Skylom is a new page recently created (December 14) in which we will earn money watching youtube vídeos.

It belongs to the same manager as snuckls and Baymack. Two pages with the same theme and that have been paying for more than 6 months.

Skylom is somewhat different than her older sisters.

On this page we will not have to wait for the next day to see if you have won one of the prizes.

If not, there is a raffle every 2 minutes!!

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As in all the pages of the family with Skylom You will earn shares by watching Youtube vídeos.

On this occasion, the rhythm is somewhat more frenetic than in its older sisters.

We will no longer have to wait for the next day to see if we have won any prize.

Every two minutes we will have a raffle of different amounts. At Skylom prizes perro range from $1 to $2,500.

For each draw we must match a number made up of several figures, which will vary depending on the cash prize.

For $1 we must match two numbers and for $2500 we must match 7.

If you are lucky enough to match all the numbers, and you are the only winner, you will win the entire prize.

If there are more winners, the prize will be divided among the winners.

Even if you don’t match all the numbers, if you match some of them, you will also win a prize.

If, for example, the winning number for $2,500 is 1577858 and your number is 125478, you will get a small prize for the two numbers you have matched.

To participate in the raffles we have to have Coins, or what is the same, shares.

Each participation will be given to us by watching vídeos.

These vídeos are exactly the same ones we see in Baymack and snuckls, here we must also hit the theme.

But I think experience is a degree.

If you are used to working with these two platforms, it will be very easy for you to “hit” all of them.

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Each participation in Skylom it will cost us two Coins, or what is the same, to view two Youtube vídeos.

Each vídeo has a specific time, which cánido range from 7 to 99 seconds.

You will have to hit the theme and a small capchat, does it ring a bell?

To get the coins to be able to participate in the platform, you must go to the top.

In the “Get Coins” section

The prizes will depend on each countryfor SpainFor example, three types of prizes:

  • PayPal starting at 0.02
  • Amazon cards from €4
  • Wire transfer from €99

As you see, you have a choice, I have always been choosing Paypal.

I want to make some gifts for Christmas and maybe I’ll choose Amazon.

Skylom It has a good referral system, with a single level, we will earn 5% of everything our referrals get.

He number of referrals is unlimited.

you perro see vOur referral backlink displaying your photograph or avatar.

You cánido easily see it in the section “invite and earn“.

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Final conclusions Skylom

Recently created page, these are the ideal moments to win money. Since it is assumed that the users are fewer.

If I were you, I would not think twice and register on this page quickly.

Seize the moment and start winning!! Many successes!

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