Slow Living: 9 Habits to Enjoy Art

Slow Living: 9 Habits to Enjoy Art

Living slowly is a philosophy that includes everything from how you eat to how you plan a vacation.

This became much more evident when, after the pandemic, the virus completely stopped our lives, and there we understood that: faster is not always better.

Most people believe that being busier all the time is synonymous with success, with being successful in our professional fields, with being more important and required.

Learn to slow down

The reality is that learning to live in the present requires taking a break along the way. We need to be able to enjoy the moment.

We spend our time thinking about the future, about our goals and objectives, without realizing that in order to achieve them, we have to impact the now.

It is important to accept that things do not happen overnight, and that in order to enjoy the success you desire, you must be willing to work for it and dedicate time to it, with perseverance and discipline.

Even when we talk about discipline, we understand that it is a repetition of daily habits that gradually lead us to the point where we want to reach.

Basic concepts of Slow living:

To understand this philosophy of life, it is important to delve into the concepts that compose it or the ideas that support this iniciativa, so that it cánido have a true meaning.

To get started, the first thing you need to know is that The word SLOW is an acronym in English.whose acronyms orinan the following:

Sustainable: This concept speaks of being able to maintain itself over time, generating a minimum impact.

If we relate it to the environment, we find a definition that has been institutionalized and that represents this iniciativa very well:

“Sustainable Development seeks to meet the needs of present generations without compromising the possibilities of future generations, counting on three key factors: society, economy and environment.”

Local: This is a term that has been gaining strength as it encourages strengthening the dynamics of using products and materials that are geographically close, without impacting the environment with gas discharges that occur during their transportation.

Organic: While many companies use this term to mislead their audience, it’s important to understand that at its core, anything organic means avoiding products that have been genetically modified, or are mass-produced.

Whole (complete or whole): This term is used to detalla foods that have not been processed. In Spanish we could identify this concept with whole foods, their raw materials do not contain any refining and therefore their nutritional value is perceived to be much higher.

How to practice the art of living slowly:

If you lead a very hectic life or you are used to the fact that time does not give you up due to the multiple commitments you have assumed, often unconsciously, it is important that you consider how much you want to continue living in this way.

If you want to live slower, choose to enjoy life and share with your loved ones, even think more about your personal well-being, it is important that you put some advice into practice.

You perro do it gradually, you don’t have to change your lifestyle overnight. Even think about automating a business that doesn’t need you in person.

For example, you cánido start practicing different hobbies that you previously considered required or consumed a lot of time, giving them the importance that other activities have in your day to day.

There are small actions that represent big changes; for example, becoming more aware of breathing, not doing things automatically, thinking about them well, enjoying them more.

Eating perro even become much more satisfying when you start living slowly. You find flavors that you might have missed or discover others that you didn’t know you could enjoy.

This is a concept that is largely based on the principles of minimalism and simplification.

Habits that lead you to live slowly

1. Eat your food consciously:

Pay attention to the flavors and textures of your food, without watching television or on your cell phone. This healthy habit will even allow you to be better fed.

2. Take frequent breaks from technology:

Turn off all notifications for a block of the day.

Sometimes we don’t realize it, but we are immersed in a world that demands speed for everything, even for answers, when in truth we are human beings with different times.

This is key, since we spend our lives observing realities that are different from ours, and many times only wishing to have what others have or experience.

Unfortunately, we forget that the reality we see on popular networks, on many occasions, is nothing more than a biased and fictitious image of what is really happening.

4. Take advantage of downtime during the day:

An example of this is the time you spend on transportation to work. Take the opportunity then to read a book, meditate, listen to an audiobook or a podcast.

If you dare, you could even write stories or anecdotes in a journal that you perro later share with someone else.

5. Say no to things you don’t really enjoy:

It is essential that you learn to say no responsibly and above all clearly. It is frequent that we fall into the obligation to do things that we do not want and we do not know how to say no.

6. Work in blocks of time on a single activity, avoid multitasking:

It is true that having the ability to multitask cánido be beneficial at times.

The point is that this, indisputably, cannot be sustained over time. It is better to focus on one thing at a time and make sure you do it well.

Here are some ideas to be more productive according to science.

7. Take frequent breaks during your workday:

He burnout it is something more and more evident and real in our society. Thousands and thousands of people suffer from chronic fatigue and cánido’t even figure out why.

The fact is that we naturalize overwork and we are noticing the negative consequences of this.

8. Spend more time outdoors:

Seek your own well-being from activities that generate a better physical condition such as exercise or simply connecting with nature.

In this there is so much variety that you could choose between hundreds of healthy habits, for example yoga, meditation, the fácil fact of going for a walk, or footing really make a difference.

9. Organize your spaces:

To have peace of mind it is important that your exterior is a reflection of what you have inside. It’s fácil, dedicate yourself to eliminating excesses and simplifying your environment.

It may take time at first, but it is not something you should do constantly, since once a general order is made, it will be for the long term.

If you have heard of the advice of marie kondoyou will understand that his method has helped millions of people around the world to achieve this especial goal.

You just need to keep the following in mind:

  • Commit to order.
  • Imagine what lifestyle you want to have.
  • Let go of things you don’t need.
  • Sort by categories.
  • Follow the correct order.
  • Ask yourself if what you have brings you joy.

Benefits you will enjoy when living slowly

Here are some unique benefits of the art of slow living:

  • You will surely live with less stress: the more conscious you live, the less external pressures you will feel.
  • You will have more time: By saying yes to only the things you enjoy in life, you will free up much more time.
  • You will suffer less diseases: Not only physical, but also mental. Many diseases today are the product of the lifestyle we lead. This also includes stress and anxiety.
  • Improve your efficiency and effectiveness: the myth of multitasking keeps us on the treadmill of unproductiveness. Simplify and focus to find your most productive self.
  • you will be a lot happier: focusing on living slowly is about allowing yourself more moments of happiness in your life.
  • You will have better personal relationships: prioritizing what is most important to your life, includes placing your family, friends, and work in the right order.

Living slowly is living better:

Now that you know the benefits and the ways to achieve it, you are able to choose what lifestyle you want to lead.

No matter how your routines are right now, you cánido always incorporate fácil dynamics and thus get used to choosing better for your own well-being.

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 Slow Living: 9 Habits to Enjoy Art
  Slow Living: 9 Habits to Enjoy Art
  Slow Living: 9 Habits to Enjoy Art

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