smart me aplicación | make money just by having it

smart me aplicación | make money just by having it

smart me aplicación is a aplicación to earn money what is available for both android and ios operating system what will it do to us make money just by having it installed on our móvil.

That will be the main source of income for points (which we cánido later exchange for money).

Smartme is a market research application whose main function is study the use we make of our mobile phones.

This is one of the best aplicaciones that pay you just for having them installed today, if not the only one and the best.

As Smartme aplicación is a market research application, among other things what it does is study what we do with our mobile phones.

all of it through the tracking that makes the use that we give to the applications that we have installed on our teléfonos inteligentes.

You will be able to know which are the applications that you use the most, the ones that are active the longest, the ones that consume the most battery, etcétera…

All this information is collected and analyzed as a whole with that of all users who use the application.

The project was born at the beginning of 2012, but it was not until 2015 when it was officially launched.

All this is always done respecting the anonymity and privacy of the usuariofollowing the indications of the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD 15/1999).

The most interesting thing about this application is that earn money in various ways.

From responding to surveys, with cashback and discounts, also inviting other people and participating in raffles that are held from time to time.

Registration and first steps in Smart me Aplicación

The application is available for android devices with version 4.1 and later, also for iOS from its version 11.

You will be able to download it totally free from the Play Store or if it will be more comfortable for you (which I’m sure it will) I will leave you a direct backlink to register.

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Once you have it downloaded and installed on your móvil, you perro create an account.

It is super fácil, you must clic on the text “I don’t have a usuario account yet” to access the registration form.

The registration will not take you more than two minutes to complete and with this you will get 5,000 points (equivalent to €0.50).

For this you will have to create your account with your name, mobile phone number, dirección de correo electrónico, etcétera… Of course, before finishing and to receive a plus apart from those 0.50 €, you must put the “friend code” in my case it is 62946.

If you put it, you will get 1,000 more (equivalent to €0.10), in addition to the 5,000 that I have mentioned before.

The application is available for Spain and LATAM, what happens is that in Latin American countries, they are excluded from the Smartme Club.

How does Smart me Aplicación work?

Its operation is very fácil and you you will not have to do anything in the application (if you do not want).

In addition, additionally, you perro participate in campaigns and surveysbut I will explain this later.

The main function of Smartme Aplicación is to collect data in the background and continuously.

It will collect the data and information on the use that is given to your mobile phone, for example:

  • the times you access an application.
  • he invested time in each one of them.
  • he network type to which you are connected (either Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G).
  • you operating system version.
  • all what may be relevant for the study.

For all this to work correctly and to be able to obtain the points It is essential to accept all permissions of data and audio, in this way you will never be able to say that smartme aplicación is not working.

How to earn money with Smartme Aplicación

Without a doubt, the have the mobile on and have the application installedIt is the main way to earn money that we are going to have.

This is undoubtedly one of the aplicaciones that pay the most.

But There are many others that I am going to explain to you. from now on.

Read on please.

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  • For each The day you have the application activated you will earn €0.03, or what is the same, 300 points.

    You will see these points reflected the next day in your cómputo.

    If for some reason you do not receive the points, it may be because you have not correctly accepted the necessary permissions from the aplication (you cánido see them here).

  • you cánido participate in campaigns and surveys on a regular basis.

    In this way you perro earn points for free.

    The campaigns usually consist of responding to surveys on a specific day.

    You perro view campaigns through the aplicaciónkeeping it open for at least a few days.

  • By each friend who registers in the application and enters your codeyou will both earn 5,000 plus points (0.50 €).
  • Club Smartme (not available in LATAM).

    In this section you will find discounts, coupons and cashback that you cánido enjoy both en línea and physical purchases.

    There is three types of discounts/coupons.

    • VIP account.

      This percentage will be the amount of money that will be added to your VIP account in Smartme if you make the purchase by accessing it through the aplicación.

    • discounts that will be made to you at a specific web rate if you access through the aplicación.
    • Coupons to present in a physical store or restoranes to obtain a discount at the moment.

Frequently asked questions about Smartme Aplicación

When starting to use a new application always doubts ariseAbove all, the type of aplicación that pays just for having it installed and that collects data on the use we give to our móvil inteligente.

In this section I will try to solve all.

Let’s go there.

And my privacy? Is it protected?

Yes, the first thing to say is that the information collected by the application is not individualized.

The information they collect travels to a server where it is linked to the information of all active users.

This comes to orinan that Your data is anonymous and is used in the form of general statistics.never single.

What happens if I have a problem with the application?

Although it does not have a contact telephone number (99% of the applications do not), you perro contact developers of the application vía dirección de correo electrónico:

Is the aplicación available for my country?

The application It is available for all Spanish-speaking countries.

Any usuario from Spain and Latin America will be able to see the activity record, comparisons and also earn points that cánido be exchanged for money.

It unique distinctas I said before is that Latin American users will not have access to the Club Smartme section.

Where do I redeem my points?

You won’t have to worry about redeeming the points, since every Friday are redeemed automatically in case you have reached the minimum amount of 10,000 points.

The application will subtract this amount from the total accumulated points and will convert it directly into money (in this case it will be €1).

Smartme aplicación reviews, minimum and payment methods

The Smartpme application has a super low minimum payment and you will be able to achieve it very easily.

the minimum is €5when we reach this amount in our VIP Account we cánido request a payment through a bank transfer.

Payments usually take about 24/48 hours weekdays.

As you perro see, it’s a super fácil application with which we cánido earn money from our checking account without doing anything.

The only thing we will have to do is activate the permissions of our mobile phone and hope that we reach the minimum to charge.

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Besides, the application will hardly take up space on our móvil inteligenteit only requires 5.4 M of space, it does not slow down the mobile since it works in the background.

Finally, recommend this application and remind you that to start off on the right foot and get 1,000 plus points you must put my code 62946 when registering.

Below is the registration backlink.

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 smart me aplicación |  make money just by having it
  smart me aplicación |  make money just by having it
  smart me aplicación |  make money just by having it

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