Skrill | 100% reliable payment processor

Skrill | 100% reliable payment processor

Skrill is a British payment processor that has been en línea since 2011.

It belongs to the company Skrill Limited, registered in England and Wales.

This platform pays special attention to security and possible (mis)use of the site to launder money.

For this reason, it is very opportune to point out that the processor of Skrill is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority to issue electronic money and use different payment instruments.

On a more practical level, this payment processor will help us, among many other things that we will see in this tutorial, to receive payments from sites like neobux either ysense.

What is Skrill?

In the Skrill payment processor We perro create two different types of accounts.

The personal account and the company account.

both free.

In the case of personal accountit will help us above all to receive payments from the pages to earn money that we already work.

We cánido also use it to send money to other users, pay for our purchases or process international payments.

With respect to the company account, It cánido be very useful for businesses of different kinds who want to receive payments from their customers through Skrill.

It also serves to pay bills or the payroll of your employees.

Skrill registration

In our case, we will have more than enough by creating a personal account.

Basically, we will use it to withdraw money from our PTC accounts and survey panels.

And given the circumstances, to speculate on the price of cryptocurrencies.

To create a personal Skrill account you cánido follow the backlink below, which will take you to the homepage of the processor.

Immediately afterwards, in the upper right margin we will see the tab of “Register”.

We clic there and it will take us to the classic registration form.

After entering our name, an correo electrónico address and a password, we will solve the recaptcha and clic on “Register Now”.

Take me to the registration form

To finish this step, we only need to confirm the discharge.

Skrill will send us a welcome correo electrónico with a backlink in its content.

After following that backlink we perro access our new account.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

How Skrill works

Once inside the Skrill website, we will see a top menu with three sections: My Account Beta, myaccount and Aid.

At the time of writing this guide, the processor is implementing a new design on its website.

For this reason, we currently get two sections of “My Account”.

The tutorial will deal with the operation of the new Skrill website.

So, if you are still on the old website, you cánido clic on My Account Beta and it will redirect you to the new version.

In the side menu, all the sections that make up the renewed payment platform will be listed.

Del costado Menu

Panel → Overview of our funds classified by currency and detail of the last transactions.

Deposit → If we want to add funds to our Skrill account, we cánido use the methods available from this section.

In each option they will indicate the waiting time and the derived commission.

Withdrawal → To withdraw money we cánido use a bank account or a Card.

Same as in the deposit tab, They will specify what commissions apply according to the option we select.

Crypto → This section allows us to buy or sell cryptocurrencies and earn additional profit.

Banks and Cards → Whether we want to withdraw funds or add them, we will have to provide the number of our bank account or that of a Card.

Either debit or credit.

Skrill card → The payment processor makes the Skrill Mastercard Card available to users.

Here we perro request both the Physical Card and the Virtual Card.

transactions → Extract from the history with all the transactions that we have carried out on the gateway.

settings → To modify our access data or configure certain security settings of our account.

This point is very important since there is the option of enable 2 Aspecto Authentication.

my cases → If there has been an incident or we have opened a case for some reason, the messages sent and the responses received from the administration will appear here.

Aid → Practical guides and frequently asked questions from users with their corresponding answers.

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies in Skrill

With the money that we save in our cómputo of Skrill we will be able to carry out various operations.

The most common are: withdraw money to our bank account, pay for purchases or invoices, send money to another Skrill usuario… and trade cryptocurrencies.

There is a very important aspecto that you should know about this Skrill section.

not an exchanger.

It is a place where we perro speculate on the change in the price of cryptocurrencies by buying and selling with fiat money.

That is, if we acquire bitcoin, we will not be able to send that amount to a bitcoin wallet.

We will have to sell them previously for a fiat currency.

The question is to buy low and sell high.

Which is very easy to say but difficult to do.

This section is totally optional and no one is forced to use it.

In the end, if we make use of it, it is for get a better return on the money we have saved in the cómputo sheet.

And therefore, if you do not quite see it clearly, it is best that you skip this section.

▷ Commissions applied when trading with cryptocurrencies:

• Make a purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies with euros or dollars ⏩ 1.50%.

• Buy or sell cryptocurrencies with any other currency ⏩ 3%.

In this blog we emphasize systems free to earn cryptocurrencies.

So if you don’t want to risk your money, you cánido always get them without spending a penny.

Skrill card: What it is and commissions

The Skrill Mastercard Card is a prepaid card that will allow us to pay for the purchases we make or other expenses using our account cómputo.

As it is a prepaid card, the money that we accumulate in our Skrill cómputo perro be spent in the same way that we do with a debit card associated with a bank account.

In my opinion, depending on the use we make of the processor, the Skrill Card perro make it easier for us to manage our funds and manage them much better.

And by the way, it perro also save us a good amount of money wasted on commissions.

At Skrill you cánido request a Physical Card or a Virtual Card.

The maintenance cost is €10 per year.

The Skrill Mastercard requires us to verify our account on a mandatory basis before requesting it.

To do this, we will have to provide a copy of our identity document.

And additionally, if we request a Physical Card, the postal address where we want to receive it.

The main differences between one and the other are the following:

Physical Card

Cash withdrawals are possible at more than 2 million ATMs around the world.

We perro pay for all the purchases we make both en línea and in shops at street level in person.

If we travel abroad, we perro spend the cómputo of our Skrill account in any establishment that accepts Mastercard payments.

virtual card

We perro obtain our Virtual Card in a matter of minutes.

By creating the Virtual Card we perro use our funds in Skrill to pay instantly.

When using the Skrill Card, we will keep the data safe of our Debit or Credit Card.

We have the possibility of canceling the Card at any time and at no cost.

As with the Physical Card, with the Virtual we perro pay for any good or service in all businesses where Mastercard is accepted.

Skrill fees

We must also talk about the part we like the least: The happy commissions.

So far we have seen the number of emplees that we cánido give to our Skrill account.

But as is usual in all payment processors, depending on the movement of money that we make, some commissions or others will be applied to us.

Same as with all payment gateways.

Below is a list of the commissions applied by Skrill in the different operations.

There they go:

▷ Commissions applied for adding funds:

Bank transfer, bitcoin or Neteller ⏩ 1%.Credit card, Paysafecard or Swift ⏩ 1%.Receive money in Skrill from pages like Neobux, Marketagent or Ysense ⏩ no commission.

▷ Fees corresponding to withdrawing money:

Charge to our bank account ⏩ €5.50.Withdraw money to a credit card ⏩ 7.5%.Send money to another Skrill account ⏩ 1.45% with a minimal commission of €0.50.

▷ Currency conversion ⏩ 3.99%

Have a Skrill account it is 100% free always and when we access at least once a year.

In case of not doing so, they will deduct €3 from the cómputo as a service fee.

Skrill main features

After seeing the complete operation of the Skrill payment processor, there are some aspects and opinions that I would like to highlight separately.

This is how we give it the appropriate relevance:

✅ Open a Skrill account it’s totally free. they will only charge us €10 if we request a card and €3 if we do not maintain a minimum activity in our accounts.

Skrill’s payment processor is, along with Neteller, the most used gateway in the sports betting ámbito, poker pages, games of oportunidad, etcétera.

After Paypal modified its policies regarding PTCs, Skrill has taken a relevant role within this world.

✅ To send money to other Skrill users using our account, we will only need to know the correo electrónico address that is associated with the processor.

Nothing else.

✅ Some pages that we use in the blog to earn money use Skrill as a means of payment to users.

Without going any further, Neobux and Ysense recently incorporated this processor.

Also the survey panel of marketagent.

✅ Skrill supports 4 different currencies and is accepted in 58 countries around the world.

You cánido consult the list of valid countries and the commissions that we have seen before in this backlink.

Verifying our Skrill account will only be necessary to request the Card.

So we cánido send money to other users without verifying the account.

This aspecto cánido be of escencial importance in some cases.

An example could be that a relative was abroad and urgently needed money.

With Skrill we could send it to you on the spot.

Skrill Reviews

Skrill is a totally reliable payment processor with many years behind it.

It is a benchmark on the internet and I am sure that in the coming years it will become even more relevant.

Above all in the PTC campo and survey panels.

Platforms like Pokerstars or William Hill have been working with this payment gateway for years.

From my point of view, Skrill’s reputation is beyond doubt.

I hope today’s tutorial has helped.

to know much better how Skrill works.

If there is any doubt, you perro leave your queries in the comments below.

It will be a pleasure to give you a cable.

And to say goodbye, if you finally escoge to register in this processor, you perro use my backlink by clicking on the following button.

Until next time!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

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 Skrill |  100% reliable payment processor
  Skrill |  100% reliable payment processor
  Skrill |  100% reliable payment processor

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