snuckls changes

snuckls changes

snuckls changes, and it was this weekend.

Last Friday I wrote you a articulo talking about the changes in Baymack, the sister of Snuckls.

I thought that only Baymack had changed and not Snuckls, that’s why I didn’t talk about the two pages in this articulo and I only talked about one.

But it seems that Snuckls changes too.

It is an important change, since now we will have up to 50 chances to win the jackpot, consisting of 98% of the daily jackpot.

Not bad, currently the jackpot is around $4,000, sometimes going up to $5,000.

Surely you have heard of Snuckls and its potential as a source of income on the internet.

You perro read the articulo I wrote on this page here.

He page system is really fácil.

You watch vídeos and you choose a theme among several options.

For every certain number of vídeos viewed, you will have to choose five numbers.

A raffle is held every day.

in In relation to the numbers you have matched, you will win a greater or lesser percentage of the daily jackpot.

The relationship between correct numbers and percentage you cánido see it here:

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The lottery the numbers are based on is the Georgia Fantasy 5 Lottery..

The first change in Snuckls is, as I have told you, the increase in opportunities.

The second is on the subject of the number of vídeos viewed to get participation.

Whereas previously, five vídeos were needed up to the sixth, and two vídeos from the sixth to the tenth.

With the new changes, we will have to watch five vídeos from vídeo one to tenth and from number eleven to fifty, we will have to watch two vídeos.

This makes us a total of 150 vídeos to get the fifty participations.

That without failing any, because sometimes, we will fail and that viewing will not count.


Today the articulo is really short, since the usability of the page is fácil and I would only like to count the changes that have taken place.

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If the changes are for the better or for the worse, time will tell.Due to the number of referrals I have, I reach the maximum opportunities and on the only day that I have played with this system, I have not won more than other days.

Therefore, I am going to give him more opportunities to think that the change is for the better instead of for the worse.

And little more to tell you, friends, just remind you that if you want to register, you cánido do it through this backlink. He registration is free and through our fb account.

Greetings and much success!

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 snuckls changes
  snuckls changes
  snuckls changes

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