Spare5 | EARN MONEY with mini-tasks

Spare5 | EARN MONEY with mini-tasks

Spare5 is a crowdsourcing platform that came to light in the middle of 2014.

With almost five years of life, the website belongs to the company Uber, located in the United States.

As far as I’m concerned, Spare5 has become one of my favorite sites to earn money en línea by doing mini-tasks.

As an advance to the tutorial that we will see below, it should be noted that the page performs automatic payments every Friday starting at $1.

In addition, it has a very nice interfaz that is easy to work with, which is great for those users who have never worked with this type of system.

Do you want to know more about Spare5? Go for it!!.

Last update “ Spare5 has restricted access to the web from certain countries.

At the end of 2019, the platform was by Uber and for now, the website is sin conexión for Spain.

I don’t know if the same thing happens in other countries, but for my part, looking at the panorama, I stop recommending Spare5.

Spare5: What it is and how it works

If I tell you that Spare5 it is a crowdsourcing platformIt is possible that some of you do not know very well what I am talking about.

However, if I mention Figure Eightthe platform in charge of managing the minijobs of PTCs as ySense either neobuxsurely you already intuit where the shots are going to go.

From a technical point of view, crowdsourcing is defined as that en línea activity in which a company proposes to an external group of people perform a task in exchange for financial compensation.

In a more practical way, we could define crowdsourcing using the following example:

A company needs to collect a series of data but does not have enough staff to carry out part or all of the task.

At this time, the company perro choose to hire more staff on a one-off basis, or entrust this task to an external platform (in this case, Spare5).

Spare5 has a large community of members that the company does not.

Therefore, you perro cover a larger volume of work and do it faster than the company itself.

Spare5 takes on the role of subcontractor, collaborating with companies that need this type of service.

▶ What do companies get with Spare5?

They greatly disminuye the time it will take to complete the task.

Since Spare5 has more workers than the company, it is clear that will complete the task in less time.

Thanks to the diversity of users, the results of that task will be much more complete than if it were done by the company itself.

In addition, as we will see later, Spare5 selects the best qualified workers to carry out one task or another.

By outsourcing tasks and not hiring new staff, the company reduces costs.

In other words, it is more profitable for the company to hire Spare5 than to temporarily put a group of people on the payroll.

Registration to Spare5

Now that we know what Spare5 is, we cánido get down to business and get to work.

First of all we will have to create a usuario account.

If you want, you cánido register from this backlink, which will take you directly to the home page of the web.

Next, an invitation will appear with my name, and in the attached text, they will indicate how Spare5 referral program rewards work.

To proceed with the registration, all you have to do is clic on the tab “Get Started» and select one of the four possibilities that it offers us.

Either through one of our accounts on popular networks (Fb, Google plus or LinkedIn) or by correo electrónico.

If you choose the last option, which is the one I chose to register, you will get a registration form in which we will be asked for an correo electrónico address, our name and surname, and a password. Once the form is completed, we solve the captcha and clic on «signup».

The next and final step will be confirm our registration.

If we have registered by providing our dirección de correo electrónico, Spare5 will send us an dirección de correo electrónico with a backlink.

By following it, we will already have validated our registration and we perro access the web.

If we have done it through a popular network, we perro access it directly.

If everything went well, we perro now log in and start earning money in Spare5.

The first time we access, an initial test will appear with the name of “Tell us about yourself«.

In it, they will reward us with $0.10 simply for answering the typical profile questions.

Later, we will be able to see all the tasks that are available at that moment.

Qualification tests for tasks

We have seen in the introduction that certain companies hire the services Spare5 to manage the completion of a job.

As is understandable, these companies pay for a service and demand a minimum of quality.

That is why Spare5 obliges all users to pass a previous test before accessing a task.

There are three different types of tests:

Qualifier It is essential to pass these tests to be able to access a task.

They consist of tests of 4 or 5 questions in which they espectáculo us how the work to be carried out will be.

It is not mandatory to approve them the first time and the fact of making mistakes and repeating them several times does not harm us at all.

They fulfill a double function: On the one hand, Spare5 ensures a minimum of quality in each task.

And on the other, it helps users understand perfectly how they should perform the task.

tutorials They are not tests en sí, but rather fácil tests that help us to practice and improve our skills.

Although sometimes they are paid, it is not usual.

However, they do add experience points (XP) for each test passed.

Training As the name itself indicates, they are training tests.

They are not remunerated nor are they used to add experience points.

They are only for practice and improvement.

XP allows us to level up and access new tasks earlier.

Active, waiting or blocked tasks in Spare5

Spare5 classifies tasks into three categories depending on status in which they are: Available, locked either sleeping.

When we pass one of the qualification tests (Qualifier), we will already have access to the relevant paid task… as long as its status is active.

To find out if a task is available or not, we just have to take a look at the top of each task.

Each of these three categories are defined as follows:

avaunable ⏩ The tasks that are in Available status are those that we cánido work on right now.

The only requirement is to have completed and passed the required test.

locked ⏩ These tasks are those that are in a blocked state.

This is because we have not yet passed the test that gives us access to them.

sleeping ⏩ Lastly, tasks in status of sleeping They are those who will soon be available to work.

On this occasion, regardless of whether we have already passed the test Qualifier or not, the tasks will be paused until Spare5 decides to enable them and allow access to the entire community.

Depending on the XP we have, we perro be mentors.

With this, in addition to earning money by completing tasks, we will also do so by correcting other users’ tasks.

Data to take into account in Spare5

There are some particularities of Spare5 that are of escencial importance.


✔ There are times when there are tasks and there are times when there are not.

It depends on the clients that Spare5 has in its portfolio.

✔ Spare5 pay automatically through Paypal every Friday.

The only condition is that the previous Wednesday we have accumulated at least $1.

Otherwise, that money accumulates for the next payment.

✔ With each completed task we are also assigned experience points. The more XP, the better our level will bewhich in turn affects whether or not we cánido be mentors and earn money by correcting tasks.

✔ The Spare5 referral system is very interesting because Bonuses both the referral and the sponsor.

We are used to the fact that the sponsor always receives commissions for the activity of their referrals.

However, in Spare5 these commissions are distributed.

For every $10 our guests get, we’ll get $2 and they’ll get $1.

✔ No cheating.

No VPN, no VPS.

Registration is allowed to users from all over the worldSo it’s not worth gambling.

✔ In Spare5 They also have an aplicación to perform tasks from the mobile.

We cánido download it from the Aplicación Store and it only works with phones whose operating system is iOS.

I have a Nokia and I cánido’t use the aplicación, but I know that these tasks are better paid than those on the web.

✔ Spare5 has confidentiality clauses and does not allow the dissemination of tasks found on the platform.

Reason for which, in this articulo, I have not published any image that could lead to a ban on my account.

Commissions are capped and cease to be valid when our invitee reaches 180 days in Spare5 or when they have withdrawn more than $100.

Spare5 reviews and personal experience

As I mentioned before, in Spare5 there are days in which we have a lot of tasks available and there are others in which there are none.

To espectáculo a button.

Just before writing this articulo, I spent two weeks without receiving a single task.

However, one day out of the blue some came out that were paid at $0.10 each.

They consisted of classifying and highlighting the outline of a person’s face, body and extremities.

In the end, I was able to do 200 tasks in a single day.

In addition to what we earn with our activity, we also add the money we generate as referrals.

From the money I accumulated from that job, agregado some $0.01 tasks I completed days later, I was able to get this payment (and others) from Spare5.

In a single day I won more than $20.

That made up every day that I had “forced inactivity” due to lack of tasks.


Spare5 It is one of those pages that I simply love.

Although they are totally different systems, it has certain similarities with Kolotibablo:

Both pages are totally free.

They accept users from all over the world.

And we depend, in large part, on our activity on the page.

Logically, it always helps to have active referrals, but without them, we perro also get plus money.

I want to emphasize again that when we talk about this portal, we are talking about a company that works for other companies.

Therefore, the good work of the users is closely linked to the credibility of the platform.

Spare5 strictly follows its FAQ.

If we break any rule, they cánido close our account and not pay us the accumulated money.

Before finishing, I would like to thank my colleague and friend Javier, from

You are always discovering systems like Spare5 and from here I want to thank you for sharing all these sites with us.

As the saying goes, to Caesar what belongs to Caesar!!.

And now yes, we finish for today.

If you have any questions about Spare5, you perro contact me on Fb or by leaving a comment below.

On the other hand, if you want to start earn money by completing mini-tasks in Spare5, I would appreciate it if you registered with my backlink by clicking on the banner that closes the articulo.

Thank you and see you next time.

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 Spare5 |  EARN MONEY with mini-tasks
  Spare5 |  EARN MONEY with mini-tasks
  Spare5 |  EARN MONEY with mini-tasks

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