Sites where there are cryptocurrency ATMs in

Sites where there are cryptocurrency ATMs in

Cryptocurrency ATMs are a trend that is gradually spreading throughout the world. Even the great economic experts have been accepting the predominance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the young ámbito of the population, so it cánido be said that It is a payment method that is here to stay.

To make the transactions easier with this virtual currency we are going to espectáculo you the places where there are cryptocurrency ATMs in Colombiaso you cánido make transactions very quickly.

In which cities and stores are there cryptocurrency ATMs in Colombia?

Colombia is one of the leading countries in the presence of cryptocurrency ATMs in Latin America. At the time this article was written, this country already had 46 ATMs in several major cities and so that you cánido go directly to them, we are going to espectáculo you where you cánido find some of the most central ones:

Bitcoin ATMs in Bogotá

In the city of Bogotá there are so far about 34 ATMs automatic that allow in a fácil way the transactions with Bitcoin, the location of the five most central is the next:

  • 64th Street ## 8-05
  • ok. 15 ## 77 – 05
  • 106th Street ## 57-08
  • 13th Street ## 65-21

Bitcoin ATMs in Medellin

Medellin is another of the great cities of Colombia and this one has a certain number of cryptocurrency ATMs installed by the company Athena. In them you perro exchange Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash as in those of Bogotá:

  • 9A Street, Lleras Park ## 38
  • 13th Street ## 65-21
  • Stroke 48 ## 10 45

Bitcoin cryptocurrency ATMs in Cali

In the cali city you perro find some four tellers of cryptocurrencies so far, these are located in the North and South ends of the city:

  • Unicentro Shopping Center, Carrera 100 ##5-169.
  • Fifth Avenue, North #23DN-66/68.
  • North 36th Street. ##6A-65.
  • Calle 46 and 64, Av. 4 Norte. ## 7.

Where to buy cryptocurrencies in Colombia?

Colombia is the second country in Latin America in the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Venezuela being the first, but Colombia has an important advantage, which is the freedom with which cryptocurrencies cánido be bought, sold and traded between them or between different values, not being so in the neighboring country.

Therefore, there are numerous ways to buy cryptocurrency in Colombia, being of course one of the simplest through cryptocurrency ATMs. let’s teach you how you cánido buy Bitcoin among other cryptos in Colombia through a coincidente ATM or through other available means:

Buy cryptocurrencies at an ATM

The purchase operation through a crypto ATM is very fácil:

  • Verify the amount at which you will be buying the Bitcoin and compare it with the current price of the market on web pages such as coinmarketcap (espectáculos the price in dollars for each unit of cryptocurrency). If the price is to your liking, considering that you are buying crypto quickly and with cash from your country, go ahead with the transaction.
  • You will be prompted to entrar your phone number and press “following” so that a PIN vía text message, which you must entrar at the ATM. After this, you perro equipo a unique PIN that will serve as your password on the service.
  • After this it is necessary that validate your identity in other ways, you need to bring your face closer to the bottom camera of the ATM and select “take photo”, then you need to validate your identity with your ID, which you must bring to the upper camera and select again “take photo”.
  • For the verification to be successful you must wait 5 to 20 minutes after which you will be notified vía text message that the transaction was successful and you perro now buy Bitcoin, bitcoin cash either Litecoin.
  • Choose “buy currency”, “continue” and entrar the phone number you affiliated with the service.
  • Entrar the PIN you selected earlier and select the currency you are going to buy. You need to have the QR code from your Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin wallet account by hand, since the ATM will send the cryptos to this account.
  • Select the amount you want to deposit among the default ones (minimum 20 thousand pesos) and insert the bill into the reader.
  • Establish if you want to print the receipt and you will already have your cryptocurrencies in your wallet in 5 to 15 minutes.

We recommend that you store your cryptocurrency on a secure device as virtual wallets cánido be subject to hacking, thus losing your funds. One of the most secure devices for storing Bitcoin is the Ledger Nano.

Buy cryptocurrencies through LocalBitcoins

The Bitcoin exchange site par excellence in much of the world is about LocalBitcoins. To change buy Bitcoins on this site you must pass a rigorous identity verification, but after this you cánido buy Bitcoin with any item of value such as Amazon Gift cards, by bank transfer, Paypal among other en línea accounts:

  • After verifying the identity select “quick buy” either “Quick purchase” on the main site, specifying the amount you want to buy in “Amount” the currency in which you want to make the purchase (COP), the country of the purchase and most importantly, the purchase method (PayPal, gift card, other cryptocurrenciescash or bank transfer among others).
  • Select one of the available merchants. Those higher up in the search results offer a better purchase rate.
  • Stipulate the amount to buy and verify the amount you will receive in Bitcoin.
  • Now you only have to entrar the information that they ask for in the “Details of the trade” section, remember never to reveal password, phone numbers or correo electrónico if this is not strictly necessary.

Where to sell cryptocurrencies in Colombia?

Selling Bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies in Colombia is just as fácil as the purchase process. As with the purchase, you cánido sell cryptocurrencies for cash or in your bank account through electronic teller machines of cryptocurrencies or through LocalBitcoin:

Sell ​​cryptocurrencies vía ATM in Colombia

To sell your cryptocurrencies, the procedure is afín to the purchase process, you will have to register on the crypto electronic teller platform through your mobile phonea text messageyou photo and you identification cardwith this you will be able to sell on the ATM platform:

  • Choose “sale” and entrar your phone number and PIN if you are asked. After this, stipulate the amount that you will sell and scan with the help of your mobile and the application for sending cryptocurrencies through the QR code the code that the ATM espectáculos you.
  • Select within the cryptocurrency wallet aplicación the option “send payment” so that the payment is made to the cashier’s address. After 5 to 20 minutes At most, the cashier will have confirmed the sale and will give you the cash corresponding to the Bitcoin either Litecoin what did you sell

Sell ​​cryptocurrencies vía LocalBitcoin in Colombia

Selling cryptocurrencies through this global exchange platform is very fácil since you will only have to wait for your counterparty to share the payment method through which they want to receive payment for their Bitcoin (Localbitcoins works exclusively with Bitcoins) and you will have to make the payment through it with its due receipt:

  • Choose “Quick sale” either “quick sell” in the top menu of the web.
  • Select the currency you plan to pay, in this case Colombian pesos or “COP”.
  • Select as country “Colombia”.
  • Select the method with which you want to receive the money for the Bitcoin that you are going to sell.
  • Clic on “look for” either “search”.
  • Select the merchant that suits you best and have a higher rate for the sale of 1 BTC (even if you are going to sell a small fraction of it).
  • Finally equipo the amount in Bitcoin you want to sell and see how many Colombian pesos you will receive. In this following example, the sale of 0.001886BTC is established at the rate of the day of this article, which corresponded to 100 thousand pesos. In the details you perro see what the merchant requests to make the transfer, in this case, type of account (if it is savings or current) and the number of the same in Bancolombia.
  • It is important to clarify that the figure in green numbers is how much a Bitcoin is worth (1BTC) and based on this figure is that the platform estimates how many Colombian pesos you will receive for the transaction.

Important things about the regulation of Bitcoin in Colombia

According to the Bank of the Republic of Colombia, it is established regarding Bitcoin that “is not a valid currency in Colombia to receive paymentstherefore, people or businesses they are not obliged to receive it as a method of payment.”

Likewise, the Central Bank of Colombia establishes that “any company that accepts cryptocurrencies as a method of payment They must have a rigorous computer security program to prevent theft of the same.”

In terms of computer crimes, this regulatory entity assured that it is necessary that “people who pay or sell Bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies must be fully identified in order to prevent money laundering.

Similarly, this Central Bank establishes that companies that operate with cryptocurrencies are “prohibited from moving usuario funds without their prior consent.”

With these terms we know that cryptocurrencies are here to stay in Colombia, the rest of the American continent and the world, with banking entities having to adapt to this new type of digital value.

Have you already started buying and selling cryptocurrencies? Tell us your experience and opinion on this topic. We read you in comments.

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 Sites where there are cryptocurrency ATMs in
  Sites where there are cryptocurrency ATMs in
  Sites where there are cryptocurrency ATMs in

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