Spare5✅: Earn money doing tasks

Spare5✅: Earn money doing tasks

If you are studying higher education, generating more money is a necessity to meet your payments.

Some will recommend joining affiliate marketing programs or blogging with Google plus Adsense.

Both things require technical knowledge that not all of us have.

It is much easier and for all types of audiences to obtain benefits with the best pages to earn money, for example.

There really is no way to earn money, there are many ways to get plus income on the Internet.

Today I will present you a way to earn money that is ideal for people who want to supplement their income and spend a lot of time browsing the Internet.

I’m talking about Spare5, a micro-work platform that you perro do over the Internet.

You will start earning money fast.

Short term!

What is Spare5?

Surely you are wondering what Spare5 is and how it works.

Spare5 is a crowdsourcing platform that pays its subscribers to do really fácil tasks or micro-jobs.

I know what you are thinking.

What is crowdsourcing? I tell you.

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Crowdsourcing is a work methodology used by large companies -from various business areas- to outsource tasks to large communities.

These tasks help optimize systems that employ artificial intelligence (AI).

Yes, as you read it.

They take the results of your participation so that the machines improve decision making.

Spare5 receives requests from companies such as IBM, Pinterest, Getty Images, Microsoft, among others; He distributes them among his associates and pays for each job completed in perfect sync with what is desired.

Register on Spare5

Signing up for Spare5 is very easy and fast.

Just by entering you will fall on the registration page.

You perro do it through your Fb, Google plus, LinkedIn or correo electrónico profile.

In my case, I did it through a Gmail correo electrónico for this type of guide.

As soon as you clic on the option of your preference and entrar your credentials, it will take you to the home page.

From there, it will ask you if you want to work with the page in English or Spanish.

All you have to do is configure your PayPal to be fully active and start earning easy money.

To configure your PayPal account, position the mouse pointer over your avatar, clic on “Account configuration” and you will find the space to entrar your account information.

Once this step is done, everything is ready.

How Spare5 works

With your account fully equipo up, it’s time to familiarize yourself with how Spare5 works.

Spare5 explains how it works in 5 steps:

1.- Contracting companies send them the tasks that they require to be completed.

2.- They select the profiles that conform to what was requested by the client.

3.- If you are within the profile, you will receive the notifications and preliminary tasks that you must complete to proceed to do the requested microwork.

These tasks serve to identify, with absolute clarity, what is desired.

4.- You complete the tasks according to what you have learned.

5.- You will receive your payment.

Knowing this and configuring your account, the same platform offers you a first equipo of tasks to give you a taste of what it brings.

With that first task you will earn 32 experience points and $0.10 just by answering a survey.

This survey will also allow you to build your profile in the tool.

Make it!


The tasks are very fácil: perform Google plus searches, identify objects in images, locate profiles on popular networks, detalla images, ask questions, among the most common.

In general, they are done quickly.

There are five types of tasks in Spare5 and here I explain them all.

1.- Surveys: Surveys allow you to refine your profile on the platform.

There are special ones by gender, age, knowledge, in short, what you are looking for here is to maximize your profile to make the most of your abilities.

2.- Practice tasks: These tasks are not paid for, but they serve to ensure your entry.

Practice and practice to perfect your technique is the way to success in Spare5.

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3.- Tutorials and training: Nothing better than a tutorial to take you on the right track.

That is the iniciativa of ​​this type of task, to present a job in accordance with what they are requesting.

Your remuneration will depend on this.

4.- Qualifiers: Also called qualifiers, they are the tasks that allow you to identify if you have the necessary ability to complete the task.

You will probably have to do a short tutorial before doing a qualifier.

5.- Paid tasks: These are the tasks that are received from clients and forwarded to the appropriate profiles for their completion.

Titling, editing, labeling, reviewing, editing and rating are some of the tasks that you will find in Spare5.

Spare5 pays

The first thing I advise you is to dedicate time and concentration to reading and understanding very well what is requested in each task.

If you do not reach the required level, Spare5 will not pay you.

How to get paid in Spare 5

This is a point that you must understand to avoid confusion or have a reward that does not end up coming true in the time you expected.

The first thing you need to know is that Spare5 makes weekly payments from $1 onwards.

That is, if this week you reached $0.95 in your tasks, you will have to wait until the next week to reach the minimum payment.

Spare5 applies a cut week for payments.

This cut is executed on Thursdays at 12:00 am – Pacific Time.

The tasks that you complete after that time will accumulate for the next cut.

After the cut, the tasks are reviewed and the payments are executed on Fridays at 5:00 pm – Pacific Time.

To collect you do not have to do anything.

Everything is done automatically.


The only payment platform that Spare5 emplees to reward its affiliates is PayPal.

There is no other form of payment and, at least for now, they do not plan to change this condition.

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The account you use does not need to be verified by PayPal, at least for now.

Each Spare5 account must be associated with a PayPal profile.

You cannot use a PayPal account on multiple accounts.

If you do, the platform will identify it and you could be banned, so you will lose your cómputo.

Aplicación Spare5

Here we are faced with one of Spare5’s setbacks.

The mobile aplicación is only available for iPhone users.

At the insistence of Android users, Spare5 has declared that -at the moment- it does not have a release date for an Android aplicación.

So, if you don’t have an iPhone, you perro only use this source of income from your computer.

Spare5 referral system

With this platform you perro also generate income with its affiliate program.

After having spent time in the tool, being a frequent usuario and having accumulated experience after completing a task, the option to refer your friends will be available.

Invite up to 10 friends.

You will earn $2 for every $10 your friend generates, who will also receive a $1 plus.

This compensation system will be available for 180 days or until your referral generates their first $100 in Spare5, whichever comes first.

You will know that the referral program is available when a donut appears in the upper left corner of your dashboard.

Spare5 Consejos and Tricks

Earning money on this platform means an investment of time.

Take care of your investment by performing each task well.

It is important to comply with the parameters that are requested when submitting a task.

Only then will you collect the promised money.

When you go to refer a friend, do it only with whom you know will take advantage of the platform.

Remember that you cánido only invite 10 people and each of them will generate income.

Another recommendation is not to share the account with several people to perform more tasks.

These practices are penalized by Spare5 and you will lose all your income, in addition to being banned from the platform.

When multiple people connect from the same IP address, such as a family with multiple active members, each must connect from a personal account.

It is forbidden to be multi-account users.

Spare5, in the face of any suspicion, will ask you to verify your identity.

In case of not achieving it, it will delete all the accounts and you will lose the profits generated.

Opinions about Spare5

The Spare5 Fb fanpage has an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5.

This rating is obtained from the comments and opinions received from its usuario community, who are satisfied with this application.

There are already a lot of people making money with Spare5.

What are you waiting for? You should at least try.

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 Spare5✅: Earn money doing tasks
  Spare5✅: Earn money doing tasks
  Spare5✅: Earn money doing tasks

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