Socpublic: the best option to earn rubles

Socpublic: the best option to earn rubles

socpublic It is a Russian platform in which we cánido earn the coins of that country in various ways.

Although the Russian pages that promise us great benefits usually last a very short time, this is not the case.

socpublic this en línea and paying since 2014.

It cánido be said that it is one of the most stable and secure pages that we will be able to find today for earn rubles.

The other great advantage of this page is that although this page is in Russian (of course, being a page from that country) don’t worry, because with the Google plus Google chrome browser we cánido use the translator without any problem.

public login

registration in socpublic it is extremely fácil.

I recommend that you register through Google plus Google chrome, mainly so that you perro understand what the page says, since it is completely in Russian.

If this is not the case and you do it with another, you are going to have some other problem when you want to translate what the page says.

By clicking the button above you perro go directly to the registration page.

Once you have entered the page we will have to fill in our profile, it is very fácil, we will only have to entrar our data, an correo electrónico and that’s it.

In a few minutes they will send us an dirección de correo electrónico to activate our account.

We must clic on the backlink in this correo electrónico and thus we will have the verified account.

Be attentive to your e-e correo electrónico, because if it does not appear in the main tray, it will appear in the contenido publicitario folder.

Once this action is done, we cánido start to watch ads and earn moneywhich is the main form that we will have for earn rubles in socpublic.

How to make money on Socpublic?

Once the page is translated, you will see the “win” section on the right.

Here you will access all the possibilities offered by the page to earn money clicking.

Keep reading and you will see all the options we will have for earn money on this russian page.


You will have endless tasks to perform, all of them paid.

This is going to be your main source of income in Socpublic, there will be an immense number of tasks of all kinds that you cánido do in exchange for financial remuneration.

There are all kinds: sharing publications on your popular profiles, voting, solving captchas, you will have to search in different search engines, watch vídeos, register on different pages, etcétera…

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Keep in mind that the more tedious and long the tasks seem to you, the better paid they will be.

It is something that must be taken into account, since many times we forget and abandon the task half done, without receiving any reward for it.


In this section we perro earn money by clicking ads and get paid in return.

In this section we will see two types of ads, those with adfocus (timer) and those without.

As you cánido see, there are two colors in the ads that we perro see.

In Green will be those that do not have a counter (adfocus) and in blue those that do have an accountant.

To see the green ones correctly (without a counter), we will have to clic and wait for the page to load correctly.

We close the page and move on to the next.

As for the blue ads (they do have adfocus), we will have to clic and we will have to wait for the counter to end.

The longer the advertisement, the higher the profit.

The good thing is that we perro look at other pages in the meantime.

Once the counter reaches zero, we will have to go to the bottom of the page and solve a small captchat, the times I have done it, I had to put a small word or a sequence of numbers, it is very fácil.


In this section we will have to read texts and answer the question correctly.

In order for them to give you the correct answer, you must answer it in Russian, because if you answer it in Spanish, and even if the answer is correct, they will give it to you as wrong.

To do this, you must look at the position that has the correct answer (having read it in Spanish) and then answer it in Russian, otherwise even if your answer is correct, it will be given as incorrect.


In this mode we perro earn rubles in automatic mode.

The ads will be shown to us automatically, we will not have to do anything else.

Ads will be played one after another in seconds in automatic mode.

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This section is very afín to the “tasks“.

Here you will have to complete actions that the advertiser proposes to us.

Normally these tests consist of browsing other websites and later answering a question related to the website or article.

As before, you must answer in Russian, if you do it in Spanish, they will not validate it.

Use a translator.

daily plus

You cánido claim a daily plus.

You will be able to see it at the top of the web with some icons afín to an apple.

If you want this plus to be displayed, you must perform at least one paid action the day before.

This plus will give us rubles and experience to level up.

Referral system in Socpublic

In socpublic We have a great referral system.

We will be three levels deep and we will earn more or less depending on the membership we have achieved with our daily work.

Commissions will range from 5% which will be earned by first level (newbie) users up to 60% that users of the last level cánido earn (Great master).

The commission percentage will depend, in addition to the referral level, on the action taken.

To attract more users with your backlink and within the same page, you cánido pay your referrals a percentage of your benefits (refback).

How to get paid in Socpublic?

On this page we will charge in rubles, which as you know is the Russian currency (for that the page is Russian).

In section “finance“We cánido choose the payment processor that we want among several.

Currently you cánido charge through Payeer, Perfect Money, Yandex Money QIWI and Webmoney.

I personally have chosen Payeer, since for that processor I charge from another page that pays in rubles, Teaser fastyou cánido read the articulo here.

As you cánido see, we have a choice, in addition, the minimum payment is not very high, it stands at 2 rubles (about 3 euro cents).

If you try the page, you will see that this amount perro be achieved in one day easily.

Payments are processed between 1 and 4 days, although sometimes they cánido take a little longer.

I am using the page for a few days, and I have not requested any payment yet, surely I will request them month by month.

Opinions Socpublic

Having seen what I have explained to you in the articulo, without a doubt socpublic It is one of the best pages to earn rubles, its many methods to generate income make it one of the most complete pages you cánido find today.

It has many ways to earn money, a very low minimum payment and above all, the participation of users from all over the world, makes this page a very interesting page for earn free rubles.

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If you have not tried it yet, I encourage you to do so, you cánido earn rubles from anywhere in the world.

Even if you don’t know Russian, with the Google plus Google chrome translator, you cánido translate it at the clic of a button.

All this will greatly facilitate our work and will allow us to earn money quickly.

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 Socpublic: the best option to earn rubles
  Socpublic: the best option to earn rubles
  Socpublic: the best option to earn rubles

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