SigmaTwo | Large panel of paid surveys

SigmaTwo | Large panel of paid surveys

SigmaTwo is a large Spanish company with a long history in the world of market research.

The name is probably familiar to you, however it is the company that provides results of current political surveys that appear in the television news.

The company has just created a paid survey website called TrustSurvey aimed at the general public.

In these surveys we will receive an incentive in the form of points that will later be used to exchange them for a wide variety of products.

Features and registration

As far as reliability is concerned, few sites are better than SigmaDos, since it is a company created in 1982 and has a wide acceptance, in fact the most important companies and organizations in Spain choose it to find out the opinion of the population on various current issues.

▪ Function: surveys ▪ Countries accepted: Spain ▪ Minimum payment: 820 sigcoins ▪ Payment method: Gift cards, telephones, watches, etcétera. ▪ Referrals: No Record


Creating an account is a free and really fácil process, in a couple of minutes at most you will have your account created and you will be able to start generating points with your participation in studies.

To register, clic on the registration button that I have left you a little above, once inside the web, we look for where it says «Register me»we will be asked to do it using one of our Twitter or Fb accounts, you accept the terms and that’s it, you already have your SigmaDos account created and active.

How SigmaDos works

Once the account is created, we cánido easily entrar it and start working on it.

The best thing to do is that the first thing we do is go to “PROFILE” in the top menu and fill in all the fields, in this way we perro access more surveys.

We only have to fill in the personal fields and activate correo electrónico notifications when there are new available surveys adapted to our profile.

Later we will see that there are 4 sections in the form of a button, by activating each one of them we espectáculo our interest in the topic in question and we will receive studies according to those topics.

Activate your interests

In SURVEYS We will be able to find several mini-profile surveys that will help us not only to complete our interests, but also to earn a few free sigcoins, since each of them will give us approximately 5 to 10.

Each mini-survey is focused on an interest, if you complete all of them reliably, you will receive longer-lasting surveys and therefore much better paid.

If you have activated notifications, every time there is a survey available for your profile, you will receive a notice, if you have not, you will have to entrar your SigmaDos profile and see if there are any available.

redeemable prizes

Although it is true that at SigmaDos we do not have cash prizes for Paypal or another payment processor, it does have a large number and the sea is varied.

some prizes available

As I said, we have a large catalog of prizes, each one with a minimum of sigcoins that we will have to get to redeem them.

Products such as teléfonos inteligentes, smartwatches, jewelry, electronic products, toys or Amazon gift cards, etcétera.

Even if you only have 25 sigcoins in your account, you will have the option to participate in the draw for a iPhone 12Come on, in SigmaDos we have a choice.

To redeem each gift we will first have to reach the minimum required by it, then clic on it and follow all the steps that they will tell us.

As security in most of the prizes we will be required to confirm the prize through a backlink that will be sent to us by dirección de correo electrónico, if it is a physical prize we will have to give our information and wait for the shipment to arrive at the postal address that we have previously provided.

Opinion about SigmaDos

I have always said that one of the most reliable ways to earn money en línea is paid surveys, almost all the websites are behind large companies that are dedicated to market research and, except on rare occasions, they are sites that pay without any problem.

In this sense, SigmaDos could not be different, since we are facing a giant that has decided to launch a platform so that we cánido all benefit from giving our opinion, it is quite appreciated, since it is a company that, to be honest, had no need to do so. .

For all this and many other things, we cannot ignore it and we include it in our extensive business portfolio, since I am quite sure that it will be one of the fixed ones over time.

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 SigmaTwo |  Large panel of paid surveys
  SigmaTwo |  Large panel of paid surveys
  SigmaTwo |  Large panel of paid surveys

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