Skrill: How this wallet works

Skrill: How this wallet works

Skrill It is currently one of the most used wallets in electronic transactions around the world.

Its reliability, easy handling and the wide variety of options have made it, over the years, one of the most serious alternatives to Paypal.

That is why, despite the fact that Skrill has always been an almost exclusive wallet for casino pages or betting houses, right now it is integrating almost all the businesses on the network, since pages of surveysptcs, trading or investment have ended up including it among their payment options.

This has meant that in a very short time I have gone from using it in a practically residual way to making it my main wallet along with AirTM and coinbase.

And it is that with the rigid policy that Paypal has with depending on what business, we have had no other option than to look for alternatives, alternatives that by the way have nothing to envy to the great American processor, rather the opposite.

What is Skrill and how does it work?

As you may already know at this point, Skrill is an electronic payment processor.

In it we will be able to make and receive payments en línea quickly, safely and above all easily.

This wallet was founded in London in 2001 under the name of moneybookersand as we have mentioned before, at first it was perfectly adapted to work in high-risk investment pages such as casinos and bookmakers, becoming over time an essential payment processor for en línea businesses of all kinds.

Skrill data sheet

As in practically all en línea payment processors, in Skrill we will only need an correo electrónico and a password to be able to make or receive payments, we will not need to add more information such as card numbers or bank addresses.

Open a Skrill account

As I have told you, we are only going to need an correo electrónico and a password to start using Skrill.

So to create a free account you just have to entrar the web and go to Inscription either START.

Although the use of Skrill is totally free, keep in mind that the platform requires us to log in at least once a year, otherwise we will be charged a commission 3 euro.

Then we will only have to choose the type of account that we want to open between the two available options.

Personal account: Unless you have a business, this will be the account you have to select.

With it we will be able to receive or send money en línea quickly and safely.

Company account: If you have a company or business that accepts en línea payments, this account is ideal for you.

Being able to pay employees, suppliers and receive money from customers in a fácil way.

As the vast majority of us are going to have a personal account, this is where we are going to focus the information, so I leave you here some of the most important features available in this account:

It accepts users from more than 200 different countries.

Debit card to have our money when making any purchase or using an ATM.

Possibility of adding a bank account to withdraw or deposit our money.

Supports more than 40 currencies.

Send and receive money without verifying the account.

Verifying the account is only necessary to make withdrawals or use the card.

Fees and commissions

The commissions and fees that Skrill applies are much more bearable than in other payment processors, being able to make movements without having to see our cómputo seriously reduced.

Commissions for adding funds

·Bank transfers: free.·PaySafeCard: 5.5%.·Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etcétera: 1.9%.·Pages we use to earn money on the Internet: free.

Fees for withdrawing funds

·To our bank account: 5.5%. ·To our credit card: 4.5%. ·Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etcétera.: 1.9%. ·To withdraw money from the ATM: 1.75% .

Apply for Skrill debit card

To request the Skrill debit card, we will first be asked to verify our account.

We cánido do this by sending a series of identification documents, or by sending a fácil photograph through its mobile application.

Verify your account to remove limits or request a card

There are also commissions for using our Skrill debit card, here are some of them that are also to be taken into account:

·To our bank account: 5.5%.·Payments in businesses both en línea and sin conexión: free.·Changing currencies: 2.49%.·For withdrawing money from the ATM: 1.75%.·Annual maintenance fee: 10 euro.

Skrill Referral Program

Skrill has implemented a new referral program as a complement to its old affiliate system, to which all active members of the platform will have access.

The operation is extremely fácil, we will be provided with a unique referral backlink to attract new customers and we will be paid the 20% commission by Rev Share.


As I told you at the beginning of the articulo, Skrill has become one of the main electronic wallets that I use today, its low commissions, especially when using its Mastercard debit card, its ease of use, and the possibility of changing your conventional currency for Bitcoin with a single clic, makes it essential for me today.

Not only that, it is that even if we did the impossible not to use it, it would be very difficult for us, since more and more pages are introducing it in their payment methods, making it difficult to ignore it.

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 Skrill: How this wallet works
  Skrill: How this wallet works
  Skrill: How this wallet works

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