Smartme Aplicación » MONEY with MOBILE Guide

Smartme Aplicación » MONEY with MOBILE Guide

we talk about a application that allows the person you have installed it on your phone, win money easily and simplyneeding only for this, to have it open all the time, the work is done by the same application.

What is this all about? we talk about a performance measurement aplicación of the other applications that the person has on the phone, considering that it has privacy policies that do not allow access to the person’s private data, and with it, or safeguarding them.

This work has been created so that the aplicación takes important data about the operation of the person’s phone, that is, the diagnosis about the applications that are most used by the person, those that are more efficient and those that consume the highest level of battery.

These data are important for measure application quality that are offered in the digital world, being necessary information for application creators who seek to improve their creations every day, making them much more efficient and much more practical for users.

Work hand in hand with Smartme Analytics SL

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  • It is important to know that all the information collected by this application goes directly to the company Smartme Analytics SL that has been legally registered in Spain and that bases its work on the creation of various statistics that allow measuring the level of efficiency of each application, according to the data provided by Smartme Aplicación.

    So the basic and primordial in this case is that the person hold the aplicación open on the phone, since the points are collected while it is open, noting that these points are exchanged for money that is transferred to the usuario’s account safely and efficiently.

    Payment conditions

    smartme is an application that makes the person earn money just by having it open on their phone, without doing any kind of work.

    In this sense, we must understand that everything the payment process is done directlyfor each day that the application is open on the person’s phone, the person receives 300 points that are equivalent to 0.03 euros that will be automatically sent to the usuario’s bank account, but for this at the time of downloading the application, the usuario must give all the permissions.

    However, in order to request the money to transfer and also in gift exchanges if desired, the person must have a total of 50,000 points that are equivalent to 5 euros in total.

    It is also important to know that if a person places our invitation codethe application automatically provides a plus of 1,000 points to the usuario, that is, 0.10 euros that are granted to you for achieving the invitation of someone else to the platform.

    Places where the application works

    We refer to an application that is in Spanish LanguageTherefore, it is available in Europe, taking into account that one of the countries that emplees it the most is Spain, which is why we refer to its payment in euros.

    download process

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  • It is important to take into account that this application is only available for the operating system Android from versions 4.1 onwards.

    To get it, just its download through Google plus Play and once installed on the phone, perform the profile registration through the option that appears on the screen that indicates “I still do not have a usuario account” complete the form that appears and that’s it, register.

    When registration is complete, the person receives the amount of 5,000 points for welcomewith the option to add 1,000 more points if you go to the invitation code option.

    Easy, fácil and cheap

    We are talking about an application easy download and registrationwhich does not charge any type of additional commission and which pays the usuario only for having it open on their phone for as long as possible.

    Also there are other ways to earn moneysuch as inviting friends to join the application, participating in advertising campaigns of the application itself, entering clubs that the application offers with products and various services, in short, a whole world of possibilities to obtain certain financial income without having to make great sacrifices.

    We talk about a world of infinite possibilities of acquiring monetary income additional, all at the discretion of the person since we orinan that he perro choose how and when to earn his points to later exchange them for money that will be delivered efficiently.

    Although it is true that we are not talking about a financial income so high that the person lives only from that, the truth is that we are referring to a additional input of money that is obtained by doing nothing, just an application installed on the phone that obtains the data of the other applications and that performs an evaluation of its operation on our phone.

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  • Before downloading smartme It is important that we remember that it is only available in Europe, other countries cannot profit from this application, so it is best not to waste time trying.

    Earn money easily and safely

    If you are in Europe this is one of the options generate additional income without lifting a finger, taking into account that this is the way in which we would all like to generate some income, without having to make any effort to work. smartme allows this to its users, that is, it allows people to register in the application and to look for ways to keep it open on your phone and to find the pluses that are offered to redeem a greater number of points in less time.

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     Smartme Aplicación » MONEY with MOBILE Guide
  Smartme Aplicación » MONEY with MOBILE Guide
  Smartme Aplicación » MONEY with MOBILE Guide

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