Skrill as a payment processor

Skrill as a payment processor

What’s up guys!! Have you missed me? !I do! Today I come to talk to you about Skrillan electronic wallet that we are going to use as a secure alternative to PayPal.

Because? because, as you will see, PayPal is “cutting off the tap” to quite a few PTCs, therefore, after returning from vacation, I have decided to start working with Skrill.

I have decided to choose this payment processor over others for several reasons:

  • It is accepted by several of the most important PTCs on the market (Neobux, Clixsense, Cliquesteria).
  • They will not charge us too many commissions (2% of the amount to be withdrawn + 0.10).
  • Your safety.
  • The possibility of requesting a prepaid Mastercad card, where you cánido withdraw your earnings at ATMs.

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But I am going to tell you about the origins of Skrill.

It started out as Moneybookers in 2001, in 2002 it came to light, and in 2010, already with the name of Skrill, it reached the 11 million accounts.

Currently, there are many websites that you perro pay with this payment gateway, the most common are en línea stores, payment of services in telephone agencies and are also used by individual users to make payments for professional services.

That’s where we come in.

The commissions for using Skrill are really low, they don’t exceed 5%, and receiving payments is totally free, wow!!

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Neither will you have commissions for withdrawals to your bank or for withdrawing money with your Mastercard prepaid card.

You will have a 1.75% commission for withdrawing cash from ATMs.

The mastercard card will have an annual maintenance charge of 10 euro per year.

To request it we will have to have at least that money in the Skrill account.

For sign up for Skrill We will only have to put an correo electrónico, our data, and verify them through an dirección de correo electrónico that will be sent to the address with which we have registered.

Then we will have to add a checking account where we want our money to go.

In this case it is not necessary to verify it.


I liked it, for its simplicityhis securityand above all, because they do not charge commissions!!.

For now, I’m going to try the processor, for now I won’t ask for the prepaid card, but over time I want to ask for it, I hope that this processor will increase its presence and we perro get rid of the “paypal dependency”.

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And without further ado, I recommend this payment processor, it is quite interesting and I think it is quite adjusted to our needs.

Here I leave you the backlink to the page.

Greetings friends!!

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 Skrill as a payment processor
  Skrill as a payment processor
  Skrill as a payment processor

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