure that for Android, I do not know (I have not found it) if the application is also available for the iOS operating system.

You perro download the backlink for Android here to fes and here for FLS

The applications are very easy to use.

Every time time goes by, and automatically, our application will generate power, which is what we will use to make the spinner work.

When we arrive at 50,000 power, we perro spin the spinner on the “spin” button.

We will have two “speeds” of 3,000 and 5,000, depending on whether we choose one or the other, the prizes will be higher. Prizes will range from 50 to 8,000 Gwei (the “currency” that will be exchanged for szabo).

Every time we turn the “spin” (by clicking on it), the amount of force we have chosen will be subtracted, be it 3,000 or 5,0000, when the main power counter has less than 3,000, we will have to wait for it to recover.

Fácil right? We will only have to wait until it reaches at least 3,000 power to spin the spin.

I am not always aware of the mobile to see when it reaches 3,000 or the minimum to spin the spin.

Rather, I do it three times a day, when I get up after breakfast, after eating, and when I go to bed.

This way I make sure that the power will be full and I will be able to turn at the maximum of the recommended speed.

Minimum payout and payout frequency on Spinners to earn Cryptocurrency

in both spinner there is no minimum paymentyou cánido collect when you want the Gwei that you have accumulated.

The only drawback is that withdrawals perro only be made every three days..

Obviously, if you withdraw every three days, we will not have more than a few cents, since each 100 Gwei is equivalent to around 1 satoshi, litoshi or szabo.

Therefore I would recommend patience, and wait a bit to have a potable amount to withdraw.

A couple of withdrawals a month would be nice.

If you are one of those who wants the money now, you perro do it every three days, there is no problem.

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I have already been able to verify that it paysI have won several litoshsis and etherum, as what was done to “test” the amounts are very small, that is why my recommendation that you be patient.


Like most aplicaciones, FES and FLS have a good referral system.

We will earn 3% of what our referrals earn on the first and only level.

It is in your hand to comment on it to your friends and family interested in the bitcoin world, with a little effort, both you and they will earn good money.

He You will find the referral backlink on the same screen where you cánido claim your benefits.

The case of Free Bitcoin Spinner

Free Bitcoin Spinner is only available in the United Statessince I am in Spain and most of you who read me are from Spain and Latin America, we will not be able to choose, for the moment, this application.

Unlessas I said above that Let’s download a VPN and put the United States as the country, in this way, possibly it will let us download the application and work with it.

To do it, Every time we do a “spin” we will have to activate the VPN saying.

At the moment I am not going to opt for this option, but I am telling you, in case anyone is encouraged.

He download backlink for Free Bitcoin Spinner is this.


Do they workI have been able to verify in a couple of test charges that they pay, the payments have been minimal, but with patience, surely our Etherum, Bitcoin and Litecoin accounts go up.

The value of cryptocurrencies is rising and now it will be worth more to exchange them for our local currency.

And you, What are you waiting for to download the Spinners to earn cryptocurrencies? Here I leave the backlinks.

A greeting and many successes!

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 Spinner to earn cryptocurrencies
  Spinner to earn cryptocurrencies
  Spinner to earn cryptocurrencies

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