SocPublic | Lots of options to get

SocPublic | Lots of options to get

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The truth is that there are tons of Russian pages that offer us the possibility of earning rubles for free, but possibly SocPublic be number one.

This is due to the large number of options available, all actions for free, with which we will be able to earn this currency in a really fácil way.

Whoever classifies it as the best page to earn rubles also influences the fact that it has been running since 2014! Since then it has distributed millions and millions of rubles among the thousands of registered users on the web.

People love these types of pages, although it is true that it is a bit cumbersome due to the language issue, it is also something that Google plus Google chrome cánido easily solve.

What people like is the ease with which you cánido get rubles, a currency of low value but really easy to get and store.

In addition, we always have the hope that it will be revalued and get us out of poverty.


How SocPublic works

SocPublic is a page that pays its users to perform different tasks.

In Internet jargon we could classify it as a GPT.

Among the activities that we are going to have to do to earn these rubles are visiting other websites, registering on other pages, doing homework, participating in contests, surfing, getting referrals, downloading programa, etcétera.

What I find great about this page is that accept users from any countryso you will not have to worry about the country you come from, since everyone has a place here.


How to register with SocPublic

Registering in SocPublic is free, yes, I recommend using Google plus Google chrome to be able to translate the website from Russian to Spanish, otherwise you will have problems to clarify when browsing it.

Once on the web, we will translate it thanks to the default translator of the Google plus Google chrome browser.

Then we look for the blue registration button to start the process.

Translate the website and press the Register button

We will have to fill out a registration form where we will entrar a nombre de usuario, an dirección de correo electrónico and a password.

Then we will receive a message to our dirección de correo electrónico with the registration data and a pin number to carry out transactions on the web safely, it is important that you keep it or write it down.


How SocPublic works

Once registered and inside the web, the next step will be to see how the money is obtained on this cool page, so we are going to give a quick review of all the available options.


In this option we will have several jobs to do in exchange for economic remuneration.

The offer is so immense that some days we cánido find more than 1000 mini-jobs available, with which the potential in rubles is despiadado.

Examples of mini jobs available

In each task, in addition to how much we are going to charge for doing it, we cánido also see in «Statistics» if the opinion of the users who have completed it is positive or negative.


This is one of the easiest options available to SocPublic to earn money.

It is about the display of ads in ptc mode.

We cánido find dozens of them daily.

There are two types of ads, some with a timer (blue) and others without a timer (green).

They are usually quite well paid and we cánido get several fractions of rubles in a few minutes.


In this section we are also going to get several rubles a day with very little effort.

The operation is very fácil, we only have to read a text and answer a question among the available options.

Earn rubles with cards

When you answer these questions, you must do it without translating the page, because if you do, the web will give an fallo and your earnings will not be calculated.


This is an autosurf section, we will simply have the option to see automatic ads and get rubles for it.

Inside we have 2 different ways to do it; hand surfing with which we will have to fill in a captcha between ads and automatic navigation where we will not have to do anything at all.


It is a series of mini jobs required by customers.

We will have to do the action that is required of us in exchange for remuneration in rubles.

It’s good to hurry to complete them because they fly.

Examples of tests in SocPublic


contests and tops

SocPublic has a series of paid contests for users of the platform.

These are mainly referral contests, where users who are able to get more referrals are rewarded.

It also has several tops, among which are the most active users per day, per week, per month, etcétera.

A prize is distributed among all of them divided into percentages.

In addition to all these prizes we cánido get free bonuses in the form of experience points.

Every day we cánido get them through our activity on the web.

These bonuses cánido be turned into free advertising on SocPublic.

5-. referral system

As a good page to earn money, SocPublic has a good referral system, with which we will earn a commission of 2 rubles for the fácil fact of registering.

To receive these rubles, in addition to registering from your backlink, the usuario must obtain 5 experience points and reach 3 rubles earned on the platform.

There is a section available where we cánido see the references we have obtained and the commission that they have reported to us up to that date.


How to charge and available methods

To withdraw the earnings in SocPublic we will have to go to the section “Finance” from the menu.

But before that it is necessary to configure our payment method in settings .

The available methods are WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex Money, Payeer and Perfect Money.

The minimum payment in SocPublic is just 2 rubles.

These payments are processed in 3-4 days as a general rule.


Final Opinion on SocPublic

Personally I love the pages where rubles are earned for free.

We cánido find thousands of them surfing the net, but only a few last long enough to be considered serious.

SocPublic is without a doubt one of them, it has been in the limelight for several years without giving the slightest problem.

To this we must add the number of options available and the minimum payment so low.

If you do not have much experience in earning rubles, you will think that it is difficult to find a platform to exchange them for dollars or euros, you are wrong, nothing is further from the truth, since in Payeer you cánido do it with a single clic, it is very easy and totally recommended if you you want to work this coin.

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 SocPublic |  Lots of options to get
  SocPublic |  Lots of options to get
  SocPublic |  Lots of options to get

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