Solidarity dollar: what is the procedure for

Solidarity dollar: what is the procedure for

We explain in fácil steps How to request a refund of the 35% that was withheld from you on the famous “country tax”.

starting today already is enabled the service of the collecting entity in which we perro see the perceptions for the use of cards with foreign currency and the purchase of foreign currency.

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) will begin to make this month the return of 35% that has been in force since September 16 due to the tax on Personal Assets and Gains applied to purchases of dollars for hoarding, the monthly fee of 200 USD known as “solidarity” dollar and for consumption with debit / credit cards with foreign currencies.

How to process the return of the perception of 35% of the country tax

People who have made purchases with cards (whether debit or credit) in foreign currency or who have purchased savings dollars since September 2020 must Entrar the AFIP page with level 2 tax code and enable the “My Withholdings” service.

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Those taxpayers who already have that level of code, after entering their CUIL number and tax code to entrar the account, must select the alternative “Fiscal key relationship manager”

Then we will clic on the option “New relationship” and we will select in “Look for”.

Then within a list that contains the AFIP logotipo, the alternative must be found “Administrative services”. When selecting it, a list will be displayed where we must choose and confirm the adherence of the option “My withholdings.”

Then you must fill in the fields with the personal data of the taxpayer and choose the withholding to consult. Here we shall select the “TAX COUNTRY” of the perception of the associated tax and choose the corresponding date range.

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 Solidarity dollar: what is the procedure for
  Solidarity dollar: what is the procedure for
  Solidarity dollar: what is the procedure for

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