UPDATE 02/12/2018

Snuckls merged with Baymack a couple of weeks ago, I know of users who haven’t been paid.

He stopped recommending her because of her poor performance.

Too many vídeos, too many users and few prizes.

Today I am going to present something different, it is a page called snuckls.

Snuckls will give us free entries on a lottery page called Georgia Lottery.

You perro see the page here.

Therefore, it is quite different from the pages that I am working on, both Cashback and PTC.

Once tucked into Snuckls.

com, we registered vía fb.

We will go to the bottom and clic on “Get a ticket” (green button), .

On this page they will give us shares for viewing YouTube vídeos.

You have to watch the vídeos (about a minute long) and then answer a fácil question in relation to what we have seen.

Therefore, I recommend you to be vigilant.

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Let’s go to the explanation:

  • Name: snuckls

  • Language: English

  • accepted countries: all

  • Payments: We will be paid by PayPal, minimum payment 0.02 (almost no minimum)

  • referrals: Yes, up to seven levels, you earn 50% of what is achieved by the referrals of the first level and up to 5% of the seventh level

  • How to win at Snuckls: As I told you before, we registered through our Fb.

    We will watch vídeos to get participations.

    Every five vídeos are a participation.

    We will be able to get 10 entries per raffle.

    If we match the lottery number (five numbers), we will win 71% of the jackpot.

    If we hit the first or last number, we also get a percentage, this will be higher the more numbers we hit (in order).

    Once we have seen the five vídeos, we just have to choose our number and good luck!

Conclusion:It is a page that I find interesting, you don’t have to spend a lot of time watching ads, but you cánido put the vídeos and do other tasks.

Which seems very positive to me, you only have to have the speaker operating to hear the vídeos, it is not necessary to see them.

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As always when I recommend a page, Your registration is free and by invitation.

You cánido register easily here.

Today I will start testing the page, I have always been told that I am a lucky guy, we will see if it is true and soon I receive some substantial prize.

Until next time friends!!

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