Spend your money on these 5 things and you will be

Spend your money on these 5 things and you will be

Did you know that there are expenses that will help you become a millionaire? It sounds a bit contradictory, but it is completely true. There are millionaire expenses.

The question is knowing how to identify which are those money outflows that will help you build your financial independence, and which ones do the opposite.

In this article we are going to share those expenses that make a big difference in your finances.

They are expenses that most people do not want to do, and for that same reason, their personal finances do not improve.

Let’s see what they are.

1. Health

If you don’t have health you have nothing.

It is useless to have money in a bank account and not be able to enjoy, or not have the health to be able to share with your family and friends.

This is why those expenses related to your health are important, since they are the ones that allow you to build good habits, live longer and really have the opportunity to build the wealth you have always dreamed of.

So, assume your health expenses (and especially preventive health) as expenses that will help you achieve your financial freedom in the future. In the end, what you invest your resources in is what espectáculos what is important to you.

There is a phrase that I really like: If you don’t have time for your health, you will have to make time for illness.



Did you know that successful people no longer buy cars or houses? Today the order of people’s priorities has changed.

Before, people preferred to spend money buying things, expensive objects that quickly became obsolete, while now, people prefer to invest in experiences that enrich them.

Although there is nothing wrong with wanting to buy this type of object, people have begun to understand the importance of investing money in experiences, which not only bring happiness when you live them, but also become moments that every time you remember, they make you happy again.

Additionally, experiences shape you, provide you with knowledge that you did not have before, allow you to meet people and increase your popular capital, expose you to other opportunities, experiences and places that you could not otherwise.

Do you want to be rich? Start spending (investing) money in experiences that make you grow personally and professionally.


Things that buy you time

What asset is most important to you; time or money? In terms of renewal, the second you will always have the opportunity to recover and expand it.

Otherwise with time, which never returns.

Spending money on services, experiences, objects and products that save you time are, without a doubt, investments to achieve your financial freedom.

Determine your value per hour:

To have a millionaire mentality you must think about your decisions based not only on money, but also on time.

Have you ever done the task of calculating how much your hour is worth based on your sources of income?

By being clear about this figure, you will be able to know which activities you cánido delegate, and that by delegating them, you will free up time to invest in those activities that are profitable for you.

This step is essential if you want to achieve your financial goals.

When you spend money on elementos that free up time to invest in things that do make a difference in your life, you’ll be clear on your priorities and know what to do, what to delegate, and what not to do.


Your training

If you do not invest in your financial education, you will hardly be a millionaire.

There is a millionaire phrase that I really like: If you want to make money, you will have to invest money first.

There are people who think that acquiring a financial education book, buying a course, paying for advice or entering a financial taller is a waste of money.

Unfortunately, these people will hardly be able to differentiate themselves economically.

What better time to remember the famous phrase of Benjamin Franklin: Investments in knowledge always genera the best results.

Ask yourself, how much money are you spending on your training? As we mentioned in the first point of this article, what you invest your resources in espectáculos what is important to you.


Expert advice

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You have two options: Learn from your mistakes, which will cost you time and money, or learn from the mistakes of others, and avoid unnecessary difficult moments.

When you spend money knowing the experience, processes and receiving the advice of experts and mentors, you are building your wealth much faster.

However, at this point it is important that you keep something in mind: Listen to constructive criticism from those who have built something.

Learn to listen, and pay close attention to who you listen to.

Do you want to learn how to generate passive income? Look for mentors and experts who are already generating an interesting source of this type of asset on a monthly basis.

Do you want to start a business from scratch? Surround yourself with other successful entrepreneurs who have managed to found profitable businesses.

In conclusion, as you perro see, to be a millionaire you will have to spend money on important and definitive elementos.

The most important thing is that you define what your priorities are and start managing your resources based on them.

Many people say they want to be rich, but their daily habits, spending, and decisions are anything but.

So in closing, let me ask you: are you being consistent?

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 Spend your money on these 5 things and you will be
  Spend your money on these 5 things and you will be
  Spend your money on these 5 things and you will be

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